The Royal Selangor Club Irreparably Damaged

Royal Selangor Club- Never a Dull Moment WHO TIPPED OFF CUSTOMS It can now be revealed that efforts to unseat the current president of the Royal Selangor Club (RSC) -4 months into his tenure -and the orchestrated campaign to prevent an independent external audit of the clubs finances over missing monies is being led byContinue reading “The Royal Selangor Club Irreparably Damaged”

Royal Selangor On Fire Battling Money Investigation

The following is an update of the farce that saw the RSC’s new president thrown out of office in an unlawful EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) engineered by a suspended member of the RSC (whose privileges were clearly suspended) earlier this year. The suspended member engineered the ‘coup’ with the assistance of a retired judge, aContinue reading “Royal Selangor On Fire Battling Money Investigation”

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-A Royal Warrant and Divine Sanction

“A dreadful thing is the love of money! It disables both eyes and ears, and makes men worse to deal with than a wild beast, allowing a man to consider neither conscience nor friendship nor fellowship nor salvation.”  John Chrysostom- An Early Church Elder MONEY LAUNDERING, TAX AVOIDANCE, THEFT AND CORRUPTION Whilst Bersih, Hindraf andContinue reading “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-A Royal Warrant and Divine Sanction”

Special Rapporteur or Unmitigated Fraud

BULLYING UNDER THE PRETEXT OF UN AUTHORITY AND POWER The UN it is often said is a tool of the 5 powers who control and make up the permanent members of UN security Council. These are China, the US, the UK, France and Russia. And the arrival of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of AssemblyContinue reading “Special Rapporteur or Unmitigated Fraud”

Time to deal with treason for what it is

A CANCER THAT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED As the cancer of foreign (western) intervention in governments of south east Asia continues unabated with Indonesia being the latest and perhaps most volatile of all, the Malaysian government has decided to release its nemesis Mariah Chin Abdullah from detention. Amidst calls for her re arrest and continuedContinue reading “Time to deal with treason for what it is”