A Good Christian Human Sacrifice

Mum of girl raped and dismembered says she ‘liked to watch’ men sexually assault her daughter

Extracted from an article by Kamilia Palu – Yahoo7 News on September 15, 2016,

A US mother has told police she liked to watch her daughter being sexually assaulted by men before the child was raped, killed and dismembered on her 10th birthday.

Michelle Martens, from Albuquerque in New Mexico, is a suspect in her daughter’s death and told police she had allowed three men to sexually assault the child. The 35-year-old allegedly set up three encounters on separate occasions – one with a colleague of hers, and two other meetings with men she had met online.

One of those men was Fabian Gonzales, another suspect in the murder.

Police allege Martens, Gonzalez, and Gonzalez’s cousin Jessica Kelley were all involved in the sickening incident that took place on August 24 at an apartment complex in the city.

Victoria, who turned 10 that day, was allegedly forced to consume methylamphetamine orally and was raped before being strangled and stabbed.

The child’s body was reportedly dismembered and her remains placed in a bathtub and set on fire, according to court records.

Martens claims it was Kelley and Gonzalez, both 31, who mutilated her daughter’s body.

In an interview with police, Martens said setting up the sexual encounters wasn’t about the money she made, she said she liked to watch the assaults.

She told authorities she set up a profile on dating site Plenty of Fish to find men interested in having sex with her daughter and possibly her younger son as well.

Martens also told police she thought it was the drugs that killed Victoria. But detectives disagreed, saying her death was more likely to be a result of the strangulation or stabbing.

All three suspects have been charged with kidnapping, child abuse resulting in death, tampering with evidence, conspiracy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A public funeral will be held for Victoria on October 29, where her favourite hymns will be played.


Whilst the pro American lobby in our midst (like Yahoo and the Evangelical Churches) are only too happy to label India the rape capital of the world for a few rapes, however many they are, they tend to ignore the 60,000 odd college sexual assaults that occur in the US each year (these are the ones that are reported according to FBI stats) and push the good “Christian” ethos of good Christian American parenting like this woman and her friend. Why? They are too busy applying their resources to labelling Muslims as terrorists and Indians rapists, Chinese, dog eaters and communists and Vladmir Putin a dictator.

There is a lesson in this human tragedy for all of us. The next time someone in your midst makes allegations against the prime minister of your country or his wife or anyone else for that matter, let them see the colour and texture of the finger that points the accusation to whoever it is they accuse and for whatever reason. This is Christian terrorism. It is now showing at an Evengelical Church near you. The Catholics abusing little boys is not an isolated Christian phenomenon.

This is the USA. It is what the Assemblies of God Church, the Harvest Churches, the Catholic and Methodist Churches in Malaysia and Singapore hold up as the example of what constitutes civilisation and “democracy”.

What was done to this young girl would have earned an offender a lengthy jail sentence if what was done to this girl was done to a dog.

There is an equally strong moral lesson to the Indians and to those who support them raping and killing people who slaughter cattle for food in the name of Hinduism. There can be no justification for such inhumane and barbaric acts of cruelty in the name of any God. That’s a contradiction in terms if there ever was one.

ISIS and the Taleban are not isolated to dysfunctional misguided Muslims wherever they are to be found. Like the anti Rohingya murderers of Myanmar, there are the Christians of the US spreading like the Zika virus in places like Malaysia with an agenda to destabilise the country.

Unless we unite to dismantle these moronic and barbaric extremists parading as Christians we are all doomed to repeat the tragedy of this girl and the Reverend Jim Jones Temple of the People tragedies of a few decades ago.

2 Responses to “A Good Christian Human Sacrifice”
  1. What says:

    What’s this got to do with religion? Why bring Christianity and politics into it?
    You’re a known Umno apologist – but to bring a dead child into play just to further your political
    Agenda is sick. And so are you.


    • grkumar says:

      Thats precisely the point. Unless you stand up against the bigotry that ascribes the acts of a few to an entire nation, religion or race you stand to be condemned along the same lines when your turn comes up. I think this act of barbarity against a child by citizens of a nation that invented this generalization ( as against Islam, Hinduism and everything else non Christian) is consistent with modern day Christianity.


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