Useful Idiots & Kangaroo Courts

Yuri Bezmenov, onetime head of the KGB’s foreign propaganda and disinformation campaigns, in a lecture after defecting to the west, referred to feminists as “useful idiots”.

Bezmenov accused western feminists of being self-serving and dishonorable, undermining the interests of their own communities with scurrilous unproven political theories. Bezmenov had in fact planted many of those ‘feminist’ theories and ‘facts’ at major US and English universities as a KGB agent.  Examining the performances of prominent feminists, Australia’ foreign minister Julie Bishop, her role model Hillary Clinton and feminist like Gloria Steinem, the words of the dead Bezmenov suddenly appear to come to life.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) winds up on April 15, 2017. It is the end of a highly controversial organization riddled with accusations of being a slush fund and highly paid lobby involved in the destabilization of developing countries. According to The Washington Times documents filed with the New York Department of Labor in January 2017 evidences the official “discontinuation” of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Clinton Foundation Initiative sprouted in 2005. It was set up as a networking platform mainly for the ‘power women cult’ that Hillary Clinton inspired worldwide. Its objectives have always been difficult to ascertain with clarity apart from its core objective of fostering violent Regime Change.

The Australian and Danish government’s unknown to their citizens ‘donated’ millions of dollars ($88 million in Australia’s case) over a decade to the CGI. Links to the Australian Women’s Electoral Lobby, publisher Dr. Ann Summers, high ranking cabinet ministers and the wife of a former Australian prime minister have all been mentioned in dispatches in this context. Denmark and Australia have both decided to end their financial contributions to the Initiative following Hillary Clinton’s recent defeat in the US presidential elections.

The CGI financed and set up the “Women of Courage” Award with George Soros. It was designed to legitimize the otherwise illegal activities of Regime Change in target countries like Malaysia.  Recipients of that award include Maria Bashir, the celebrated female prosecutor of Herat province Afghanistan.  Herat under Bashir has witnessed more stoning and jailing of women for adultery “Zina” under Sharia law than anywhere else in Afghanistan- (Times of London, 22 October 2012).  Ambiga Srinivasan who leads the notoriously corrupt and shady Regime Change movement, Bersih, in Malaysia is also a recipient of that award.

Huma Abidin former close aide to Hillary Clinton revealed a treasure trove of information about Hillary Clinton to the FBI. That information included illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, the CGI and her networks – it also included a conspiracy by former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch to indemnify Hillary for her crimes– Lynch is also being investigated for abuse of her position as AG at the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Huma It is alleged agreed to talk to the FBI after she was threatened by an outraged Hillary Clinton over her co-operation with the FBI in the dying days of the US presidential campaign. Clinton it is further alleged turned on Huma, “throwing her and her husband under a bus”.

Julie Bishop, Australia’s controversial foreign minister a part of the CGI network under siege from allegations of corruption, has been caught up yet again trying to protect her government from another scandal. This time involving East Timor and the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ). Bishop one would recall lent her voice to unfounded allegations of corruption against Malaysia and its prime minister in August of 2016. Bishop is now desperately having to explain why she stripped an ex-Australian spy identified only by the initial “K” of his Australian international passport to prevent his traveling to The Hague to testify in matters relating to the background of the Timor Leste vs Australia case.  

“K” was to testify as a witness to Australian spying on the East Timor government at the time of the Timor Sea case. At the ICJ the tiny independent state of Timor Leste was pitted against its giant neighbour bullying it over territorial boundaries and oil rights in the Timor Sea.

Ad hoc judge at the ICJ at the time of the Timor sea matter is former Australian High Court judge Ian Callinan QC. Ian Callinan a discredited legal practitioner and highly controversial former High Court of Australia judge whose professional integrity is the ongoing subject of scrutiny by many sat as an ICJ judge in the Timor Leste case. Callinan is no stranger to controversy because of his past as a lawyer (White Industries (Qld) Pty Ltd v Flower & Hart (1998) 156 ALR 169). There he was revealed as the instigator of litigation initiatives brought not to vindicate his client’s rights, but to achieve collateral advantages for the client, constituting gross abuse of the Court’s process.

In the Timor Leste case, Callinan sat on an interlocutory application addressing how to handle material seized by Australia’s intelligence agency from the Canberra office of Timor’s Australian lawyer. The Court’s final declaration — that Australia shall not interfere in any way in communications between Timor-Leste and its legal advisers in connection with the ongoing arbitration, future negotiations, or the present ICJ proceedings — was resisted by one dissenter alone: Judge Callinan who took a political rather than jurisprudential stance. He sought to justify his dissent by stating “It would not be reasonable to indicate a further measure or to expect Australia to undertake not to ‘eavesdrop’ on or intercept the communications of Timor-Leste as that would or might suggest that Australia has done so, or will do so in the future, matters that would require cogent and persuasive evidence not produced here.”

On the vexed question of judicial misconduct (corruption) and observance of the rule of law in Australia, former Supreme Court of Queensland justice Angelo Vasta received no such leniency from his government as Ian Callinan did from criticism over his misconduct. Angelo Vasta was removed as a judge in 1989 for something much less than the misconduct of Ian Callinan and other serving justices like John Byrne. Byrne secretly taped the private conversations between himself and the former Chief Justice of Queensland Tim Carmody threatening to reveal the contents of that conversation, an offence equal to blackmail.

Callinan however continues to practice as an arbitrator and barrister in his conservative home state of Queensland. John Byrne J likewise remains untouched on the Supreme Court of Queensland bench. Others of their ranks who are equally guilty of misconduct, racial vilification and favouritsm also remain on the bench protected by a spineless government and a corrupt Bar. Allegations of failure to disclose conflicts, potential conflicts and siding with the top end of town persist against Callinan and other judges of the Queensland Supreme and Federal Courts to this day.

More recently allegations against some of Queensland’s top judges and barristers were reported to have come from a hacker hacking into their conversations and correspondences. The hacker going by the name of Alexie Kuznetsov is believed to be Lithuanian born former resident of Brisbane.

The writer Emory Seow is resident in London. He was once employed as a senior researcher at US government security agencies between 1982 and 1996.

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