It was the MACC and Bank Negara all along

It was a source at the MACC, the Reserve Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara), two serving members of parliament from within the ruling party and a lawyer associated with the former prime minister of Malaysia.

These were the informants, “the whisperers” all along that secretly engaged the Department of Justice in the US against the Malaysian government and the 1 MDB fund. It was the unverified complaints of this group that although protected as anonymous informants by the DOJ and the FBI as they do to all informants that has now been leaked to an American reporter very recently.

The conduct of these informants went further as a matter of fact. Two ministers of the Barisan government working from within UMNO and a senior public servant, put their hands to the accusations, the information and the allegations that 1MDB funds had been siphoned to support ‘a conspiracy to defraud’ the ‘people of Malaysia’.

None of the informants had either the necessary locus standi (standing to bring a complaint or action) or the constitutional right to do what they did. What they did in fact constitutes an act of high treason. It is infidelity and a violation of state secret laws.

One of the lawyers who recently and ignorantly filed a suit, a complaint in the High Court to compel Datuk Seri Najib Razak to ‘return the money’ alleging that the money said to have been found in Datuk Seri Najib’s personal bank account belonged to 1MDB has been at the core of allegations against the prime minister of Malaysia and his family. Even if that statement and claim were true, his complaint fails to identify a head of law under which an offence may have been committed or an action commenced.

The High Court registry has become the ‘lamp post’ against which any dog can apparently take a ‘piss’ by filing a motion or a complaint against the government or the prime minister of Malaysia. And there appears to be no shortage of ‘dogs’ from the Malaysian Bar it would seem from the record.

A former Reserve Bank official and a slew of lawyers, all from the opposition have been identified in information apparently leaked from the DOJ recently as being the unpaid informants who are behind the DOJ’s kleptocracy initiative against the Malaysian government.

Sadly the same Bank Negara official willingly turned a blind eye to Dr. Mahathir’s unlawful tin gamble which enriched several Chinese tin millionaires in a scam run by Tun Mahathir’s tin advisor the Jewish speculator David Zadner.

David Zadner worked as a commodities trader for another Jewish trader, the late and notoriously infamous Marc Rich a fugitive from US justice.

Marc Rich was a friend of the Clinton’s (the patrons of Bersih). Rich paid the Clinton’s US$10,000,000 for his pardon from the Department of Justice as Bill Clinton vacated his office as president of the US in his final term in office.

More to come.

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