Ghost of Altantuya now Haunts the Opposition


No sooner than Balasubramaniam’s widow had come out of her closet to demand money for playing her role as a prop of the opposition on behalf of the PKR (Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Aziza’s party in opposition) than Sirul Azhar Umar raises his head from detention at Villawood in Sydney’s outer west threatening to name certain people involved in the so called murder of one Altantuya Sharibuu.

Sirul’s revelations will truly shake the nation to its very core. Sirul’s statements contain allegations (albeit by someone convicted of murder) directed against certain people. From what we have gleaned it will reshape the form of the entire Altantuya mystery, shed new light behind the alleged killing of a woman believed to be Altantuya Shaaribuu in the hinterland of Shah Alam a few years ago.

The carefully constructed myth by members of the opposition, lawyers in particular, that she Altantuya begged for the life of her unborn child suggesting she was pregnant at the time of death has now been truly put to rest by Sirul.

It was a particularly nasty lie that someone in the opposition concocted then used to discredit Datin Rosmah Mansour and Datuk Seri Najib Razak and to portray the two of them as cold blooded killers. That lie took a life of its own snaring in the gullible, the cautious and those thought to be intelligent alike.

Sirul and his co accused were confident enough to hold their tongues in the belief that they would not meet their fate at the end of a hangman’s noose. It is perhaps why they admitted to a number of things (admitted facts) that avoided a full scale trial. It was a strategy the Malaysian Bar had not expected the prosecution to play. Whether what they admitted to was in essence ‘facts’, will only be discovered when a complete and impartial investigation  into the oppositions conduct in this matter is complete.

It is also perhaps that they were secure in the knowledge they would never face the hangman’s noose, that encouraged Sirul and his co accused to keep mum, maintaining their stoic silence in the face of death. It is something they continue to do now except for Sirul’s occasional outbursts and threats to ‘reveal all’.


There has been no shortage of individuals trying to cash in on Sirul’s notoriety and the growing interest in the man, including a migration agent by the name of Robert Chelliah in Perth.

Robert Chelliah, if The Malaysian Insider is to be believed, threatened Sirul by saying that he would reveal what had been relayed to him in confidence by his client Sirul for whatever reasson Chelliah saw fit to threaten Sirul.

If Sirul, as Chelliah alleged, would be naming names in the Altantuya mystery to include himself (Chelliah) one wonders where credibility lies in all of these claims and counter claims about Altantuya. Chelliah’s threat to reveal confidential client information is a clear breach of the rules of professional conduct on his part if it is indeed as reported by the Malaysian Insider. It is a matter (Chelliah’s alleged conduct) which has not been actioned by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) inspite of complaints lodged against Chelliah over his threats against Sirul his client.


We wrote a piece on the allegations made about Altantuya’s death ( The Altantuya Mystery) in which amongst other things we questioned whether it was really the woman they refer to as Altantuya who was killed on the day in question by Sirul and his co-accused.

We questioned the suggestion that C-4 explosives in the quantity reported to have been used to blow ‘her’ up was in fact used. And if it indeed was used on ‘Altantuya’ whose corpse was reportedly blown up on that fateful day.

We questioned a number of other allegations the Malaysian opposition media and the opposition including the now “reformed” Raja Petra Kamaruddin made in their blogs about this event.

Most of all we questioned whether the Prime Minister and or his wife Rosmah Mansour had anything even remotely to do with the death of Altantuya Sharibu.


The ABC’s Four Corner’s weekly current affairs programme we are informed has already obtained copies of Sirul’s statements naming individuals allegedly behind the so called Altantuya murder.

Linton Besser merely came to Malaysia to find some of the missing bits the ABC would require to complete an Australian version of the stories behind these events.

With their history of backing the Malaysian Chinese opposition without regard for the truth or a second point of view to balancing their reports on Malaysian politics, the ABC’s editors will be working hard to cut and paste what suits their view of Malays and Malaysia in this story.

As an example of their racial and cultural biases when reporting stories on world affairs, the ABC for instance refers to Andres Brevik the Norwegian terrorist as a mass murderer and not terrorist.  Arabs, Indians and other people of colour they readily label as terrorists even where there is no evidence of the commission of any acts of terrorism by individuals within these groups. Thats the ABC for you.

They were not doing their jobs as journalists in Malaysia as claimed. They were merely acting as the hatchet to the Chinese lobby in Australia, as they were to the extreme right and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the so called Free Syrian Movement of terrorists in Syria and the Central Intelligence Agency through Blackwater in Iraq.

