ABC 4 Corners A Disappointment


Claire Rewcastle Brown is a person most Australians have never heard of except for tonight’s ABC 4 Corners programme. In tonight’s programme it is obvious Claire Rewcastle Brown  was responsible for underwriting the narrative to the allegations of ‘corruption’ in Malaysia, featuring the alleged sins of Najib Razak Malaysia’s prime minister.

Tonites 4 Corners programme was disappointing to most viewers for its rehash of old stories (unsubstantiated gossip) running wild and unabated since 2008. They included:

Death of Kevin Morais (somehow linked to Najib)

Altantuya Sharibu (Najib did it)

1MDB losses (Najib stole it)

2 Billion in Najib’s account ( from some improper activities according to Mahathir)

Submarine kickbacks (Najib of course)

Balasubramaniams death and the events that preceded it (Najib and his brother)

Sirul’s admission from an Australian lock up (Najib must have paid for it)

Santamil Selvi’s apology to Najib and her retraction of the same (Najib must have paid for it)

The sub plots included interviews (selective and short both in time and substance)  with:

a) Claire Rewcastle Brown (the instigator and the source of most material it appears and sub narrator if not sub editor of the script).

b) Terrence Fernandez (anti government journalist and ‘political scientist

c) Mahathir Mohamed (former Malaysian Prime Minister and UMNO outcast

d) Charles Morais ( bankrupt and under investigation for fraud in the US with a story about how ‘his brother was killed for investigating and preparing charges against Najib for a $27 million bribe’)

e) P Balasubramaniam ( late private investigator) and Amrick Singh Siddhu (his handler and lawyer)

f) The infamous press conference with Bala’s wife Santamil Selvi (Selvi being the late Balasubramaniam’s widow

g) Tony Pua (Chinese opposition parliamentarian, a rumour monger and anti Najib conspiracy theoirist funded by the US based civil societies movement).

h) Cynthia Gabriel an NGO (funded by a foreign government and civil societies)

h) Zaid Ibrahim ( a multi millionaire Bumi Putera lawyer, former Minister of law and a substantial beneficiary of the NEP. Zaid’s former law firm Ziad Ibrahim and Co benefitted immensely from the privately awarded substantial premium paying government legal work and work from UMNO entities being a Bumi)

And to top it all off a limited was a self taped statement by Sirul Azar Omar the convicted murderer of Altantuya Sharibu (from the safety of an Australian detention cell in Sydney) denying categorically that the prime minister Najib Razak had anything to do with the murder of Altantuya Sharibu. 


Cleverly apart from Tony Pua, the Chinese opposition and its otherwise vocal chorus of politicians and NGO’ were silent, maintained a low profile and avoided giving any interviews.

There was no Theresa Kok (bad Feng Shui perhaps), No Elizabeth Wong to cry on cue when the cameras were switched on, No Lim Kit Siangs, no Guan Engs, not even an Ambiga in sight.

There was a general expectation of something more revealing, fresh with evidence or discernable fact for the audience. It was however vintage ABC. Racist to the core playing to a Chinese and anti Islamic audience in a converted Australia of Islamophobes and anti Malays. They make allegations or statements (regurgitate what others have to say and pass it on to a gullible public as fact).


What was particularly disappointing was that there was not even a hint of that woman of courage Ambiga Srinivasan. It was all quiet on the western front.

The general thrust of Claire Rewcastle Brown’s message is that Malaysia under Najib Razak is the world’s worst and biggest kelptocracy ever. And more interesting the “people of Malaysia live in fear of their prime minister”.

It is perhaps out of fear that they march against him, write articles accusing him of the worst crimes against his citizens and Mongolians and have more TV and social media pages in Malaysia that are anti government than they have per capita anywhere else. 

Rewcastle Browns final comment on the programme was a dead giveaway. “They need foreign intervention to deal with the problem”. She wants Malaysia to turn out to be another Tahrir Square, (end result military intervention) or Syria, Or Yemen, or Tunisia or Ukraine (result civil war). 

