For a nation which espouses such high morals and standards to the extent they interfere with the sovereignty of smaller nations to correct their alleged ‘misconduct’, the US is not above paying ransom monies to the tune of US$400 million to Iran to secure the release of sailors who ventured into Iranian waters about a year ago. At a press conference his discomfort and guilt could not be contained. But this is a president whose oratory and communication skills are so well honed and convincing to a generation of fawning liberals he could break wind, call it jazz and they would believe him.

Although president Obama proclaims his administrations innocence, attempting to justify the illicit payment of US$400 million in cash to Iran (for other reasons that he proffers), there are protocols and international laws that govern belligerents and regulates their conduct vis a vis each other in times of war (or armed conflict) he ignores. And The Obama administrations conduct in this regard breaches all of these protocols and laws and those same standards his government imposes on others.

This was an illicit payment and the clearest yet evidence of US money laundering at state level. So where was Loretta Lynch and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in all of this? Why the double standards as applied to other nations who make no admissions of money laundering as the US has done in this instance?(although not referring to it as money laundering).

In paying the US$400 million in cash to Iran in a mixture of Swiss Francs and other currencies (to avoid detection of the origin of the funds) and air freighted into Tehran, Obama and his administration broke a number of international conventions and laws relating to kidnapping, the payment of ransom and the transfer of large sums of money in cash outside of the international banking system across international borders.  

Recall the published photographs in the international media and over the internet of a Lufthansa cargo plane unloading a similar cargo of cash in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev during the time of the Svoboda overthrow of the elected government of Yanukovych guarded by armed Blackwater guards 3 years ago. The Iranian payment is not an isolated incident or one without precedent.

If this action by President Obama’s regime is not considered by the US to be money laundering by its classic and legal definition, by a state actor, then it is no surprise that Loretta Lynch had it so embarrassingly wrong with her allegations against Malaysia, its sovereign fund 1MDB and those public servants she so undiplomatically and crudely referred to as kleptocrats.

Loretta Lynch’s and Obama’s conduct in their high moral ground attacks on nations like Malaysia they regard as lesser than their own, is the reason minorities like  women and African Americans continue to languish behind others in places like the USA.


The American affirmative action policies are nothing more than tokenistic gestures involving the promotion of compliant and spineless strays. The US prefers the spineless variety of brutes (uncle Toms) like Colin Powel, Condoleezza Rice, Loretta Lynch and of course the very sharply dressed and well spoken Barak Hussein Obama to educated and independent minds.

The blow back from the DOJ press conference of a couple of weeks ago has not yet begun to bite the US.

There is a shallow narrow belief amongst some Malaysians that somehow no one except the Americans are allowed to be critical of the idiocy and high handedness of the US state department and its DOJ. It is sacrilegious of anyone, especially a former Malaysian residing somewhere else to say anything however correct it may be against the self-righteousness of the United States and its government.

What people fail to realize is that Richard Nixon a president impeached for his criminality in office was American. He held the highest office in the land.

What Malaysia’s opposition and their politically driven Malaysia Kinis tend to forget too is the quality of the evidence Americans are capable of producing in defence of its foreign policy agenda.

The ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lie comes to mind immediately, although some 2,000,000 lives later. Then of course for those too young to remember, there was the earlier lie of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It precipitated the Viet Nam war costing another 2,000,000 lives.


This is the quality of American justice and what the US DOJ calls evidence.

Why do the opposition in Malaysia continue to be so obsequious  and servile to westerners when in fact Malaysia is a sovereign nation, entitled to its own independent government, its independence, its mistakes and its own democratic institutions.

Loretta Lynch has an apology to make to Malaysia. She may not be inclined to make it voluntarily but with the release of over 30,000 intercepted emails by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks over recent days, much of it from the DNC (Democratic National Congress) server and Hillary Clinton’s private email server, such an apology could be forced out of the US government by humiliation.

Hillary Clinton’s (and by that the current US Administrations) direct involvement in the unlawful overthrow of the Libyan government and the subsequent murder of its leader Muamar Gadhafi and her direct involvement in precipitating the crisis in Syria and Tunisia, arming and financing rebels (much like the have in store for Malaysia) is revealed in many of these emails.

Needless to say the subversive networks established in Malaysia which include the Bersih camp, the Malaysian Bar and Tun Dr. Mahathir’s networks and other funded NGOs like the Sisters in Islam and at least 20 others will soon come under more intense scrutiny.

The revelation of directives by Hillary and her lieutenants controlling and funding these so called NGOs are but a small part of the communications revealed in the leaked emails hacked by WikiLeaks.


  1. AM says:

    Bring on Trump, I say, and lets have a leader who can get things done… If only we could build a wall for the malays as well.


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