Amrick Singh Sidhu-Its all falling apart


For the late Balasubramaniam and his widow Santamil Selvi it is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

As the fall out from Santamil Selvi’s ‘press conference’ begins to bite, an unrepentant and exposed Amrick Singh Sidhu begins to contemplate life without the Perumal family as his backdrop and his shield. Santamil Selvi and her late Balasubramaniam many would recall were in many respects the ‘client’s of lawyer Amrick Singh Sidhu. 

Santamil Selvi said a few things at that explosive press conference recently which reinforced the sentiments and suspicions of many, searching for the beating heart of the anti Najib campaign, seeking to identify its architects and authors.

Those suspicions are concerned with the provenance of rumours about the Najib Razak and his wife being involved in the death of Altantuya and why.

People are eager to identify the source of those rumours that have connected Najib and Datin Rosmah to the murder of Altantuya Sharibu. And Santamil Selvi widow of the late Balasubramaniam Perumal did not disappoint. She may yet provide those answers. Her outbursts lead to a trail that points to the source of those rumours. At the very least, she has opened a door to that source. 


As doubts continue to plague the original versions of the story of Altantuya, her life and death, the incredulous narratives, allegations and lectures run by Amrick Singh Sidhu, the emergent Santamil Selvi disclosures now come to haunt Amrick Singh Sidhu and his colleagues. Amrick Singh says these disclosures embarrass him being Santamil Selvi’s solicitor and advocate.

If this is indeed the case, what is the role being played by Ramesh Rao? Where is the Malaysian Bar in policing its ‘very high standards’ of legal professional conduct and ethics for which it went to the extent of prosecuting Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah?

Amrick Singh Sidhu was not even subtle about the allegations he made, as to who he thought was behind the murder of Altantuya. His allegations pointed to a conspiracy going to the very heart of the Prime Minister’s office and that of Datin Rosmah his wife.  

Amrick boldly alleged that Balasubramaniam told him a number of things about the Prime Minister, Datin Rosmah and Razak Baginda and their direct involvement in the death of Altantuya. He has been unrelenting inspite of hard evidence to the contrary.

He alleged that the first statutory declaration ‘by Bala’  was indeed evidence of Balasubramaniam’s first hand knowledge of matters relating to the life and death of Altantuya Sharibu . He lied. Amrick was not misled by Bala. Amrick’s suggestions that Balasubramaniam was the author of the first statutory declaration is misleading and a lie inn itself.

Amrick and his lawyers, Sivarasah Rasiah and Manjit Singh Dhillon at a press conference in July 2008  contradicted that claim by Amrick Singh Siddhu that the first statutory declaration that emerged in this matter was in fact authored by Bala. It never was.

Now it seems that according to Amrick Singh, Bala’s wife Santamil Selvi has lied in what she said at her recent press conference at lawyer Ramesh Rao’s office. He presses the assumption Santamil Selvi is being  paid by Ramesh Rao and others through Ramesh Rao.

In that press conference Santamil Selvi, Bala’s widow makes startling claims implicating Amrick Singh in media baiting asking Santamil Selvi to lie about certain facts surrounding Bala, Najiband Rosmah and Altantiuya to the ABC.

Santamil Selvi claimed at the press conference that Amrick Singh Siddhu arranged for her to meet with the foreign media to do a documentary and suggested to her that she spice up the story about Altantuya for the documentary.

The press conference in 2008 published via Malaysia Kini clearly identifies the authors of Bala’s first statutory declaration.


A weary Santamil Selvi appears now to have found the courage, the value in speaking up independently. She has discovered the power of leverage in her role as a prop in this conspiracy.

This is a conspiracy by a group of lawyers led by Amrick Singh Siddhu, Manjit Singh Dhillon and Sivarasah Rasiah to frame the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his wife Datin Rosmah and to implicate them in the death of Altantuya. A very ambitious and bold adventure indeed.