The Rewcastle’s of this world make their money by promoting and inciting civil wars and disturbances out of which they make obscene profits for little investment and that too at the expense of innocent people. They don’t care whose blood they shed. The truth like innocents is a casualty in their propaganda wars and they do not care.


Rewcastle is British. Her brother in law was part of that “weapons of mass destruction lie” which saw over a million people die in Irak and Afghanistan. They profited from it then and seek to profit from it in Malaysia too.

The Brits and the Australians like the Americans all have blood on their hands in many of the civil wars we are witness to today.

ABC reporter Peter Greste was jailed in Egypt for doing exactly what Linton Besser has done in Malaysia.  Note the disrespectful tone of voice engaged by the peasant Linton Besser when addressing the head of state of a country not his. Loud echoes of the white Australia policy is evident in his demenour.









8 Responses to “ABC 4 Corners A Disappointment”
  1. JohorMali II says:

    Well, at least, the Aussie government doesn’t attempt to censor or muzzle ABC. Unlike, say, Xi’s China or certain countries that shall remain nameless.

    Wisma Putra could always launch a stiff protest with their Aussie counterpart of the chutzpah and effrontery of these misguided Aussie journos in commenting on pillars of a friendly country’s establishment….

    Or the Malaysian High Commissioner down under could make the displeasure known in no uncertain terms by demanding a right of reply on that same ABC programme.

    Assuming, of course, that the Malaysian diplomat in question is willing to submit to no-holds barred questions from these same Aussie journos….

    Somehow, I don’t see that happening. Do you?

    Or are you offering yourself as a “stand-in”?


    • grkumar says:

      Why dignify a set of unproven allegations and insults by a class of misfits and conspiracy theorists, many of whom are lawyers without a shred of evidence capable of substantiating their allegations against the PM? The Australian government does not censor? The bombing of the Hilton Hotel in 1979 elicited the response you claim does not exist in Australia. When it was discovered the 8 people charged found guilty and jailed were in fact innocent of the charges, and that the AFP and ASIO were complicit in that incident, the government of Malcolm Fraser shut down the inquiry and any inquiry into the incident.

      There are many more such instances. None of the 9/11 stories, the criticisms of John Howard and the Australian government over the invasion of Irak and Afghanistan that are not the run of the mill syndicated ‘approved’ stories are ever published in Australia as is the case with the US. It has to go “online from private and foreign servers’ to see the light of day.

      Australia censored and kept under lids the story of the invasion of east Timor by Indonesians in 1975. It was an invasion their government approved but claimed it did not. In fact it provided the logistics, the intelligence which resulted in the deaths of 3 Australian journalists in Balibao east Timor. They still are very sensitive to any discussion on the subject.

      We still need admissable evidence and not rumours. Because if the PM is indeed guilt of what the opposition including Clair Rewcastle Brown claims he is guilty of then we will continue to live under what they call a kleptocracy and a dictatorship. No evidence, no case. Rumours alone will not do.

      In any event if you do have anything to the contrary other than the feeble lines you provide here send it to us. We too are keen to find out where the “truth” lies in these stories. Now that we know Altantuya was not pregnant and did not “plead for the life of her baby” before being shot from the horses mouth, we are sure there is much more out there covered and obscured by the fog of this war. A war of lies.


  2. RJ Dio says:

    Can’t but agree with you there, mate, A more deceitful piece of hatchet journalism it could not have been. And Rewcastle-Brown’s comment at the end of the programme that only foreign intervention can save Malaysia is the dead give-away regarding their vile agenda.


    • grkumar says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head. Perhaps thats what I left out in my piece. Will enter it soon.


    • IT.Scheiss says:

      Right on, Kumar.

      I watched the 4 Corners video and there was nothing fresh in it but a rehash of everything we all have heard and read.

      Clare Rewcastle-Brown’s final statement about the need for foreign intervention sounds like the liberal interventionism which has destabilised and ruined many countries. It’s just liberal imperialism, manifest destiny and the white woman’s burden.

      Hmmm! Now who is financing Rewcastle-Brown? Could it be Soros, Mahathir or both?


      • grkumar says:

        We know who supports finance and pokes Rewcastle Brown. There are still some desperadoes in this world who fall the white women and the white man. Sad but true.


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