Marina Mahathir: Another Imelda Marcos?


Yuri Bezmenov called them useful idiots. Useful to the causes of others. Idiots because they are blind followers attracted to the causes of others for no good reasons. Rebels without a cause.

These ‘others’ (their handlers) eventually dispense with them like tasteless chewing gum upon achieving their objectives on their backs. Hence the term ‘useful idiots’. And there is no shortage of these ‘useful idiots’ today in places like Malaysia. Thy come mainly from the so called educated classes of society.

In this particular case it is groups like OTPOR  and ‘civil societies’. Two sinister American funded initiatives formed in the wake of their successful dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia and prior to it. They operate these ‘useful idiots’ like a mechanic operates willing robots to do their bidding till they no longer can serve any useful purpose. Then they dispose of them and turn against them and treat them as recyclable material to be crushed.

Yuri correctly suggested that there is a certain type of person, a genetic template amongst the ‘privileged’ whose mindset is such that they  see themselves as being above all others (uber alles) and lend themselves willingly to anything that keeps them in the eye of the public and the spotlight like moths pretending to be butterflies.

It is these characters like Ambiga, Cynthia, Maria, Amrick and Edmond and Marina who fit into these templates who are readily attracted to and recruited to such causes. Such ’causes’ feed their egos and their narcissistic personalities. They fit into the organizations of these causes like a glove.

‘Useful Idiots’ are not randomly selected. They must first fit into a certain psychological template that’s been well tested and proven over time for the selection to work. In that sense these idiots are ‘special’. It is part of their DNA.

Why did Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet master spy, a master of propaganda, covert operations, a master of psychological sabotage, trained in fermenting revolutions in foreign lands, refer to these people as ‘useful idiots’ (or capital idiots)?  It seems odd as he said in one of his lectures in the US. The change these ‘idiots’ fight for has no merit, is not their cause and the propaganda that backs these causes is based on false premises. But it is attractive for inflating their egos, keeping them in the spotlight making them feel relevant and important.

They are bored and suffer a sense of guilt arising from their upper middle class life of indulgence and continue to believe theirs is a position to patronize those they consider lesser beings. The rest of us.

The arguments and complaints of these ‘idiots’ are often sensational, borrowed in cliched phrases and slogans and without any substance they can relate to in their local environments. So they create parallel universes to give life to that make believe reality imported from somewhere else and localise that make believe.

It is more often than not grounded on populist rhetoric in campaigns not of their own making but hatched in incubators of other governments. In short these ‘ useful idiots’ are used to run other people’s political errands and to carry their baggage and risk for them. In that sense they are useful.


Yuri Bezmenov helped tear away Bangladesh from what was once Pakistan. He worked on the south American initiatives of the Soviet Union, in Africa the middle east. His team even infiltrated the ranks and campuses of the US’s most prestigious universities, their judiciary and deep into various government agencies of the US some of which  ended up unknowingly working for the Soviets.

Yuri Bezmenov and his team at the KGB infiltrated the Shah’s inner circle in Iran. They funded the Tudeh party in Iran which was instrumental in the downfall of the Shah. But the Tudeh party was eventually dispensed with, allowed to be overpowered by Islamic fundamentalists who eventually gained control of Iran and executed many of them.

The Soviets did not lift a finger to assist members of the Tudeh party when the Ayatollah’s purges of the opposition began.  They  in fact abandoned them to a man. Then gradually and carefully the Soviets found a newer breed of ‘useful idiots’ to help them re enter Iran and remain in the good books of the Iranian clergy about a decade or so later.

Most of Tudeh’s membership after that revolution were decimated. They were either imprisoned executed or simply disappeared never to be heard of again.

The same thing happened with ‘useful idiots’ in Afghanistan where Hafizullah Amin, a Soviet puppet having served his purpose was assassinated by a Soviet spetsnaz team in the middle of the night. It was an event which precipitated and preceded the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Again those who supported earlier Soviet designs were ‘eliminated’ by death squads of the successive pro Soviet government.


Today the west, especially France and the US adopt each and every of the former Soviet techniques to bring about regime change in countries they wish to dominate. In their arsenals today are the once lowly paid Soviet intelligence apparatus who fled to the west in the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

These agents assist in identifying and engaging ‘useful idiots’ in their target countries to do their dirty work for them. In Malaysia the Chinese are easily recruited to the Bersih and anti government collectives because it is in their DNA. Their ancestors did the same thing under Mao’s and Chin Peng’s banners. They did the same and served foreigners in the Kuomintang. The slogans and rhetoric are the same. The devils (the Malays) are the same. The good guys (the Chinese) portrayed as saviours are the same. The Kuomintang replaces the MCP. The narratives are distinctly Chinese.

