ABC 4 Corners A Disappointment

BRITAIN’S ATTEMPTS AT DESTABILIZING ITS FORMER COLONY Claire Rewcastle Brown is a person most Australians have never heard of except for tonight’s ABC 4 Corners programme. In tonight’s programme it is obvious Claire Rewcastle Brown  was responsible for underwriting the narrative to the allegations of ‘corruption’ in Malaysia, featuring the alleged sins of Najib Razak … Continue reading

Sedition. Its real. Australian Jailed in Singapore

THE PRICE OF FREE SPEECH Extracted from an article published by the AFP online recently is a reminder of how real the much debated and often ignored sedition laws are. It highlights the very real dangers of toying with the kind of controversial and insensitive conduct the  Malaysian Bar, Bersih and the opposition in general … Continue reading

Amrick Singh Sidhu-Its all falling apart

FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL For the late Balasubramaniam and his widow Santamil Selvi it is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. As the fall out from Santamil Selvi’s ‘press conference’ begins to bite, an unrepentant and exposed Amrick Singh Sidhu begins to contemplate life without the Perumal family as … Continue reading

Ghost of Altantuya now Haunts the Opposition

ANOTHER OPPOSITION PROP: IN FROM THE COLD No sooner than Balasubramaniam’s widow had come out of her closet to demand money for playing her role as a prop of the opposition on behalf of the PKR (Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Aziza’s party in opposition) than Sirul Azhar Umar raises his head from detention at Villawood … Continue reading

The Ghost Of Bala Haunts the Opposition

OUT OF THE FRYING PAN When Santamil Selvi began her press conference at the offices of lawyer Datuk Ramesh Rao in the presence of NGO advisor Zakwan Hafiz, little did the tarted up widow of Balasubramaniam (Bala) PI ‘desperate’ mother of his children or lawyer Ramesh Rao foresee what they were up against. This was … Continue reading

A Gospel According to Tommy Thomas (Not the Saint)

MALAYSIA  A POLICE STATE? He asks, then answers the questions himself, the answers adorning his ‘erudite’ piece of scholarship with the garland of slippers it deserves. Thomas’s book “abuse of power” is an insult to the intelligence of any average student of constitutional law. It is an utter abuse of his rights to freedom of … Continue reading