Some Malays May Hate Some Chinese- But Money Conquers All

ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY STUPID What most people don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge about the current destabilization of government and UMNO is that the entire anti UMNO anti Barisan battles being waged in a propaganda disinformation campaign by a mainly Chinese led opposition in Malaysia, is nothing more nothing less than a fight … Continue reading

TDM To the Rescue; Najib Will Quit; Ketuanan Melayu on the Rise

THE DEMISE OF MARGINALISM AND THE RISE OF KETUANAN MELAYU Marginal politics, the politics of division and altruism espoused by the fragmented directionless opposition in Malaysia is about to come to an end. As the late Yuri Bezmenov, KGB agent defector, Soviet propagandist and social saboteur once commented about fringe politicians like the Bersih’s, the … Continue reading