Civil war looms large in the US

The Malaysian government has little or no choice but to act to defend the security of the nation. And it cannot shirk in its duty to rein in the ultras in Malaysia by its silence and ‘tolerance’ for ‘free speech’..

These ultras include Dr. Mahathir Mohamed , his daughter Marina, Maria Chin Abdullah, Hannah Yeoh, Ambiga Srinivasan, Guan Eng, the entire NGO sector, the Malaysian Bar,the DAP and those elements of Anwar Ibrahim’s family who have been inciting unrest and division along racial, religious and political lines for over a decade now.


22 November 1963 heralded a paradigm change in American politics and in its security. It took 15 bullets (the Warren Commission insisted it was only 3) to shock the nation and realize how fragile its democracy was. Those shots in Dallas reverberated throughout the world and caused a re think of a number of issues that had been taken for granted or ignored since the end of World War 2.

The killing of 5 policemen out of a total of 11 shot by snipers in reprisal attacks on the police in Dallas Texas today, is indicative of where Bersih, the DAP, PKR and the Malaysian Bar (including those foreign funded NGO’s) want to take this country to. Allowed to continue without harsh intervention, they will.

There is another message reverberating around the world from those gun shots in Dallas Texas today wherever Civil Society operates. Much like what happened on 22 November 1963 with the killing of  a policeman first, then the US president John F Kennedy, the message is clear.

Civil Societies is the harbinger of a greater disaster it portends, with its deceptive slogans of better things to come. So too did that serpent in the garden of Eden promise great knowledge by its deception. So too did the anti communists of decades gone by much like today’s Civil Societies.

Malaysians have been patient, with the unfounded, manufactured, allegations of criminality against individuals, in government and against the government in general. They have all fallen victims to Civil Societies and their acolytes. Seduced by an organized well funded group of radicals whose principle objective is to turn Malaysia into another Syria, Ukraine and Tunisia.

They (the NGO’s Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and their respective allies) are engaged on behalf of the same people in the US behind the recent upheavals around the world (Civil Societies and the NED) in places like Iraq, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium and now possibly Malaysia.

The result of Civil Societies’s deception and its mixed messages is evident in the carnage in places like Bangladesh, the US, Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpur over the past few days. The deception and destruction has been growing like a cancer.Encouraged by inaction over the past decade over issues like avoidable black deaths in the US, deaths in custody in Australia and anti Islamic rhetoric and the killing of unarmed black men and women at the hands of white police in the US.  There is  a nexus and a correlation to all of these events and government inaction.

In the US context these actions unchecked by president Obama and effectively encouraged along by Hillary Clinton’s selective silence, has according to some political pundits, prepared the US for its next civil war.

In the US they resolve their issues with violence. The US appears now primed for a civil war. War has proved to be big business for the US in every part of the world the US has enforced its foreign policy. It population and arms manufacturers know and understand the economic benefits from wars. Civil and military wars.

Malaysia is at the crossroads now and at a critical juncture in its existence as a nation judging from recent developments in the US.

The US is politically, militarily, economically and morally in dire straits. It is desperate. It is facing  the real prospect of a civil war of Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities on the one side, against a well funded well organized heavily armed and dangerous white ‘hick’, racist, majority. Even then the Christian white majority is divided between support for the ‘hicks’ and the minority Blacks, Hispanics and others pitted against the whites.

If and when this situation in the US escalates, places like Malaysia are bound to be affected directly at the economic, defence and political levels. Internal security in Malaysia already stretched to its limits by an embolden Bersih and Malaysian Bar has only one way to go. Extremist retribution and violence.

Malaysia needs to present itself to the rest of the world now as a stable country where foreign investment will be protected and its people united (even if forcefully) to provide that stability. It can’t do that when it allows the alliance of NGOs and opposition parties to run  riot in incitement of religious and ethnic tensions which has been their staple for so long. The belief is that government is weak.

The alternative to government inaction in the face of such provocation and instability would be further instability and a run off of the civil war armed rebellion of Chin Peng now being re run by the coalition of opposition and NGOs.

War especially civil wars are big business. That is what Civil Societies was set up to create.

It is a choice and a limited one at that the Malaysian government of Najib Razak has to deal with. The current situation has been festering like an open sore for over a decade now.