Andreas Brevik who constantly in court and before the press gives the banned Nazi salute, was tried under Norway’s anti terrorism laws. Yet the ABC allows him a more dignified title of “mass murderer” instead of terrorist which he is.

How the ABC will end up presenting Sirul’s story in the context of what has been happening in Malaysia since Anwar’s failed coup against Tun Dr. Mahathir is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain is that it will be far from a balanced story.

The ABC has been a part of the destabilization of Malaysia backing Malaysia’s disparate foreign funded opposition groups for over a decade now. They backed the discredited Anwar Ibrahim to the hilt without question or regard for the truth till his fall but that of itself is no reason for the ABC to change its colours on Asia.


Time for the opposition and their behind the scenes backers, Tan Sris and Datuks, priests and NGO’s to eat crow. Time for them to now pay the price for a decade of lies, rumours and an attempt to bring down government outside the ballot box. In plain english that’s treason.

A good move by the Malaysian government to bring down and  close for good publications like The Malaysian Insider. TMI as it is sometimes referred to published opposition lies, censored those who would not slavishly toe an opposition line and advanced the Altantuya lie in the context of the PM being involved.

The Malaysian government ought to shut down the ABC’s Malaysian offices too and deport their correspondents.



7 Responses to “Ghost of Altantuya now Haunts the Opposition”
  1. Kineas1067 says:

    I read and reread your commentary and am considerably confused.

    What, exactly, is Ms Altantuya’s father mourning (documented in considerable detail) if, in fact, it was not his daughter who was murdered? I am sure that supporting DNA evidence was available then when the determination was made.

    The fact of the matter is that a woman was murdered. The perpetrators of the murder admitted their guilt. That admission was never retracted. They were tried and convicted after due judicial process.

    One of the perpetrators subsequently landed up in Australia. Why Australia? Coincidentally, Australia doesn’t have the death penalty for capital crimes. Australia will not extradite convicted criminals to countries where they could face the death penalty.

    All of above is fact.

    So, what is the point that you are trying to make?

    Btw, have you spoken with Altantuya’s father before you propounded your theories? That’s the least an investigative journalist should have done.


    • grkumar says:

      To confuse you appears not to be difficult. What makes you think a further explanation from me or anyone else on this matter is going to redeem you or alter your condition? But let me be charitable. A missing person presumed dead can also be the cause of grief to a parent.

      You say you are sure the supporting DNA would have been made available when the determination was made. What determination? what DNA evidence?

      The only logical statement you make in your posting is this “A woman was murdered”. But was a woman murdered? if so how, when and where? and how did you manage to determine that in the context of this article? The remains of a human being believed to be a woman was found at a clearing at Shah Alam in whatever year and day it was. Bone fragments were believed to have been recovered from the site of that blast.

      Many like the Malaysian Bar and the opposition and people like you (confused) do not believe the proper processes of law were followed to convict the men. (Sirul and his co accused). We provide a hint as to why the two accused now convicted made the admissions they did. We made that assumption a long time ago. We were laughed at and are perhaps being laughed at now too. But thats fine.

      Australia has just recently returned Afghans and Iranians who it is independently documented by the Red Cross and AMnesty International were executed not long after their return to their countries of origin for “crimes” they committed before fleeing to Australia and seeking asylum. So before you say all of the above is fact go see your doctor. I may have well discovered what ails your feeble mind. None of the above is established as fact. They are presumptions.

      I was not in Viet Nam in 1967 but I know the My Lai massacre occurred. I was not born or around during the time of the Holocaust but I do not deny or question the truth of what occurred to the Jews at the time. So to answer your question ‘did I interview Altantuya’s father before propounding these theories?’ as you refer to them as? I reserve my right not to answer that question. Dick head!


  2. Chandra Devan says:

    wow such a dick head answer too


    • grkumar says:

      But interestingly you do not deny he is a dick head? Why not return to reading The Malaysian Insider? They are more closely aligned to your idea of the truth. Take the Kineas 1067 with you.


  3. Chandra Devan says:

    the reply from the dick head needs much discernment and caution. I will ask you not to pet any monsters at all — not even the cute ones; not even the beasties and rascals and imps that have slight resemblances to monsters. It’s time for maximum discernment and caution. (P.S.: One of the monsters may ultimately become a non-monstrous ally if you are wary toward it now.) ooops.


  4. grkumar says:

    I am sorry but I do not understand what it is you refer to. If you care to be a little more specific……….


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