Foreign governments who engage these ‘useful idiots’ decorate them to give them the appearance of ‘legitimacy’. They pay, fund and organize their media, the so called ‘NGO’s’ (complete with offices, travel and office expenses) which are in fact funded by foreign governments. They train and unleash ‘ citizen journalists’, fund the creation of ‘journals’ and other media to spread their message to destabilize their targets.

The irony of it all is that all of these organizations without exception, funded by civil societies especially, don’t engage in democratic discourse. They are resistant to democratic engagement and dialogue. Theirs is a one way street. They censor those they disagree with. But in the fog of war who is taking note of it all?


The Mahathirs support regime change. They support a group of violent, ill informed political wannabes, who promote regime change without any policies, any plans for alternative government or an even a basic understanding of constitutional government. They lack the diversity or support base, recognition, direction or experience sufficient to underwrite a valid recognizable mandate. But what they lack for in substance they make up for in the glitz of what money can buy. Foreign money.

The stock in trade of this group of ‘useful idiots’ is a sensational headline each day. Murder, C4 explosives, 1 MDB, Jho Lo, a dead prosecutor, a dead half Arab/ Persian banker with a number of Chinese mistresses and shady banking deals of his own, a French submarine deal and losses in an investment arm of government they refer to as the ‘lost billions’.

Theirs is to do away with common sense, evidence or proof, the courts, justice or logic. They have no understanding of the principles of constitutional government. In place of this intellectual vacuum, they plug in emotionally fired rhetoric, fire and brimstone promises as alternatives to their deficiencies in argument and logic . They repeat ad nauseum their rhetoric to a point that their lies are taken by the weak and gullible to be truth. (Gobells)

This campaign by the Berish’s and the Mahathirs are driven by carefully nurtured, colourable disinformation and rhetoric manufactured in foreign labs using well tested templates.

The sheer desperation of Tun Dr.Mahathir trying to avoid his past rapidly catching up with him is evident in his calling Australia ( a nation with an unbridled contempt for the man) to intervene in the regime change he seeks in Malaysia. It is statement from the man that has raised questions about his motives and his sanity. As an alternative he plays the martyr and old man card. Neither appears to impress a man truly on the sikds.


Like Aung San Suu Kyi the other rubber doll of the west serving them in the east, Marina Mahathir revels in her father’s support for her. She celebrates and exploits his re-emergence into prominence from near obscurity. But she too is coming apart at the seams now like the daughter of the fascist Burmese leader Aung San, Aung San Suu Kyi.

The allegations her father makes against the current prime minister of Malaysia has a strong smell of deception, manufactured truths and links to an elite coterie of a wealthy well connected milieu. That group and their new money coupled with a well oiled machinery of civil societies and organizations like OPTOR train and incite the masses into hysteria, turn their campaigns into acts of violence to overthrow a democratic government and usher in that ‘regime change’. From the other end of their mouths they  preach the gospels of non-violence and democracy.

These same groups include businessmen cultivated and nurtured by her “clean” father Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed during his 2 decades as prime minister of Malaysia. And their overflowing coffers are the result of Dr. Mahathir’s generosity to that small clique created and funded with state money at the expense of the NEP during his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As the walls begin to crumble around the man, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and his myth, some hitherto unknown facts are beginning to emerge about this power couple. And the light that comes with it appears to burn through the thin façade of another Aung San Suu Kyi type pro-western rubber doll in the making.


For starters Marina Mahathir is no high achiever in any sphere of human endeavour. Regardless of having been born into privilege, she is far from intelligent, a high achiever or independent. Marina is neither original nor is she an alternative anything. Marina and her side kick Ambiga Srinivasan a lawyer turned politician have both bought for themselves with their benefactors money,  their fame and ‘importance,’ all of it scripted and heavy with social media hype. Their rhetoric and political spiel, simply one liners for that 15 second sound bite are scripted and shallow.

What the two have achieved in this regard is no different to what Kim Kardashian achieved with her sex tape. Marina appears to have adopted some of Kardashian’s technique with some apparent cosmetic work to her face and her PR. Like Kardashian she plays on the lowest common denominator. She is nothing more than Dr.Mahathir’s daughter.

As an example of how hollow Marina Mahathir is, her recent letter to the New York Times not long ago, about her mother’s position beside her father the politician, was written by a journalist because Marina’s own efforts in this regard were embarrassing.


