Mahathir and Anwar Planned to Deport all Stateless Indians

  It was a well thought out plan and conceived by two men who were least thought capable of harbouring and conceiving such extreme intentions of actions towards a vulnerable constituency of their own. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in a discussion with Anwar Ibrahim in the early 1980’s conspired with Anwar Ibrahim to deport all IndiansContinue reading “Mahathir and Anwar Planned to Deport all Stateless Indians”

Sacking the FBI Chief and the Malaysian Link

A RELUCTANT CHIEF The sacking of FBI Director James Comey has once more in true American fashion caused the rumour mills to run wild. The allegations that gave rise to his sacking are that James Comey would not cease the FBI’s investigation into rumoured Russian assistance to Trump’s victory in the presidential elections. The rumourContinue reading “Sacking the FBI Chief and the Malaysian Link”