Bersih’s Patron: Gone to the Dogs


There are no more free lunches, no umbrellas of US protection, no foreign funding without costs and consequences attached to it now for Malaysia’s anti government coalition.

Bersih, the Sisters in Islam, Tenaganita, the Malaysian Bar and a host of other so called NGO’s and members of parliament like Tony Pua, Tien Chua,  the Mahathirs and the Anwar clan, stand naked in their aggression now that the Hillary Clinton George Soros juggernaut has turned into a train wreck.

The Clinton roadshow riding high on hubris and a seemingly invincible media managed platform of lies and hype, was exposed in the intense heat of the US presidential contest to reveal the hollow straw of a woman, full of pious platitudes and self righteous rhetoric. She  had no real interests in the affairs of women anywhere. Her media campaign resembled the  Bersih, PKR, Malaysian Bar orgy of lies and disinformation over the past decade. The women of the US cottoned to her fraud.

Statistics show, it was the women of the USA in larger than ever numbers that turned Hillary Clinton’s dreams into ashes on 9 November  2016. Her 9/11


What Hillary and her acolytes in the Regime Change order worldwide have forgotten is this:

For good government and good governance to thrive is to guard against patronage, bias and any other influence, for competitive entry. Mrs. Clinton was very critical of how the principle of merit would be implemented under a Trump government as opposed to how it would be implemented under a hypothetical Clinton presidency.

In particular, Hillary Clinton referred to a number of “myths” during her campaign about how the merit principle had fallen victim to the way male chauvinism worked. Without reference to her own brand of rich mainly white female chauvinism, with her non white upper middle class female chauvinists in tow as tokens she failed to convince the women of America how she would make a difference .

For example, Hillary Clinton suggested that it did not require the complex selection criteria, mandatory interviews, references criteria, and specification of classification levels for jobs for women. Her idea is that women who went for jobs were always qualified for it but denied selection because of male domination. A point non white males have long complained of as well where white female domination in management occurs in the west.

Clinton suggested in her campaign that it was enough for one to be a Democrat and a woman in her world (without saying preferably a white woman) to succeed.  And she did implement that policy in her election campaign to the point of the result which is evident of her many ‘feminist’ myths. Not that feminism is mythical or should be ignored. But Hillary’s politically correct and unmeritorious form of feminism has been relegated to the rubbish heap of history in the presidential race of 2016. She impressed no one of any significance that she is a role model of that proverbial underclass of female she represents.


Government in Malaysia today has been delivered a free hand to reap the rewards of its patience in dealing with traitors, foreign agents, disruptive and deceptive elements within Malaysia seeking to destroy its democratic system of government.  Many of these, just like Hillary and spawned by her foreign policies also claim the feminist card as a platform for their failed causes.

Perhaps Malaysia’s government ought to be encouraged in the knowledge that the most radical and promising of president elect Donald Trump’s pledges is to ‘work with the Russians to dislodge the ‘anti-government’ groups operating in places like Syria’.

These are the groups funded by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, the NED through open societies forum and the civil societies groups via the state department under Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and president Barak Obama.

“America has been at war for more than 22 years and it has produced nothing positive for the US” Donald Trump November 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s hand was clearly visible in each of the humanitarian disasters worldwide operating to foster Regime Change outside the ballot box. As has been the case in Malaysia they employed violence,  disinformation and treason as their tools of trade. The state department of the US engaged in these foreign misadventures was funded out of taxpayers money, whilst many in the working classes of the US were struggling to eke out an existence  in order to simply survive.


Ambiga’s “woman of Courage” award is now about as useful now as recycled toilet paper. Ambiga allowed herself to be used as a tool for Regime Change even though what she was advancing was an illegal treasonous, foreign agenda, against the government of her country.  She continues to be supported by the evangelical churches, the Catholic Church, the so called NGOs and the Malaysian Bar acting as surrogates of that Regime Change narrative .

The government of DS Najib tolerated Ambiga for a while knowing full well the Obama administration (being undermined by secretary of state Hillary Clinton) would come to an end at some stage. All that DS Najib Razak needed to do was to wait out his time, putting out spot fires in the process not letting these morph into one large unmanageable bush fire distracting him from his business of legitimate government.

Bersih the umbrella group for each of these so called NGO’s now stands naked and at the cross roads of time attempting to assess the impacts of the destructive momentum of Donald Trump’s successful campaign against the patrons of their political pursuits. Donald Trump has been joined by majority America now to mercilessly destroy the failed misadventures of Hillary Clinton’s Regime Change everywhere it is to be found.


It is very likely now that the Najib government’s will crush these traitors and Regime Change agents. It is likely that the call to account of these groups will take shape and manifest itself in a way the law demands. Treason is a crime against the state and its sovereign. Another way of looking at it is that it is as a crime against all the people of Malaysia.

Bersih 5 may be the last straw. It may be the last ‘hurrah’ of a bunch of overly ambitious and destructive narcissists bent on destroying Malaysia and its political system. So far the propaganda of corruption in government, a failed state, a failed economy, a failed education system and most ironic of all the absence of democracy has fallen largely on deaf ears at home and abroad. 

Inertia appears to have set in amongst the so called ‘multi racial’ following of Bersih. Bersih has after its 4 past marches turned out to be an ugly orgy of Chinese chauvinism and an anti Malay coalition of political misfits. Bersih is also a largely Chinese provocation provoking another 13 May with their highly volatile and incendiary symbols and statements in their words their emblems and their deeds on the streets.

The Penang floods of late is perhaps symbolic of everything that’s wrong with the arrogance of the Chinese who want nothing from government and the Malays short of total control and absolute subjugation of them to the Chinese.

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