Celebrities have been around since the time of Jesus Christ. Their images have become public emblems, icons of the ‘anti-establishment’ recognizable and adopted for all sorts of reasons we could attribute to anyone and anything.

The difference here is that the contemporary celebrity like Marina and Ambiga are not necessarily associated with any form of talent, achievement, or power. Famous people have always been celebrated. But celebrated people not always famous. Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, Lee Harvey Oswald and Adolph Hitler.

The last decade and the power of social media has seen an unprecedented rise of the ‘empty celebrity cult’. They are the Marina Mahathirs and Ambigas of this world. Simply translated, this phenomenon  is about our tendency to worship people just because they are famous, without any regard for what they are famous for.  Ambiga and Marina Mahathir fall into this category.

Chris Rojek, observes in his book ‘Celebrity’ as follows:,

“ fame can be inherited, achieved, or ascribed. While the first two paths make sense, the third is by definition associated with arbitrary and questionable qualities.  It appears society has learned to embrace ascribed fame as a democratic and anti-elitist alternative to inherited or achieved fame. The average consumer can now crowdsource someone’s fame via YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, which makes Prince George more irrelevant than Miley Cyrus, and top celebrities as unremarkable as their typical fan (except for their fame).”

There are two critical factors to explaining the celebrity power connected to social media and rising levels of narcissism (a human weakness).  Social media has enabled the Marina’s and Ambiga’s  to broadcast their personal lives and experiences (however scripted) using the same template as celebrities do.

There is no barrier to self publicity with the advent of social media. The more resources in money and in technical production, the more mileage you receive. An example is your selfie in your iPhone combined with your mailing list. In so doing these ‘empty celebrities’ end up creating an alternative reality that turns friends, acquaintances and strangers into fans and followers.

Not surprisingly, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also used by actual celebrities and the likes of Kim Kardashian, Madonna and by people like Marina Mahathir and Ambiga. It reinforces perceived emotional proximity and intimacy with their followers in much the same way real celebrities and achievers do.

The social media persona creates a bond and an intimacy and turns this into a social relationship between them and their followers making their followers feel like it is a genuine relationship.


Ask Ambiga or Marina Mahathir (via an independent journalist or unsympathetic inquirer) an intelligent question and they fall apart and get personal or change the subject.These two are never in a situation where they can be independently quizzed over what they stand for lest their answers “do a Kim Kardashian” do a ‘malfunction’ and fall off.

The results would be catastrophic in every sense of the word and ugly if they had to speak independently and be questioned for what they claim to be. So they depend on their private media created exclusively for them (like Malaysia Kini) where only the easy and scripted questions consisting of wild sensational allegations and the well-rehearsed answers (still laden with flaws, ignorance and contradictions) are recorded and distributed via youtube. When in public they are followed around by cheer leaders and crowds for hire lest they be quizzed independently.

They get their broadcast distribution via supported friendly media organizations on the social media space or on youtube.

There are very few requirements for truth and quality on social media. Money goes a long way to helping correct this deficit. And that’s why the Ambigas and Marina Mahathirs are celebrities on social media.

Both Ambiga and Marina have worked hard at remodeling their flat images with acquired foreign knighthoods and decorations (much like Ferdinand Marcos and many African tin pot dictators and butchers have from their colonial masters).

Lobbying heavily for these including honorary degrees from various universities at home and abroad, as  as with their ‘knighthoods’ both women and their respective organizations have received much assistance on the issue of ‘relevance’ from civil societies operatives to whom they are forever held hostage.


The French Legion of Honour  for instance of which both Marina and Ambiga are recipients has a rather unsavoury, blood drenched and corrupted history. In that sense Marina Mahathir and Ambiga are perhaps in good company. Both advance a very revolutionary sometimes violent means of achieving their political goals. Illegal street marches and riots. Both seek regime change on a Franco American political agenda.

Neither of these two champions of regime change has proved or demonstrated any worthwhile public service or erudite piece of scholarship worthy of acclaim. Ambiga the lawyer is an embarrassment in this regard. Marina as a self proclaimed journalist would embarrass an educated fifth former with her writing skills.

Past recipients of the French Legion of Honour include the murderous cannibal and dictatorial emperor of the Central African Republic Jean Bedel Bokassa.

Bokassa many will recall ordered the murder of number of school children whose flesh was later discovered wrapped in his refrigerator ready for consumption. Bokassa it was later discovered avoided the condemnation he deserved having given a bag of diamonds to then French President Valerie Giscard d’Estang. A Legion of Honour recipient.

