Foreign Money-High Treason


It is interesting to note that the admissions and fact of Malaysia Kini’s receipt of foreign funding has only recently come to the attention of the Malaysian public.

Malaysia Kini has had a long standing policy (which it continues to implement) of promoting an anti-government agenda and by often excising from its pages or censoring altogether any rebuttals or a contrarian view  expressed to the anti government evangelism they spew on their pages.

In fact it is standard operating procedure in Malaysia Kini to attack anyone who expresses a view that is contrary or that challenges the anti government disinformation of its clients.

They achieve this by allowing ‘readers’ posting under a pseudonym or appearing as ‘anonymous’ to freely attack and vilify anyone questioning the anti government  disinformation they publish without any regard for the truth or for their own ‘rules’ applicable to their reader’s comments.

On the other hand, legitimate criticisms and differing opinions of readers expressed in their letters coloumn are often restricted or altogether excised. Its a policy of play the man not the ball. But thats the constituency and readership of Malaysia Kini.

Malaysia Kini operates almost exclusively as an anti Malay, anti Muslim and anti government portal advancing the objects of Regime Change in Malaysia.

Steven Gan made admissions to receiving foreign funding for setting up Malaysia Kini on radio 3AW in Melbourne in or about 2000-2001 when as a guest of former premier of the state of Victoria Jeff Kenneth on Kenneth’s talkback  radio show. 

Many subsequent admissions and the evidence to support the claim of foreign funding received by entities including Malaysia Kini have since emerged with other anti government organizations in Malaysia.

Gan’s ‘disclosures’ to Jamal Yunos of the ‘Red Shirts’ yesterday 3 November 2016 are both misleading, economic with the truth and as such dishonest.


Notably Malaysia Kini a news portal that openly and unabashedly advances the causes of the Malaysian opposition and so called NGO (Non Governmental Organizations) also carries on a regular basis unproven allegations of impropriety against government by members of the opposition.

Malaysia Kini is also widely seen from their conduct and the evidence that has accumulated from its own material as a mouth piece of the coalition of NGO’s and opposition promoting Regime Change in Malaysia. Amongst these other groups promoting Regime Change in Malaysia are Bersih and the Malaysian Bar. 

Hillary Clinton now facing the real prospect of impeachment regardless of whether she wins the presidency of the USA is feeling the heat of her campaigns for Regime Change abroad.

Denied by her thus far, emerging, damming, evidence of Hillary’s private foreign adventures to bring about Regime Change abroad puts her squarely in the firing line of US law enforcement authorities for having funded subversive groups like Bersih and the Malaysian Bar whilst secretary of state. Along with her being investigated is her ‘cover’ George Soros. And evidence of their combined illegal activities are beginning to tear at the heart of her presidential ambitions.

The  mood in the US has turned ugly and highly polarized whilst the real object of Malaysian ‘NGO’s and as they prefer to  be called and ‘independent’media portals like Malaysia Kini is beginning to surface in the fall out of the FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In Syria in recent weeks the government forces have begun to retake the high ground weakening ISIS another adventure indirectly said to be funded or at the least tacitly aided by a Hillary/ George Soros/ Saudi joint venture.

In Egypt Gen. Al Sisi is facing the heat of resistance to his illegitimate government a by product of Regime Change; and in Malaysia, the Malays, the majority have begun to unleash their pent up anger directing it at Malaysia Kini after nearly a decade of suffering humiliation and the insults of an unmandated raft of foreign funded political groups like Bersih, Malaysia Kini and the Malaysian Bar.


Huma Abedin the Indian born aide to Hillary Clinton is said to have been ‘singing like a canary’ to the FBI who patiently waited for the right moment when the pressures of the US presidential elections, the heat of their investigations and the resultant disclosure of lies by Hillary Clinton over her emails  became too great a burden for Huma Abedin alone to bear. The FBI isolated her from the pack and honed in on her last week.

The FBI raided Abedin’s residence and office and armed with a warrant they seized a treasure trove of documents and sources of information (computer hard drives and storage devices) Abedin previously claimed under oath to have been destroyed, otherwise lost or in the hands of her legal advisors.

The pressures on Abedin following the FBI investigations mounting against her is not something she or anyone in her position would have been capable of withstanding. And under that pressure she is believed to have cracked.

In Huma’s computers were discovered, references to the “Malaysian project” and other “projects” in cryptic language that Hillary Clinton and Dr. George Soros were engaged in and continue to be a part of.

The fact of US meddling in the affairs of states like Malaysia and Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Myanmar, much of it directed from within the US embassies in these countries is not a new discovery or phenomenon.

With the loss of the Philippines as an ally and the ambivalence of Malaysia’s recent position vis a vis the US, there is much anger in government circles in the US over Hillary and Soros’ adventures abroad.

