WHY THE UN, THE WORLD BANK AND OTHER FOREIGN REPORTS ON EDUCATION MUST BE TAKEN WITH A TONNE OF SALT UN special representatives and UNESCO, the US government’s own educational assessment teams and other multilateral bodies beholden to the west or running  western agendas have in recent years written highly unfavourable reports about Malaysia’s education … Continue reading

Marina Mahathir: Another Imelda Marcos?

MARINA MAHATHIR-DR. MAHATHIR AND AMBIGA SRINIVASAN- USEFUL IDIOTS Yuri Bezmenov called them useful idiots. Useful to the causes of others. Idiots because they are blind followers attracted to the causes of others for no good reasons. Rebels without a cause. These ‘others’ (their handlers) eventually dispense with them like tasteless chewing gum upon achieving their … Continue reading

Australian Journalists in Foreign Kidnap Bid

A 60 Minutes film crew from channel 9 Australia remains in custody in Lebanon after the crew were arrested and detained for participating in an attempt at kidnapping (child recovery as they call it) a Lebanese child from the arms of its grandmother. The Australian government whilst offering consular services to the crew remain tight … Continue reading

The Mahathirs and The Revolution Business

AS THE VENEER PEELS Below is a full extract of an article complete with sound bites extracted from Journeyman Pictures and published by Global Research. It is worth reading to get a background of where and how these so called ‘civil libertarians’ emerge from and what their real purpose is. Whilst we refine our series … Continue reading

Mahathir is Dead: Long live the Mahathir Dilemma

A TENOR ON A NOTE TOO HIGH When Yeoh Sock Ping invited Luciano Pavarotti to perform for Dr. Mahathir in 1993, he was repaying a favour to a man whose backing and patronage could and did open doors for the infrastructure giant YTL in Malaysia and abroad. Yeoh Tiong Lay (better known by the acronym … Continue reading