Reports from Kiev confirm that Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has resigned in a shock move after the collapse of the ruling parliamentary coalition paving the way for new legislative elections.

Yatsenyuk is known to have been on poor terms with the more forceful and independent but dictatorial Poreshenko the president of Ukraine. The government of Ukraine came into office when all but a few in the former government and opposition were  silenced, jailed, kidnapped or “arrested” after the US and UK financed “Revolution” at Maidan Square in Kiev which toppled the legitimate government of former President Viktor Yanukovic and forced him to flee to Russia.

There has been much disquiet in the way Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk have been handling the MH 17 crisis and the civil war that is crippling the economy and security of Ukraine”, a minister in the Yatsenyuk government said on condition of anonymity.


There is talk of a military coup circulating in diplomatic circles and the army because the way in which soldiers are dying like flies in the face of an internal rebellion Yatsenyuk created. Soldiers and commanders are not willing to be photo opportunity props for these two clowns” a Lt. Colonel in the Ukrainian army said. We could have resolved this dispute peacefully with the Russian armed forces and Putin. “We are closest brothers in history“, he said.

“Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are taking scripts from Australia, Holland and the US. It is not the way Ukraine is meant to operate. Sure we have our sovereignty and our long history with Russia and we are not going to join with NATO” he said further.


Yatsenyuk is believed to have Jewish roots, a fact which many Ukrainians do not sit comfortably with. Many Ukrainians are suspicious of his links with the Jewish oligarchs who stripped Russia and Ukraine bare now living on their ill gotten gains in London. It is also widely believed that this is the reason that David Cameron British Prime Minister is so vocally pro Yatsenyuk and anti Putin. It is also a point that was not lost on the French Prime Minister when rebuking Cameron over the sale of the Mistral to Russia recently.

It is widely believed it was these oligarchs including Khodorkovesky the oil Billionaire, himself a Jew and jailed by Putin till earlier this year financed the Maidan coup in Kiev. Many are beginning to believe Yatsenyuk does not care for the Ukraine much. He is being used by outsiders like Khodorkovesky for other objectives than the advancement of Ukraine..

We do not yet know who gave the order to fire a missile or send war planes up in the corridor used by civilian airliners that caused the MH tragedy. They are not only blaming what they call Russian separatists. They are also making the army of Ukraine look like idiots and fools and that is not the case. We  are a professional army and can defend our motherland but we do not know who controls some sections of the army and that is not good. There is division and this government will have to go“.

The rhetoric against Russia has begun to recede from the US although even if it did not, analysts say there is little the US can do to weaken or “punish ” Russia because of the very well structured economic relationships Putin has cultivated throughout western Europe and elsewhere that benefits an already weakened Europe struggling to recover from a series of banking disasters recently.

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