THE RIGHT TO MAKE LAW AND THE DUTY TO DEFEND IT The only legitimate source of law making is the legislature. It is a power and right that is reserved exclusively for the legislature alone to exercise. It is not for the Bar, the legal profession or the bench to interfere with. The latter groupsContinue reading “CHANGE THE LEGAL PROFESSION ACT”


OF PLAGIARISTS ISLAMOPHOBES AND THIEVES  Apart from the New York Times, the doyen of the plagiarist press and manufacturer of stories and situations (Jayson Blair) generously giving space to a pseudo academic and intellectual, Tudor Parfitt, an adventurer who goes round the world attempting to find Jews where none existed before, there is little forContinue reading “A WORD OF ADVISE FOR DATIN ROSMAH MANSOR”

Mariah Chin Abdullah CA Decision an Embarrassment

THE CONSTITUTION AS A FIG LEAF FOR OPPOSITION MISCHIEF- THE COURTS A HOUSE DIVIDED What is evident in the make up of Malaysian courts is the glaring divisions amongst its “independent minded judges” who sit on opposing sides of the political divide that is Malaysia today Christian judges almost to a man or woman joinContinue reading “Mariah Chin Abdullah CA Decision an Embarrassment”

A Good Christian Human Sacrifice

Mum of girl raped and dismembered says she ‘liked to watch’ men sexually assault her daughter Extracted from an article by Kamilia Palu – Yahoo7 News on September 15, 2016, A US mother has told police she liked to watch her daughter being sexually assaulted by men before the child was raped, killed and dismembered on her 10thContinue reading “A Good Christian Human Sacrifice”

Anwar & Mahathir-Whos Fooling Who?

The recent “thawing” between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Dr. Mahathir has been on the cards for sometime now. Only the desperate and desperately ignorant could not have foreseen such a move in Malaysia’s highly volatile politics involving the two fallen angels.  It ought to have been Tun Mahathir embracing Datuk Seri Najib instead.Continue reading “Anwar & Mahathir-Whos Fooling Who?”

Air Asia Losing its Way

The following article is extracted from the West Australian of 7 September 2016 Passengers on a flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur found themselves in Melbourne after the captain put in the wrong position at take-off, an Australian accident investigation report has found. This morning the Australian Transport Safety Bureau issued its findings into theContinue reading “Air Asia Losing its Way”