Useful Idiots & Kangaroo Courts

Yuri Bezmenov, onetime head of the KGB’s foreign propaganda and disinformation campaigns, in a lecture after defecting to the west, referred to feminists as “useful idiots”. Bezmenov accused western feminists of being self-serving and dishonorable, undermining the interests of their own communities with scurrilous unproven political theories. Bezmenov had in fact planted many of those … Continue reading

Australia Concerned-Over Najib Govt Corruption

FOREIGN MINISTER JULIE BISHOP CONCERNED ABOUT CORRUPTION In August of 2016 Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop was said to have “broken her silence on the 1MDB corruption scandal engulfing Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, finally acknowledging the seriousness of the affair”. That headline was carried in the Australian, a widely read broadsheet daily newspaper circulated … Continue reading