The dearth of information about Bersih, the paucity of complaints by the Malaysian Bar, the absence of outrage by Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR and general silence of his family are not indications of an absence of malice or a conversion to common sense by these forces arrayed against government.

The National Endowment for Democracy, the civil societies movement and NGO’s have gone on a pre-war footing in preparation for what the country will experience in an explosion of turmoil in anti government anti Malay and anti Islamic activity if information from each of these groups leaked are to be believed. They work in steps using tactics designed and planned for them elsewhere.

We wrote on Facebook recently that a major announcement would be forthcoming from Marina Mahathir and her father former prime minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. We await that announcement.

Bersih’s Ambiga, the group of 25 now embolden with recruitment of the Johor Royals have also begun to agitate in an effort to destabilize government and bring down the prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. There has been a concerted effort to recruit the royal households in at least 3 states to join in the push to bring down government.

That strategy too is being played out in stages.

The young prince of Johor has begun to advocate secession from Malaysia in not so many words. He has waded into waters that are not part of his domain too deep for him and his family. In fact there are prohibitions under the constitution for the Royals to engage in politics especially the divisive politics of present day Malaysia. Their roles are clearly spelled out in the constitution of Malaysia

As the Chinese say: May we live in interesting times.  


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