TMI Blocked- Long Overdue

Introduction to the downfall of a wasted opportunity

The Malaysia Insider has an extensive record of publishing false and unverified news throughout its online portal (otherwise referred to as hoaxes). It has joined a group of like opposition blogs and online newspapers in turning into an art form lies, unverifiable stories, fabrication and rumour  varnished over with totally unbalanced reporting.

The government through its characteristic stoic silence in the face of adversity and insults in some respects may have inadvertently encouraged the unprofessional and exploitative conduct of those amongst TMI, FMT and the host of blogs funded by NGO’s and civil societies by not having acted earlier to silence these social maggots. But silence is said to be a virtue. To others it is consent. To others still a sign of weakness. The government’s decision to shut TMI down is not only long overdue, it could not have come sooner to many.

TMI much like their patrons in the background, the Malaysian opposition especially of Anwar’s politics and the highly partisan Malaysian Bar have for too long peddled the ‘democratic’ values of censorship of those who hold a view point that is at variance with theirs.  

Too often has the opposition and their voices,  like TMI been ready to point the finger of accusation against anyone not of their kind without any evidence capable of supporting their many far fetched claims. The shoe is now on the other foot, it hurts and they cry foul.

The usual suspects come out of the woodwork in support of the TMI’s of this world like ‘Human Rights’ Watch. Google the organization and read about their ‘impartiality’ care and commitment to ‘Human Rights’. This brood of vipers have no more legitimacy to their claim to being a ‘Human Rights’ monitor than Adolph Hitler had to a claim of guardian of the German people. Human Rights Watch is part and parcel of the problem here.

Human Rights Watch is now are on record  supporting of a pack of liars, racists, Islamophobes and political pimps whose fundamental ideals and morals have as much to do with ‘Human Rights’ as Mao’s red book had to do with free democratic values, justice and the protection and prosperity of the Chinese nation. 

Better late than never is what the majority think of the government’s action.

The following is an extract from Wikipedia on the Malaysian Insider and its tortuous history of fabricating news and changing patrons

The below list of TMI’s idea of news, balanced reporting, independence and the truth is but a fraction of what TMI has been guilty of since it changed hands from its Abdullah Badawi UMNO backers to a Chinese mob behind the scenes.

The below was extracted verbatim from Wikipedia. The grammar is about as good as the grammar of TMI “journalists”. 

On 31 May 2011, the news portal published an article that contained defamatory words towards former MAS chairman, Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli. Three months later, the news portal published a public apology to Tajudin.However, he did not find the apology sufficient and filled a legal suit on 18 August in Kuala Lumpur Civil Court for RM 200 million. The suit was settled out of court a month later.

On 19 October 2013, TMI issued an apology to Mentri Besar of Kedah, Dato Sri Mukhriz bin Mahathir over its report, alleging Mukhriz of using money politics during the 2013 UMNO election.

On 7 March 2015, a superimposed photo of demonstrators deemed to be staged in front PAS headquarters were published. The demonstrators, in the photo have demanded PAS president, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to step down. PAS Chief of Information,Datuk Mahfuz Omar demanded an apology from the news portal for publishing a fake photo.A day later, the news portal publish a public apology.

On 25 March 2015, the news portal published an article that alleged the COnference of Rulers did not approve the proposal by Kelantan’s state government to enforce hudud in the state. The news was later swiftly denied by Kelantan Chief Secretary on Hudud, Takiyuddin Hassan. This news led Keeper of the Ruler’s Seal to file a police report,resulting in the arrest of three editors by the police and Malaysian Communications and Mutlimedia Commission (MCMC)

On 12 July 2015, the news portal published an unverified report of Citizens For Accountable Governance Malaysia (CAGM) claiming that thousands of ringgit were plumed down from Prime Minister of Malaysia AmBank account to Barisan Nasional bank account prior the 2013 Malaysian general election. 

Three days later, a blog post claimed to be belong to CAGM revealed that the news was a hoax (fake). The group claimed that Md Zainal Abidin, the lawyer that signed the statutory declaration (SD) in fact did not  exist. Their actions were fueled by their desire of “…making a social experiment…where they become famous due to (news) editors not checking their facts right“.


Regardless of what occasional fake stories (hoaxes) TMI prints, its downfall has been due to its engagement and contractual relations with foreigners within so called ‘media consultancies’ advertising agencies and copy writing firms in Malaysia, all of who are hired with foreign money to destabilize government and not to preserve, pursue and publish the truth in balanced reporting. For that it had to go. 

TMI is not alone. The other rag run and funded by opposition forces funded from abroad is Free Malaysia Today. A cesspool of intellectual trash supported like TMI by the  Malaysian Bar, some academics and now unfortunately through patronage by a former prime minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir.

A healthy and free media is a necessary and integral part of any functioning democracy. A healthy and free media does not exist in Malaysia because of the polarization of the communities and a tendency to censor anyone commenting or writing critically on the trash media outlets like TMI and FMT belch out each day in the name of press freedom.

They censor with impunity those comments that criticise what they publish or provide a contrarian view to their articles. Thats not the sign of a free media. It is  symptomatic of a frightened bunch of cowards afraid of a challenge to their distorted versions of the truth.

Together with our freedoms comes responsibilities. And judging from the small sample of what TMI is capable of, the lights ought to be turned off for good at TMI. Its time for a purge. A clean sweep of those bearers of bad tidings, bad because they are made without foundation or fact.

The government ought to get tougher on these media outlets who run campaigns for greater freedoms and democracy and who censor those who do not subscribe to their world views.

Ultimately the axe should fall on the proprietors and editors who together with the online moderators who are responsible for the product at the end of the line. Its time for the Najib government to take no prisoners and show no mercy. Dr. Mahathir may well support such a move. It is consistent with his methods of dealing with dissent and criminality in the media.










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