Lynching a Government

A LYNCH MOB OF BLACKS DRUNK WITH POWER Loretta Lynch, a most unfortunate name for an African American in the position of Attorney General of the United States has left her mark in infamy on the steps of the Department of Justice swallowing a scorpion in Malaysia in the process. The name Lynch will live … Continue reading


OLD WINE IN NEW WINESKINS OR …………. The only one of God’s creatures known to lick up its own vomit and consume it is the Dog. Humans come a close second when they consume their own burp belched up after a meal. It is called regurgitation. The practice consists of bringing up what one has … Continue reading

Civil war looms large in the US

The Malaysian government has little or no choice but to act to defend the security of the nation. And it cannot shirk in its duty to rein in the ultras in Malaysia by its silence and ‘tolerance’ for ‘free speech’.. These ultras include Dr. Mahathir Mohamed , his daughter Marina, Maria Chin Abdullah, Hannah Yeoh, … Continue reading