TDM To the Rescue; Najib Will Quit; Ketuanan Melayu on the Rise


Marginal politics, the politics of division and altruism espoused by the fragmented directionless opposition in Malaysia is about to come to an end.

As the late Yuri Bezmenov, KGB agent defector, Soviet propagandist and social saboteur once commented about fringe politicians like the Bersih’s, the Sisters in Islam, the Group of 25 (or is it 40 now) and about the role such groups play in their designs for change: He called them“useful idiots”.  It was a term the KGB and the Soviets in general referred to their “agents of change” in the countries as which they sought to make satellites of.

As was the case in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya, the “useful idiots” for the US in these countries are encouraged to lay down their lives and risk everything for those who are destined to come after them.

They are fed with confusing data and often conflicting narratives and information coated with sugar and spice to entice them, feed their vanity and their beliefs that they are the anointed, the messiahs and harbingers of change and liberation in places such as Malaysia.

In this case these the truth is that “useful idiots” will pave the way for a stronger and politically reinforced UMNO/ Barisan with more Mahathirism than they can ever handle.

They will usher in a more emboldened and nationalistic Malay population. And that can’t be a bad thing in truth considering what Malaysia has to loose if these “useful idiots” are allowed to continue to run riot funded by foreign interests.


Gilad Atzmon the Israeli musician and writer, critic of the Zionist narrative in Judaism writes about marginal politics which I paraphrase thus:

Marginal politics is best understood by hi liting the ambiguous tensions between competing demands for equality and the maintenance of tribal like worldviews. In the context of Malaysia’s opposition it is the challenge of duality in wanting to be seen as everyone else ( we Malaysians, Anak  Bangsa Malaysia) while considering themselves to be politically and morally unique or even superior.

At first glance it would appear as if their universal demand to equalize civil rights would address the issues and resolve any form of tension between themselves in the margin and the Barisan. But marginal politics in fact defies any call for equalization. Marginal politicians in truth consider, assimilation, emancipation, integration and literation no different to “death threats”. Once assimilated, they are confronted with a severe ‘identity crisis’.

The marginal supporter is asked to renounce their particularity, uniqueness and singularity by definition of membership to their organization (Bersih and the others. They are Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Not Indians, Not Chinese Not Malays). In the event of that unlikely illusive victory and the integration or assimilation that follows, the heroic pre rebellion days of their ‘righteous struggle’ for equality, democracy and civil rights are replaced by the nostalgic narrative.  

The marginals in Malaysia are now stoically behind the former almost benevolent totalitarian prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in his bid to topple the current lame duck Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Razak.


It wasn’t a month ago that Tun Dr. Mahathir according to Malaysia’s opposition coalition was responsible for bad weather, a drop in the value of the ringgit, the flue epidemics, a late sighting of the Raya moon, the Vietnam war, and shorter Chinese penises.

Today nothing he utters can be wrong and should be celebrated. It was only two years ago that Waytha Murthi and many of his followers accused Tun Dr. Mahathir of ordering the murder of 400 Indians at a wedding in a death of a thousand cuts.

Last week the Tamils were feting the same Tun Dr. Mahathir to a recitation of self deprecating remarks about Indians as he unsubtely insulted them with. His repetitions of some of the better known negative perceptions of the Indian was lapped up by Tamils in the audience. And that too can’t be a bad thing.

The Indians (Read Tamils), political correctness aside, are a fractious bunch whether or not Najib remains in office or the messiah Tun Doctor Mahathir returns to Putera Jaya. Lim Kit Siang and his party the DAP, the MIC and its many breakaways, the entire coalition of the opposition declared the Tun public enemy number one a long time ago.

Bersih and its rather conspicuously absent and quiet head Ambiga Sreenivasan and her Malaysian Bar colleagues described him as being the most undemocratic and ruthless  leader the country ever had. No one from even that gutter gang has anything unfavourable to say about the Tun today. It is almost as if he was the author of General Douglas MacArthur’s famous quote when leaving the Pacific: “I shall return”.