Bring back the ISA.  Bring back detention without trial. It is but a small price to pay for stability and freedoms. As for the US and their supports, The Chickens are coming home to roost.


5 Responses to “Civil war looms large in the US”
  1. IT.Scheiss says:

    I have been pondering this shootout in Dallas and it’s clear that unlike mob riots with damage to property, public and private or maladjusted individuals or individual terrorists killing innocent civilians; these Dallas shooters are operating in the highly disciplined and coordinate manner focused on a specific target of police officers – i.e. representatives of state authority, which is characteristic of urban guerilla warfare, similar to that employed by the IRA against British troops in Northern Ireland. And this raises their actions to a new level.

    What could happen next is that there can be further guerilla-like actions in other cities of the U.S. Also, there could well be a reaction by the heavily armed, long established and well organised paramilitary civilian militia, who are mostly white and some rather racist, which could result, in a civil war of sorts breaking out in the U.S.

    In Malaysia, we have already seen the granade attack on a pub in Puchong by what the police have identified as IS elements and what they will attack next, is left to be seen.

    However, I doubt that the opposition NGOs and politicians you mantioned have the means or connections to initiate such attacks, though by their rhetoric, they could be inviting such attacks upon them instead.

    Whatever, the world is moving towards a future in which more hard line policies by the right and left ends of the political spectrum will become the norm as there is greater polarisation along ethnic and religious lines.

    Whilst this is not a healthy development, however I acknowledge that it is happening whether I like it or not.

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    • grkumar says:

      Schiess I have not suggested that the NGOs and opposition have the capacity or that they carried out these attacks. They I suggest are the wilfully ignorant first wave who soften the ground for these attacks as they have done in other places. The appropriate to themselves the nice appealing and f=soft tone of terms like “civil societies”, “Pro Democracy” and with that they attract the pseudo intellectuals and the bored educated middle classes who instigate others below them to extremis. Extremism is the only tool of the displaced and the weak. It often works and as the US experiments in Grenada, Panama, Romania and Yugoslavia prove it can be done as the world sits still stunned and unwilling or unable to do anything about it. That was in a unipolar world after the collapse of the Soviet Union (except Grenada). They took liberties at home in much the same way. The Tuskegee experiment on over 40,000 African Americans was no different. A new generation now has reached that peak, that threshold where a fightback will result. It is what Hitler experimented with human behaviour the experiments which the US and the Soviets took a hold of and advanced themselves.

      Malaysia’s NGO’s are a lot more sinister than we are led to believe. I won’t elaborate on this point any further for the moment. But there is a fightback brewing and it will be ugly.


      • IT.Scheiss says:

        I don’t disagree that by their rhetoric these NGOs can potentially instigate a violent backlash from the other side.

        For example, The Sun Daily reported:-

        “Following the attack, Orient Daily managed to contact Muhammad Wanndy on Facebook and in their Messenger exchanges that followed, the IS member, who is believed to be giving orders from Syria, made a number of threats, including warning the Chinese not to insult Islam.”

        Now that’s pretty clear that any violence will be in retaliation and the Puchong attack was a warning.

        However, your statement “….and a run off of the civil war armed rebellion of Chin Peng now being re run by the coalition of opposition and NGOs.” and reference to the Dallas shootings gave me the impression that you implied that the NGOs or their supporters or splinters could resort to armed violence.

        Thus I expressed my disagreement on what I believe you meant by that.

        Besides that, I am no fan of these NGOs, especially the ones which receive western funding, training and support. They have done much more damage to aid the advancement of the western imperialist agenda around the world.


      • grkumar says:

        One must bear in mind that the record is quite clear from the recent history of NGO funded rebellions in the Ukraine (Svoboda and the Orange revolutions) in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia in the former Yugoslavia. The Red shirts and the Yellow Shirts of Thailand, The Yellow Turbans in Tian An Mein were all NGOs funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). a US foreign policy initiative and Civil Societies offshoots. They all resorted to arms and violence whilst from the one side of their mouths spewing non violence rhetoric whilst from another engaging in armed struggles.