Santamil Selvi appears now to be ready to play to the highest bidder willing to pay her to put on a show on anything relating to Altantuya. She has the experience, the vocabulary and the inside knowledge Amrick Singh Sidhu  and his colleagues have imbued in her to further the character assassination against the Prime Minister and his wife, albeit without the required evidence.

Amrick Singh Sidhu however does not appear to have what it takes now to keep Santamil Selvi in clover or as his prisoner in a parlous game of political character assassination he and the Malaysian Bar invented a few years ago. A ‘pawn’ now appears to have captured the ‘king’ in this game of political chess.

Amrick Singh Sidhu and his colleagues have to come up strong incentives to stop Santamil Selvi saying anything further about any of them. And that might be a difficult task. Santamil Selvi, like her late husband Balasubramaniam knows too much for their comfort. Like him she too is a loose cannon that can’t be controlled.  


Santamil Selvi can’t only be said to be speaking truthfully when channeling Amrick Singh. She may also be speaking the truth when speaking independently without Amrick as her handler.

If Santamil Selvi is lying as Amrick Sidhu claims she is, why would he only threaten to withdraw as her solicitor and counsel? Why would Amrick not sue her for defamation to clear his name? is it her impecuniosity alone that stays his hand in this regard?

The allegations against Amrick Singh Sidhu are of a criminal nature. Why would he not sue Santamil Selvi to stop her furthering her allegations against him? What does the Malaysian Bar have to say about all of this in the face of the Santamil Selvi allegations against Amrick Singh Sidhu?

The claims by Santamil Selvi about Amrick Singh Sidhu and two others telephoning her asking her to appear in a documentary about Altantuya and to exaggerate ‘facts’ is nothing new. These allegations against Amrick Singh Sidhu and his colleagues Sivarasa Rasiah and Manjit Singh Dhillon  have been floatsam since Bala’s first statutory declaration. 

Amrick Singh Sidhu instead claims now  that Santamil Selvi’s disclosures about him  him and his conspiring to bait the media, to spice up the Altantuya story ’embarrasses’ him. How it embarrasses him he does not say.


Notably, embarrassingly and relevantly Amrick Singh has not issued a denial of the allegations made against him by Santamil Selvi. That failure to deny leaves Amrick Singh Sidhu open to more than mere criticism about his role in the fiction about Altantuya’s death and the Prime Minister’s alleged role in the affair. 

Amrick Singh Sidhu  claims Santamil Selvi’s recent disclosures about him and his role in the Altantuya conspiracy stories places him in a position of conflict between him and her as his client. But Amrick does not refute the allegations Santamil Selvi makes against him with a denial.

Amricks failure to issue a denial is precarious and to a large extent now inculpatory of his involvement in the distorted and sordid stories about the Prime Minister and Datin Rosmah’s alleged involvement in Altantuya’s disappearance and death.

Amrick Singh Sidhu and lawyers like him have constantly risked their reputations and their client’s positions by engaging in the politics of publicity, often hijacking their clients cases compromising their own  professional integrity, compromising and conflicting their positions with their clients in the process.


Why would Amrick not sue Santamil Selvi now? Are the laws of defamation not principally about protecting the good reputation of people like Amrick Singh Sidhu against slander and libel? Is Amrick’s reputation (or what’s left of it) as a lawyer and an individual not at stake here? or does Amrick invite the public to draw the inevitable inference that he no longer has a good reputation to defend?

As the plot thickens the conspiracies begin to split at the seams. Amrick Singh Sidhu has only the Malaysian Bar, a corrupted and politically driven organization to stand by him now if they will. And the credibility (if any) of the Malaysian Bar as the peak professional body of the Malaysian legal profession is also coming apart at the seams it appears.

The Malaysian Bar went after Cecil Abraham on a similar issue without being prompted to do so. They went after Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah without being prompted to do so. Why are they leaving Amrick Singh Sidhu and Sivarasah Rasiah alone in the face of such damning evidence of improper, unprofessional conduct?

Where does the Malaysian Bar whose motto is “without fear or favour” stand now in the face of such allegations of grievous misconduct by prominent members of the legal profession? What do they fear. Who do they favour now?






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