Other ignoble recipients of this noble badge of dishonor include the equally tyrannical and brutal Jean Claude Duvalier and his son Baby Doc Duvallier father and son who oppressed and looted Haiti with the protection of the French.



Many artists, intellectuals, leftists and free spirits consider the Legion laughable, an honor bequeathed to anyone close enough to a minister to get nominated. (There are 93,000 living recipients.)

Henri Torre, a center-right former minister, rejected the decoration in 2012 , saying it had been infected by cronyism and given out to “just about anybody.”

The comic-book illustrator Jacques Tardi said no to it, because he wanted to “remain a free man.” The famous Frenchmen who have rejected it over the years include Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Georges Brassens and Pierre Curie.

In fact, the Legion of Honor may have more cachet with Americans than with the French. Only French citizens can be received as official members of the Legion of Honor “community” in the service of the French nation, but foreigners receive a sort of adjunct status.”


If corruption be the criteria for bringing down the current prime minister of Malaysia then where is the evidence of that corruption? where is the law that is breached by his conduct?; and where are the ‘clean hands’ in Marina’s and Ambiga’s camp that come seeking equity and a ‘cleaner government’ by regime change?

The Indonesian Chinese family of Liem Soei Liem (a Mahathir relative by marriage) were one of a group that parked billions of dollars pillaged from Indonesian state coffers  in the accounts (nominee accounts) of the Clintons in Arkansas and others in Singapore in order to win favour in the US government.

The late Dame Margaret Thatcher received more than $350 million in bribes but through her trouble prone son Mark Thatcher via a Saudi Arabian Military Hospital contract awarded to him. When discovered she ran to his aid and bullied anyone who dared to question his and her integrity. It was at a time the late and discredited Robert Maxwell Newspaper Baron and Rupert Murdoch surrounded the iron lady before she began to rust with her credibility.

Hank Paulsen whilst at the Federal Reserve overseeing the restructure (if you could call it that) of the major US banks during the banking crisis precipitated by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, took several hundred millions for himself as did other executives of the George Bush government in breach of their own laws.  All the above come from the same jurisdictions that support civil societies. Yet Marina is happy to receive their help and their money.

Nikolas Sarkozy was arrested last year on the evidence of corruption against him by French police. His government decorated Ambiga Srinivasan for courage and honesty. The application for Marina Mahathir was lodged with the French whilst Sarkozy was in office although she received her honour later.

Each of the countries and events listed above from which the above examples of corruption at government level are cited, now fund Ambiga and Marina Mahathir. Each of them had something to say of an uncomplimentary and criminal nature against Dr. Mahathir in government then as they do of his successor in government now. The legislation of the UK, France, the US and Australia define the offence of corruption clearly. Malaysian law does not have a definition for corruption. So what do Marina Mahathir and Ambiga rely on to support their  allegations against the prime minister of Malaysia?


Closer to home when Tun Dr. Mahathir bankrolled Anand Krishnan, Yeoh Tiong Lay and Vincent Tan (Eric Cheah as well) he did break several laws and the constitution of Malaysia. In so far as it was not his money to give or to commit to anyone without express approval of parliament through due process his actions were corrupt by the linguistic and common law definition of the offence.

If Dr. Mahathir wanted to legitimize his actions in feeding his cronies with state money, it would have necessitated an amendment to the constitution relating to the Prime Minister’s and cabinet’s powers. It would have also required amendments to provisions of the constitution relating to the consolidated fund, taxes and any other revenue of state. It would have required a change to the power and authority of any individual or collective apparatus of government to appropriate these funds to themselves and to any one individual or organization as the Tun did.

In many other countries people in the Tun’s position having done what he did in office would have been exiled, jailed or executed for such crimes, because they are indeed crimes.

None of us wish such a fate on anyone including Dr. Mahathir whom many admire for some of his achievements whilst in office. But the saying “people in glass houses should not throw stones” may have some relevance to the comments by Marina Mahathir arising from a newspaper report about Najib Razak Malaysia’s prime minister over which she adds the slur of “Nigerian Scam”.

The pen may be mightier than the sword till the writer falls on her own sword! Marina Mahathir appears to be appropriating to herself the dictatorial powers of her father without a lawful mandate to do so.

Marina Mahathir has neither the legal standing nor the moral authority to make such comments considering her pedigree, especially where there is no legal grounding for her allegations against the prime minister.

This not a Nigerian Scam. It is not a Mahathir piggy bank either being plundered by the prime minister in the way that Tun Dr. Mahathir did during his tenure as prime minister of Malaysia to benefit a chosen few.


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