A WEEK IS A LONG TIME IN SINGAPOREAN POLITICS A report in Bloomberg identifies the means by which North Korea has managed to stay afloat inspite of “civil societies” and the US government’s claims it is a failed state and a brutal dictatorship. All of these claims arise because the US is not held in … Continue reading

TMI Blocked- Long Overdue

Introduction to the downfall of a wasted opportunity The Malaysia Insider has an extensive record of publishing false and unverified news throughout its online portal (otherwise referred to as hoaxes). It has joined a group of like opposition blogs and online newspapers in turning into an art form lies, unverifiable stories, fabrication and rumour  varnished … Continue reading

Exceptionalism and the Malaysian Bar II

 THOMAS THE ‘CONSTITUTION EXPERT’ Ambiga Srinivasan and Tommy Thomas two self proclaimed experts on the constitution and the law co-authored an ‘academic’ discourse for publication on the now defunct Nutgraph in 2009. That piece focused singularly on the Anwar Ibrahim prosecution and was said to be presented in a constitutional law, public interest context. Amongst … Continue reading


THE MALAYSIAN BAR AND ITS DOCTRINE OF EXCEPTIONALISM “Tommy Thomas, the senior lawyer who proposed a motion to refer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to the Bar last year, explained today that he had done so because of the latter’s “extraordinary” conduct after his Federal Court victory in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II case” … Continue reading

Singapore Freezes Bank Accounts

THE GOSPEL OF SIN CITY TO THE REST OF US MERE MORTALS “Singapore does not tolerate the use of its financial system as a refuge or conduit for illicit funds. Since the middle of last year, the Commercial Affairs Department and the Monetary Authority of Singapore have been actively investigating possible money-laundering and other offences … Continue reading