Hillary the Hypocrite- An American Dilemma


The silence of Hillary’s Harlots in Southeast Asia is deafening. In the wake of her resounding and unequivocal trouncing at the hands of Donald Trump the successful presidential candidate, the reality of the election results is something Hillary simply cannot come to terms with. She is not invincible. The extra wide margin she expected just being a woman was rejected in place of merit. The outcome was simply too painful to bear for her.

Hillary’s cowardly and withdrawn conduct in failing to meet her constituents in the aftermath of her defeat, waiting instead till the next day when she delivered her concession speech, many say was insincere and as affected as her election campaign itself. It was an insult to all Americans . Not so much one might say to her many followers, the vast majority being women in the 19-30 age group whose character she reflects in many ways.

Here is one reason which reference to that demographic is hard to disagree with. Many of the younger voters like the protestors in the aftermath of Hillary’s defeat are like all of us when we were at that age group. Anti  establishment irresponsible and did not vote.

The other reasons stem from the fact that Gen X,Y and Millennials especially the women in these categories have a sense of entitlement especially where they are white, or middle class and educated. The remainder of that class do not fit into the elitism of those fortunate enough to have that social pedigree. The elites speak in the stock phrases of the vocabulary of  college educated women distinguishing them from the rest. And amongst these are Korean, Indian (subcontinents like Huma Abedin) Chinese, imports or immigrants who temporarily shed their cultural backgrounds just to be accepted and to belong.


Inspite of all the rhetoric and pious condescension when it comes to describing women it is always the Caucasian English speaking Judeo Christian variety that matters. The rest are tokens whether they are able to identify that slur or not. It is why feminism does not work.

There was  never ever even a brief mention of Mrs. Sirimov Bandarnaike the first female leader of any country anywhere prime minister of Sri Lanka. Indira Gandhi the second female prime minister and prime minster of the world’s largest democracy did not warrant a mention. Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan or Sheik Hasina of Bangladesh. (the later two of course being Muslim and choosing to wear their Islamic credentials on their sleeve would not have qualified in an Islamophobic country as the US even in Hillary Clinton’s circles. Huma of course is different for a variety of reasons).

I cringed at the number of Indian middle class women as American citizens defending a Hillary who kept referring to a glass ceiling in which she made 18,000,000 cracks the last time she tried. For crying out loud these Asian prime ministers, all women broke that glass ceiling decades ago. And in case Hillary and her little brown slaves have not come to terms with it, Mao once said that women (not white or Chinese women) hold up half the sky. A quote western ‘feminists’ never hesitate to avail themselves of when in need.

Getting back to Asia, Bersih, The Sisters in Islam, Elizabeth Wong, the Malaysian Bar to a man and woman, Cynthia Gabriel’s anti corruption crusade, Tenaganita and the Anwar Ibrahim clan were all funded in one form or the other by Hillary Clinton and her mate George Soros through their many sinister NGO foundations. All of them seeking to destroy small independent democratically elected governments in places like Malaysia whilst Hillary preached ‘rights’ democratic values and avoided mention of her biggest contribution to the world in public service, destruction of democratically elected government.


The chants of Racism, Misogyny, Hate in reference to Donald Trump needs to be examined in closer context in order to demolish these myths once and for all.

Donald Trump did indeed say he would like to stop Muslims coming to the US during the election campaign. But what most people fail to have noticed and the way the media reported it was the statement in the fullness of the sentence in which it was made. Trump said, “we do not know what or who ISIS is. And till we do we must halt all migration of Muslims here. Our government does not know who they are”.  

The US in any event continues with the practice of “Rendering”. This is the illegal practice of kidnapping Muslims wherever they are to be found on the suspicion they are a threat to US interests. The list of Muslims barred from entering the US is far greater than any other religious group. That’s not a Trump initiative.  The largest group of people profiled in the US by the US are Muslims. Hillary did nothing as secretary of state to abate or stop that practice. Trump’s is a threat. Her failure to stop the practice is part of her experience and qualification to rule. Again she was soundly rejected by American voters.

As to deporting Mexican gangs, it is a widely held sentiment amongst a majority of Americans that these gangs need to be dealt with in an effective manner. It would according to a Trump aide, also apply to Chinese, Vietnamese and other Indo Chinese gangs like the Triads.

As to the wall Trump has threatened to build, it is already built. It began even before George Bush 1 and 2 and continued during Bill Clinton’s time as president, spilling over into Obama’s presidency. The media made it into a race issue and Trump specific.

Going to the misogyny accusation, the Americans are such hypocrites. That includes Michelle Obama who said she did not want Trumps language reaching her children.  Her children are in that group of between 15-35 who by a majority of 76% in the US in a published survey said they wanted most to be like Kim Kharadashian (sex tape hero), Millie Cyrus the singer famous for inviting her audience to touch her ‘there’, and Madonna who masturbates on stage as part of her act.


For Hillary Clinton’s camp to be so precious about race and women it is astonishing how they stood silently by whilst the young Indian diplomat and mother of two Devani Khobragde was two eyars ago ‘cavity searched’ (another name for digital rape) in New York after being handcuffed and roughed into the back of a police car at her children’s school. Her crime, an Indian maid in her household (with a record of lodging similar and false complaints before) had complained of being underpaid by Khobragade. The ignominious degrading treatment dished out to the young Khobragade drew a deafening silence in the Hillary Democratic camp even though it occurred under an Obama administration when Hillary was secretary of state. Now when is a woman and when is she not?


As for the slur that Trump would not recognize the election results because the system is rigged, Hillary ear bashed the world with her sanctimonious constitution abiding responses only to fall flat on the issue when she lost. Seizing the very same Trump allegation to support her failure, Hillary’s supporters now want to attack weaknesses in the electoral system for its flaws. As a lawyer her complaint is hollow and embarrassing shallow. Trump was right. But Hillary driven by hubris and conceit was seemingly ‘invincible’ and could even fight a “rigged system” she thought. She wants the game replayed and the goal posts moved now. A fine example of fairness and a democrat.


What’s ironic in all of this is the same rhetoric and platitudes Hillary Harlots in Malaysia employ in Malaysia. Suddenly they realise that the primary vote really means little at the end of the day. With so little knowledge of the system they want to change. It is no wonder the Ambigas and their sermons have fallen on deaf ears inspite of the generous funding from the US especially from the Hilary linked foundations. Women of courage indeed.

Now here’s a real shocker. Hillary’s campaign raised over US$900,000,000 from over 3,000,000 donours. What a bad investment from people with even poorer judgments.

Donald Trump may make a bad president. But he can’t be worse than a lying bunch of women who cry foul when they lose fair and square.

With that kind of money they could have fed and educated a very large number of women in a number of more deserving countries around the world. And that could have been Hillary’s greatest contribution to women. But women of colour don’t really matter even to women of colour like the Asians in the US and Asia who support Hillary.

Hillary and her supporters of women have set women’s opportunities to equality back by 100 years. If it is equality she sought in this presidential elections she would have been a little more inclusive.

It was revenge. And that revenge breeds the hatred that prevailed during her campaign sufficient to deny her the dignity of the office she pursued. Hillary may indeed be more experienced. But her experiences are in failure, greed, dishonesty and revenge.

By the looks of it it ain’t over  by a long shot yet. Hell hath no fury…..


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