RPK a Government Stooge? Naaaw Really?

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was no hero of the  revolution. He is the proverbial “Kera Dapat Bunga”. Someone who chanced upon something beautiful he did not appreciate (like the media freedoms and the tool of social media) and began to rip it apart for effect.

We had reported long before what the Sarawak Report now reports about this man in its 30 September 2015 issue. Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) is nothing more nothing less than an opportunistic, deceptive, liar and the defecation in the opposition’s banquet.

The Raja Petra along with a number of others within the opposition hve all along been ambitiously pursuing their own personal agendas, riding the white steeds of liberation chanting the oppositions mantras of “freedom, fair elections, democracy and clean government”. Yet none of these champions of the good causes disclosed their conflicting interests or receipts of the “donations” “Grants” and other sources of money many of them have been receiving from the US financed NED (National Endowment for Democracy and its civil societies) for their campaigns. None have disclosed how that intended for whatever purpose money was used.

RPK was not alone in seeking handouts and favours from all side s and anyone prepared o give. This includes money from government. And why would government not pay people like RPK to go away with the damage people like him have caused to the country and to the lives of individuals they have harassed and vilified through social media with their lies?


We caught out the RPK authored fake unsigned MACC letter Gobind Singh Deo attempted to admit into the Teoh Beng Hock inquiry. RPK did a runner not long after he was exposed and his handiwork caught up with him soon after that. It was not the MACC letter alone but also the lie that he knew from military intelligence sources that Rosmah (Datin Rosmah the PM’s wife) was present when Altantuya was killed and her body subsequently blown up with explosives.

RPK’s work was always an unimpressive collection of cut and paste phrases, cliches and make believe from the oppositions arsenal of defamation. But then again he was playing to a desperately ignorant crowd of trendies and wannabes, like those learned men and women of the Malaysian Bar for instance.

The Sarawak Report is no paragon of journalistic virtue anyway. Its only reason for publishing the report about RPK is to defame the man through publishing the truth we already knew  about a few years ago. There is after all honour amongst thieves.

There is more to come. The only saving grace about RPK is the fact he knows more about how Anwar’s demise came about than he has ever reported. We hope he will see merit in redeeming himself by publishing all that he knows about it before someone else steals his thunder depriving him of salvation.

RPK was part of the conspiracy to bring down Anwar Ibrahim. There was he, Ambiga Sreenivasan, Lim Kit Siang, the Malaysia Kini mob, Sivarasah the PKR lawyer and member, the Karpal Singh clique and those who had  being funding all of them.

Has anyone out there ever wondered how these people make a living? None of the NGO’s from Bersih, the publication Malaysia Today, RPK or the Anwar family have skill sets or jobs capable of funding their multi million dollar enterprise of government in waiting. Yet they have the audacity to demand the Prime Minister make his personal financial affairs known through public disclosure.

As they fall on their swords, we begin to discover the truth behind “our heroes of the revolution” and how they got fat. How the Hannah Yeoh’s obtained their foreign degrees with outside assistance and how their Churches milk their congregations to support the Hannah Yeoh lifestyle in the name of God.

3 Responses to “RPK a Government Stooge? Naaaw Really?”
  1. AM says:

    Ambiga, more like Ambigger. She needs to lay off the afternoon curries.


  2. Zul says:

    Motherfucker (Or quite possibly Fatherfucker – you sodomites are always long-winded), you should have run this article 4 years ago, before RPK became a paid Umno mouthpiece.

    It makes zero sense now.

    Bit like you, eh?


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