        Of course they would say or suggest otherwise. The best they could do in the Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Egypt was to momentarily and half heartedly try to disassociate themselves from their armed wings. One would have thought that the Bersihs and other like them sprouting like mushrooms with their ‘clever’ acronyms would study the history of their predecessors and arm themselves with a little contemporary US foreign policy and history before taking up their money and temporary protection like poodles barking at the laps of their masters. Their masters are presently engaged in more serious business at the home front and these NGO’s are their most vulnerable.

        The dramatic charging horses into the crowds at Tahrir square was the second limb of Civil Societies. The CBS reporter who claimed to be digitally raped then racanted part of it after she was discredited on another front was also till that point an NGO civil societies operative (for reporters without borders) not disclosed earlier.

        Malaysia’s descent into violence is inevitable. I hate to play that “I told you so” card. It is not helpful. But the Chinese have been arrogantly and recklessly pushing the anti Malaya anti Muslim barrow too far for too long aided by Marina Mahathir and Rose Ismail and her Sisters of Islam, the group of 25 and others like them, it almost seems inevitable now for a violent backlash against these groups and individuals by Muslim’s radicalized.

        Ambiga Srinivasan’s mainly Chinese Bersih with Maria Abdullah “Sweeping the Malays and Datuk Seri Najib” with brooms during their parades was an act of gross disrespect and provocation. It is reminiscent of the May 13 Chinese provocation and their arrogance and disrespect for the Malays all over again.

        Bersih has been preparing a huge rally with the Malaysian Bar and other groups which I am confident the government has intelligence of. If someone like me is able to obtain first hand information from within, I am sure Malaysia’s internal security apparatus thus far credited with keep things at bay already know about it.

        Any attempt by the Churches, Bersih and the Malaysian Bar to take to the streets in my view given all the evidence is bound to result in blood shed and extreme violence. It has gone too far. Each of these opposition groups have sidelined the courts, the king and parliament in what can only be described as an attempt at a civilian coup. That brings with it consequences of an extreme nature anywhere in the world. Malaysia is no exception.

        There will and must be arrests soon and across the board without mercy. It will happen soon now that Europe and the US are pre occupied with their own failures.

        Dr. Mahathir’s flirting with the CIA setting up shop with them with various training camps throughout Malaysia, training students in exchange programmes has not worked. They brought him down and will throw him to the wolves. Thats what the US has always done to its so fair weather friends throughout history. Like Salt, when people like Mahathir lose their taste they loose their value and are good for trampling under the feet of me as the bible says.


  2. IT.Scheiss says:

    I am on the same page with you with regards the role of NED and Soros financed NGOs and the chaos they are creating around the world.

    Countries which have had stable, though perhaps the most democratic governments have been destabilised as a result.

    New Eastern Outlook reports:-

    “From Ukraine to Syria; Libya to Iraq: the West has repeatedly shown itself to be an imperial entity which brings nothing but chaos, devastation and destabilization to its victims. Contrary to spreading ‘freedom and democracy’ through its geopolitical endeavours, the West’s rap sheet in the 21st century is unrivalled in its immorality and malevolence.”

    However, each country has its own local tangible aspects (scenario) and when it comes to Malaysia, I do not think that the NGOs here have armed wings as yet but could be the target of retaliatory violence from groups such as IS, which we know are also fianced and supported by the west.

    Thus in this Malaysian scenario what could happen and the threats have already been made as pointed out earlier, the more likely scenario could be that the name of the imperialists’ game is that the NGOs will create discord which results in a backlash from IS which will likely plunge Malaysia into mayhem as the imperialists want, unless as you say the government acts soon to put a stop to it.

    Take for example, this recent report in Free Malaysia Today.

    “Getting the media and public to be more caring about LGBT”

    Now that’s going to invite a reaction I expect.

    Then take this:-

    “JULY 9 — MADPET (Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture) is concerned about what is happening to the many suspects who have been arrested/detained for alleged involvement in “terrorist” and/or criminal activities, including the 15 who have just been arrested in connection with the explosion at the front porch of Movida, a nightspot in IOI Boulevard in Puchong, on June 28, 2016, which resulted in eight people being injured (The Star, 4/7/2016).” – See more at:

    Then from the other side of the divide, this:-

    “Perkasa lodges report against interfaith council”

    Never mind civil war in the US. A bigger concern should be over the possibility of civil war over here.


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