US Govt Did Fund Regime Change

President elect Donald Trump has sent out  a questionnaire to the faithful asking them to assist in prioritising the 29 most important issues that will be implemented within the first 100 days of his presidency.

Amongst these are the predictable questions like the of building the controversial wall and deportation of over a million hard core criminals. But interestingly hidden amongst the 29 questions is the question of priority to getting rid of Regime Change which the US government under Obama and Bush have spent billions of dollars to achieve with little success.

Trump’s position on the subject is that the US could use that money making friends instead of seeking to overthrow governments and making enemies out of them.

It is difficult to forget Hillary Clinton’s flippant remark about the death of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi whose demise she is  partly responsible for. “I came, I saw and he died” she remarked on hearing the news of Qadaffi’s murder at the hands of her Regime Changers.

There are a number of other items many will be cheering in Donald Trump’s 29 point plan for his first hundred days in office. 

One of the more controversial is getting China declared a currency manipulator which could have negative ramifications both ways but more in the way of destroying China’s premier position as the world’s second  largest economy.

The US has a huge debt to pay as well it has a significant network of thugs, destructive Regime Changing NGO’s to disband. The Donald (as president elect is known to his former wife and many Americans) is not about to send the cavalry to the rescue of these Regime Changers as Bersih and Ambiga would have hoped and banked on if Hillary Clinton won the presidency. She did not and they are left vulnerable, high and dry. 

Dr.Mahathir Mohammed the otherwise brazen take no prisoners former prime minister who thumbed his nose at the world was AWOL at today’s Bersih 5 Rally. 

Ambiga Srinivasan who otherwise brazenly spews out anti government rhetoric, accusing the Malaysian government of denying its people democracy did not see the irony in the 5th Bersih rally, an expression of anti government sentiment which is of itself a manifestation of a democratic right. 

It was reported that Ambiga had sought refuge at the US embassy last night or was in Singapore momentarily weighing up her options in the event the police were coming to detain her. She was instead advised by the US embassy to travel with a number of body guards who she arrived with at the Bangsar LRT today to attend the Bersih 5 rally.

However nothing can stop the Najib government’s retribution and enforcement of the laws against NGO’s, Ambiga and the remaining members of Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and the Anwar Ibrahim clan amongst the many recipients of misguided and misdirected funding. Even the president elect of the US has now confirmed the money directed towards Regime Change (Which is what Bersih is) is money misspent in adventures making enemies of nations instead of friends.

Ambiga Srinivasan is now free on borrowed time.



8 Responses to “US Govt Did Fund Regime Change”
  1. IT.SCheiss says:

    Bro, Mahathir did turn up at the Bersih 5 Rally albeit a bit late,

    As for U.S. imperialist backing:-

    “KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — US President Barack Obama today expressed support for the efforts by civil society groups here, when he met leaders from several Malaysian organisations at the US embassy today.”

    See more at:

    Enough said.


    • grkumar says:

      The fact of it being US foreign policy and funded to the tune of millions is only now being admitted in full. Nice of Dr. Mahathir to make a showing. His imperial majesty, a king in his own lunch time.


      • IT.SCheiss says:

        Well, there are many reports and commentaries about Soros funding the anti-Trump protests. Just do a Google search on “Soros behind anti-Trump rallies”

        One result amongst many:-

        And there are plenty more.

        Therefore, when various western sites report that, I guess the authorities and media here are more confident to report Soros funding various protests and NGOs here.

        Well good.

        As for Dr. Mahathir, he appeared to have hijacked Bersih 5 towards the end when they all went to KLCC, so I wonder whether he will be chairman of Bersih 6 if ever it happens.

        Though I don’t know how many people will turn up if he is chairman, given that the turnout this time was visibly lower than last year.


      • grkumar says:

        Ambiga and Mariah Chin Abdullah and some of the other Bersih leaders are living on borrowed time. So too the leadership of the Malaysian Bar and Anwar’s clan and people like Cynthia Gabriel. The US are desperate not to create further opportunities for the Chinese to win by default as was the case under the Obama ?Hillary administration. They will turn the other way when government’s in places like Malaysia kick the butts of the Ambigas and throw the key away after locking them up. Bersih is on very thin ice. The man in Putrajaya has the patience of Job and the memory of an elephant. It will come to pass that each of these so called “NGO’s” will be crushed ruthlessley.


