China has not given up its claim to Malaysia being part of a “Greater China”. Relinquishing that claim was an integral part of the negotiations for establishing mutual recognition and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

China’s ambassador’s interference in Malaysia’s domestic affairs (by his recent comments in Petaling Street ) demands Malaysia’s government sanction the man, demand an unreserved apology from him and his government and a renewal of the promise they made a few decades ago that Malaysia is a sovereign nation and that China has no claims to it. The question is can they and will the Malaysian government do it.


The Malays have finally been pushed against a wall and now radicalized to the point we are all living on borrowed time before the inevitable and unthinkable happens.

The Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed of all people should be particularly sensitive to the signs of bloody discontent that are there amongst the Malays especially. He lived through it, felt it as he once said,was a part of it previously and has written extensively about a similar set of previous events in the nations’s history that ended in bloodshed and chaos.

It is clear that the recent renaissance of Chin Peng as a “hero” is part of China’s sinister strategic build up at taking another shot at control of Malaysia. This time they approach it in a more sophisticated, cunning, covert, sweeter, more acceptable, respectable way.

The Chinese have infiltrated, engaged and manipulated institutions like the Malaysian Bar, retired Judges, serving and retired politicians and academics to help them pursue their objectives in this regard. The Chinese networks are extensive. They are worldwide.They have successfully infiltrated trade unions, student bodies, academics and governments in western liberal nations like Australia, the US, Canada, the UK and New Zealand in order to support their position in this regard.Most of the operatives infected by China’s intelligence apparatus are unaware they are pushing China’s hegemony in Asia. Theirs is no more the slogan chanting Moaist approach. 

The objectives of the Chinese though remain the same. Domination of Malaysia and subjugation of its Malays. Perhaps a short study of how Chinese intelligence has operated in other countries through openings in its democratic institutions would serve as an indicator of China’s intentions for Malaysia. Perhaps what occurred under Pol Pot under their direction may serve as a warning to those who serve it today. They take no prisoners and tolerate no liberalism. And there the world stood still.

Malaysia’s upper middle class Malays, those foreign educated beer swilling, token only Muslims, beneficiaries of the NEP at the expense of rural Malays, have joined the other side without realizing it. They have become part of the chorus insulting Islam, the culture of the Malay, the constitution and all legal and cultural institutions of the nation Malaysia.


The Chinese ambassador’s comments is the last straw. The Prime Minister Najib has a sacred obligation to stand up to the Chinese in at least a token manner and to rebuke the Chinese Ambassador for his comments. The Ambassador’s comments is undiplomatic and a thinly veiled threat reflecting Chinese hegemony in the region.

China has already showed its willingness to invade. It has taken parts of land in the south China sea whilst the rest of the world looks on with pious platitudes as a response, Malaysia included. China is not invincible. No one is.

If the Malays don’t stand up to directing its government, in a majority, then they can only blame themselves when the take over by the Chinese ( as in Singapore)is complete.

The responses by Chinese Malaysians on social media after the Ambassadors comments is reminiscent of the insults, abuses and threats immediately prior to May 13 (1969). They now think themselves to be protected and invincible, China watching their backs.

In truth the Malays have no choice but to react. Malays everywhere with any sense of dignity, self respect and pride must pressure the government to act. Thats what government is there for. Government is not there to act in the interests of powerful minorities like the Chinese or upper middle class Malays who raid the till, but the interests of the majority. And in this case that majority is overwhelmingly Malay.

China has already annexed the south China sea with a unilateral creation of an exclusion zone in the area. The government has paid lip service to this act of international piracy. It is an invasion in no uncertain terms.


The former prime minister TDM has also disappointingly discarded the cause of Malays in pursuit of his own personal political goals it would appear. I say this respectfully and in deference to his position as an elder statesman.

It is as if Altantuya, 1MDB, $2.6 billion are the most important things on this planet and none of the Malays (Muslims), their culture, their institutions or their position as a majority mean anything.

Malays are the political fodder to set alight when something goes wrong. Malays are the punching bag when the Chinese don’t get their way. Yet the Chinese who complain are quite content to bribe their way through Malay politicians whilst the vast majority of Malays carry the can for their collective sins.

The Chinese not only accuse Datuk Najib of financial impropriety. They have blamed TDM and others for all of Malaysia’s ills and have also on many occasions accused TDM of having given away licenses and privileges in exchange for bribes although they have not provided the evidence of the same.

They Chinese through Bersih and other NGO’s are now doing the same thing with the current PM and no one should not back them in their scurrilous and criminal allegations against either TDM or Datuk Najib.


Social media and the so called “freedom of the press” has become a tool for Malay bashing because the Malays do not speak read or write as competently in English as the foreign and English educated minorities that attack the Malays. And why should they?

It is time for the tail to wag the dog. The government regardless of its political complexion like the constitution needs to be kept sacrosanct and inviolable as long as it is in office. It is the adat of not only the Malay in this respect but also the overriding obligation of every citizen.

If the Malays of Malaysia in a majority do not act now, the precedent will have already taken root that regardless of what they do in the future, they will be subservient to the mainly Chinese and those other groups who are on a dog leash to them forever.

The Chinese ambassador’s unsolicited comments is evidence that the Chinese of Malaysia are “their citizens” and not loyal citizens of Malaysia. The Chinese enjoy a citizenship of convenience in Malaysia at the expense of all Malays

3 Responses to “MALAYS NO MORE”
  1. Zul says:

    I give up.

    You are just too boring to even insult any more.

    Have you considered sleeping pills?

    (As a business venture, not as a suicide option. Or both, ideally. No loss.)


    • grkumar says:

      No I can’t possibly be boring for you to have read 5 articles the size of encyclopedia Britannica in one day. Keep it up. No one is insignificant on this blog. You included. Get your Anwar pass now and fulfill your male to male fantasies you make copious reference to here.


  2. AM says:

    Does Anwar do conjugal visits? I didn’t think 12 year old boys were allowed in the prison.


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