Return indeed has the Tun. But he keeps everyone guessing as to who he will prefer for the office of prime minister when Najib steps down. Not if but when.


In its post BN phase if that illusion ever becomes a reality, what had once been the margin becomes an insignificant entity. Just another bunch of politicians. (it is what many psychologists say leaders like the late Tamil Tiger leader Velupillay Prabhakaran and in fact the entire Jewish Zionist struggle has become identified with).

When their (purveyors of marginal politics) “struggles” end, their relevance and positions of power and importance ends with it.

From this it is safe to deduce that the demands for “justice, equality, democracy, transparency and more democracy” (as the Malaysian opposition see as being reflective of their demands), becomes self- defeating mechanisms or principles.  The success of integration reduces the marginal discourse to a meaningless noise. No marginal politician endorses a political call for assimilation. Such a call would mean political suicide, a self- imposed destruction of one’s political power.

By contrast we can easily conceive of individuals wanting to assimilate; we can envisage a member of the so called margin searching for ways to integrate within mainstream society. There are many similarities and analogies to this proposition to be found in the post war Jewish political call.

It is no wonder that one tends to find this in places as culturally different and distanced from the European Jewish mindset though not amongst the many now assimilating Jews in much of the west. That’s because behind these ‘revolutionary’ movements like the Springs stand the likes of Paul Wofowitz’s ideas which he was asked to put together by Dick Chaney after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It is an American Jewish narrative that has found its way through the hollow vessels of the western educated elite in places like Malaysia.  

This is “Pax Americana”, there shall be no power before it. There shall be no challenge to it supremacy and domination of the globe. It gives effect to these ideas through the invention and nurturing of the “useful idiots” it finances to make those ugly noises in the media and in the streets then discards them like last years Christmas presents.


We have in this blog warned the Christians and the others who support them that by introducing a religious dimension into the anti government debates they would be awakening the idea of “Ketuanan Melayu”. And with it they would awaken the democratic constitutional rights of the majority (the Malays) to make Islam the religion of the country.

Simply put it means the ambiguity of what that line in the constitution means will forever be gone replaced with  a democratically varied of poor drafting with the certainty making Malaysia a Muslim state. Malaysia will be Muslim not in theory but in practice as well.

The idea of the freedom of the press as we now know and abuse it will come to an abrupt end. The so called “investigative journalists” on the payroll of rich towkays who “run with the hares and hunt with the hounds” will be rounded up and trashed.

The confused relationship between loyalty to the law and to the constitution on the one hand and the commitment to marginal politics on the other will come to bite the Malaysia Bar in its proverbials with the opposition ending up a train wreck.


Mahathirism is once more on the rise in a dysfunctional government corrupted by non Malay businessmen and their allies within the Malay elite.

Mahathirism appears to be the only logical alternative to that rudderless ship, Malaysia. The holiday and honeymoon that drove it under Badawi and Najib is over. And the people , some people,need to get back to hard work and less liberty that has served to spoil and divide a once thriving country.  

The opposition has once and for all squandered its near two decades of opportunity. Squandered in vanity, multiple NGO groups, the many diverse purposes none of which were policy driven or indigenous. All controlled from abroad. And as we wrote in a prediction a few months back on these pages, Datuk Seri Najib Razak will step down as Prime Minister before his term ends. Many groups will take credit for his stepping down. Thats because, Success they say has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan.

In the end and when it comes for Najib it will be because of a combination of factors. The abuse of the free press, the ambiguity of the bench and courts and a complete disregard for the law or for professional ethics within the legal profession. 

But wait lets be fair and include the betrayal of all principles of fairness, loyalty, respect for the institutions of government, the state and the people by a few. Beginning with all those groups funded by NED and civil societies of which Bersih and the PKR are the largest beneficiaries but the evangelical churches of Hannah Yeoh and her tribe the most destructive and anti Malay anti Muslim.

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