The BBC: Najib Razak PM in the Clear-Where did it all begin?

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST THE PM THE 1 MDB AFFAIR Clearly it is not what the opposition thinks of the Prime Minister of Malaysia or what the scribes at the Malaysian Insider, Bersih, the Malaysian Bar, The Wall Street Journal or even the ABC in Australia has to say about Najib Razak … Continue reading

What the Chinese in Malaysia Really Want Part III

DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MALAYS IN LABOUR -WILL IT INCREASE WITH THE JOHOR CORRIDOR? Malaysia (warts and all) remains an oasis in a sea of cultural chauvanism. Thailand, Indonesia (till only recently) Viet Nam, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and Cambodia all continue to prohibit the public display of Chinese letters (characters) names and other forms of Chinese cultural … Continue reading

What the Chinese in Malaysia Really Want Part II

CULTIVATING A TYRANT-BRITAIN’S AND AUSTRALIA’S CULPABILITY To achieve their domination of south east Asia and its people, the Koumintang Chinese of Asia have cultivated allies in the west. Through Blades, Alex Josey and other operatives of MI5 and the Special branch in Singapore, prior to independence in the 1950’s, Britain found a willing ally in … Continue reading

The Malaysian Bar Part II

THE MALAYSIAN BAR – EXCEPTIONS TO THE LEGAL PROFESSION ACT 1978 Rule 43 of the Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules 1978 (Rules) clearly states in unequivocal terms the following: “No advocate and solicitor shall volunteer advice to bring an action or to stir up strife and litigation”. There could be no better example of … Continue reading

The Malaysian Bar: A Law unto itself

A TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN The is the first installment in a five part series of articles, analysing the Malaysian Bar and the exclusive inner workings of this organization in the heat of the Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah defamation suit currently being played out in the courts. We begin our 5 part series … Continue reading

US Sponsored Protest Movements in Malaysia

INTRODUCTION Our focus on Bersih, its chair and its sinister connections with some of the most tyrannical individuals and regimes of our time continues. Whilst portraying themselves as voices of the “Rakyat” the Malay word for the masses, its real agenda and origins is much more sinister, undemocratic and criminal. Writer Neil Bowie authored this … Continue reading

Indira Gandhi-Sharia vs Secularism

INDIRA GANDHI- A TALE OF TWO SYSTEMS Sandwiched between the parallel legal systems of Syariah and the Westminster styled ‘secular’ courts is one Indira Gandhi and her marriage to Patmanathan aka Riduan Abdullah.  Held captive as pawns in that battle are their three children. In particular the youngest child Prasana. Thrown out the window in … Continue reading