The impact of US meddling in the domestic affairs of southeast Asian countries is now being felt in Indonesia where “radical” Muslims have been taking to the streets in what is described as anti Christian anti Chinese demonstrations and riots.


As the perfidious conduct (treason) of Bersih and Malaysia Kini and the ‘NGO’s’ they support begin to unravel, the Malaysian government and pro-government forces within Malaysia’s majority communities like the Red Shirts agitate for government action against them.

This blog has for quite some time made copious reference to Ambiga Srinivasan’s connections to foreign groups affiliated with the open societies and civil societies groups and their receipt of funding and training from abroad.

Malaysia’s most prominent and influential blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has also reinforced the point in the past with an impressive array of irrefutable evidence to support. And if anyone should know anything about the structure and inner working of Malaysia’s opposition it is he.

This blog further on numerous occasions identified the politicization of the Malaysian Bar and its lack of impartiality, its preference for unfounded opposition allegations against government and the person of the prime minister and his family without regard to the facts or for the Malaysian Bar’s need to be objective and apolitical.

The Malaysian Bar of its own material has upheld breaches of the Legal Profession Act by its members in pursuit of their political objectives for over a decade. It has failed to rein in or discipline any of its members engaged in extreme political activities in breach of the legal profession act.

It is now by the admission of an office holder of the Malaysian Bar that the Malaysian Bar too has been a willing recipient of open societies (foreign ) funding which, however they wish to cloak it, is inextricably tied to the foreign (Obama Hillary) directed Regime Change objectives in Malaysia and is treason. (Free Malaysia Today 3 November 2016).


Sadly the rot in respect of the undisclosed receipt of foreign money to facilitate Regime Change has permeated the bench and involves judges both sitting and past. It does not end there. The clergy in the Roman Catholic and Evangelical churches in Malaysia have also been recipients of funding and support from the NED (National Endowment for democracy), the Open Societies Movement and Civil Societies all known and identified covers for covert US activity aimed at Regime Change in Malaysia.

Ambiga Srinivasan is believed to have been in touch with the US and French embassies as in Kuala Lumpur as well she has issued ‘red notices’ to several of her colleagues to be prepared for raids and arrests in the days to come.

Ambiga has been constantly supplied with intelligence from a group established by former US ambassador at large John Mallot.

As the Chinese say “may we live in interesting times”.

5 Responses to “Foreign Money-High Treason”
  1. IT.SCheiss says:

    Thanks Kumar.

    May the “shit” hit the fan for the Sorosites, NED-ites and Hillary


    • grkumar says:

      Hillary may win the US presidential race and her ugly ducklings may breathe a sigh of relief and act even more precipitously in the belief they are protected. But there is a day of reckoning ahead and they will pay for their treason.


      • IT.SCheiss says:

        Well, Trump has won so hopefully U.S. policy, especially foreign policy will change for the better especially in relation to the Middle East, Asia and rest of the world.

        I don’t see any labour union banners amongst the protestors against Trump’s win and their level of political consciousness seems to go as far as the expletive “f%$k”.

        Russia banned his Open Society Institute about a year ago.

        I wonder how Trump will deal with Soros.

        Maria Chin did not deny that BERSIH had received funds from the Open Society Institute between 2010 and 2011 but claims that no more since then.

        The BERSIH crowd seem to be adopting the modus operandi of non-violent revolution proposed by Gene Sharp. They seem to have this strategy of insisting on holding their rallies at Dataran Merdeka and then using the refusal of a permit to hold a rally there as political capital to air to the world.

        Then they still hold their rally as close as possible to Dataran Merdeka and if the police arrest anyone or tear gas them, that becomes additional political capital to scream to the rest of the world.

        I see nothing here which is in the interests the poor, disadvantaged, workers, rural smallholders, residents frequently swamped by flash floods due to over-development and so forth.


      • grkumar says:

        The open society institute and George Soros’ philosophies are very Any Rand. “I feel no social or moral responsibility for the consequences of what I do”. The fact is Malaysia’s government has waited till the US government was gripped by paralysis. No Hillary Clinton. No effective government in place. The outgoing Obama administration is now in caretaker mode and can’t do much except in matters of domestic politics alone. The Trump government in waiting has no legal power to do anything.

        Interestingly Donald Trump President elect of the US has appointed a retired general of the US armed forces who disclosed the fact that the US created ISIS. He is retired Gen. Flynn. Flynn will be National Security Advisor. Hillary Clinton may yet go to jail as one who with George Soros worked to advance the creation and terrorism of ISIS.

        At a local level Ambiga Srinivasan (now hiding in Singapore according to some) Mariah Chin Abdullah and members of the Malaysian Bar now face the real prospect of facing terrorism charges likely to be brought against them by a Trump government. They form part of a link created by the Open Societies Foundation which create Bersih and Anwar Ibrahim.


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