      • IT.SCheiss says:

        “The man in Putrajaya has the patience of Job and the memory of an elephant. It will come to pass that each of these so called “NGO’s” will be crushed ruthlessley.”

        I’d rather wait and see what the man in Putrajaya actually does that and whether a Trump administration will withhold further support for the NGOs which will wither and die on the vine.

        The comparatively small show at Bersih 5 compared to past Bersihs is evidence of a shifting public mood with regards street protests, which by the way have not achieved much in terms of government concessions to their demands.

        The fragmentation of the opposition especially between Bersih 4 and Bersih 5 and shifting alliances such as between Mahathir, DAP and Azmin’s faction in PKR, Che Gu Bard being booted out of PKR, coupled with the rejection of the Citizens’ Declaration by Suaram advisor Kua Kia Soong and Parti Sosialis Malaysia must have had an impact too, especially when sincere people see that this whole 1MDB thing is a bit by Mahathir to get his son become prime minister and that all this is just a battle of feudal warlords behind a facade of Westminster-style democratic institutions.


  2. IT.SCheiss says:

    Kumar, it looks like the “man in Putrajaya” could be acting, unless as RPK argues, the police are acting independently.

    The Sun Daily reports:-

    He (IGP Khalid) said Maria Chin was arrested for “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy” under Section 124 (c) of the Penal Code after certain documents were found during a raid by police at the Bersih office in Petaling Jaya last Friday.

    He said police are also aware that the Bersih organisation had received funds from the Open Society Foundation (OSF) – a foundation run by business magnate George Soros.

    “We found the documents which pointed towards offences which are detrimental to parliamentary democracy. We will not disclose details of their contents. That was enough for us to detain her for the offence. It had nothing to do with politics or the rally, ” he told a press conference today at the KL International Airport here on his return from Manila after meeting Philippines police top brass to discuss joint security measures to curb crimes and kidnappings along the east coast of Sabah.

    Right now, with growing U.S. public awareness over Soros being behind Hillary Clinton, the anti-Trump protests, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson and so forth, especially after the backlash which resulted in Trump being elected.

    When Glenn Beck comes out with this on Fox News, exposes of Soros has reached U.S. mainstream media, when before it had existed very much on mainstream media on the left and right.

    Also more alternative media sites are speaking about it, such as:-

    The Corbert Report

    Press for Truth

    Young Philosopher

    March of America

    The American Independent

    Vin Armani


    Thus I do not expect Maria will get all that much sympathy from the U.S. public this time as Bersih may expect.


  3. IT.SCheiss says:

    And when Bloomberg publishes this, how much more mainstream media can you get:-

    “Hungarians and Poles rightly demand more respect,” Orban said in an interview with state-run Kossuth radio on Friday. “Behind the leaders of the Democratic Party we must see George Soros. The mouth is Clinton’s but the voice is of George Soros.” – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban


  4. IT.SCheiss says:

    USA Today joins the Soros Expose:-

    “George Soros targeted by Trump supporters over protests”

    “Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros has become the target of Donald Trump supporters, who have begun organizing protests against the prominent Democratic donor whom they see as contributing to civil unrest in the wake of the 2016 elections.

    “The Hungarian-born investor, a Jew who survived the Nazi occupation during World War II and who has committed about $12 billion of his fortune to human rights work around the world, has long been a lightning rod for conservatives for his support of progressive causes.

    “That criticism reached a fever pitch online since the presidential election as Trump voters and conspiracy theorists see Soros’ hand — and wallet — in the protests that raged across the country in the days following the election. It’s a claim of financial support Soros’ Open Society Foundations disavows.

    “At the end of the day, it seems like he’s sending groups to create chaos and disorder for no reason,” said Rochelle Winther of Los Angeles, who is circulating information about him on social media, concerned that Soros is promoting hate through protests. “I don’t see how that helps anybody.”

    Read more:-


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