US Govt Did Fund Regime Change

President elect Donald Trump has sent out  a questionnaire to the faithful asking them to assist in prioritising the 29 most important issues that will be implemented within the first 100 days of his presidency. Amongst these are the predictable questions like the of building the controversial wall and deportation of over a million hardContinue reading “US Govt Did Fund Regime Change”

Hillary the Hypocrite- An American Dilemma

WHY HILLARY DESERVED TO LOSE The silence of Hillary’s Harlots in Southeast Asia is deafening. In the wake of her resounding and unequivocal trouncing at the hands of Donald Trump the successful presidential candidate, the reality of the election results is something Hillary simply cannot come to terms with. She is not invincible. The extraContinue reading “Hillary the Hypocrite- An American Dilemma”

Bersih’s Patron: Gone to the Dogs

WHERE TO NOW BERSIH & GANG? There are no more free lunches, no umbrellas of US protection, no foreign funding without costs and consequences attached to it now for Malaysia’s anti government coalition. Bersih, the Sisters in Islam, Tenaganita, the Malaysian Bar and a host of other so called NGO’s and members of parliament likeContinue reading “Bersih’s Patron: Gone to the Dogs”

Foreign Money-High Treason

FOREIGN MONEY It is interesting to note that the admissions and fact of Malaysia Kini’s receipt of foreign funding has only recently come to the attention of the Malaysian public. Malaysia Kini has had a long standing policy (which it continues to implement) of promoting an anti-government agenda and by often excising from its pagesContinue reading “Foreign Money-High Treason”