Sacking the FBI Chief and the Malaysian Link


The sacking of FBI Director James Comey has once more in true American fashion caused the rumour mills to run wild. The allegations that gave rise to his sacking are that James Comey would not cease the FBI’s investigation into rumoured Russian assistance to Trump’s victory in the presidential elections. The rumour appears to be consuming the pro Democratic party sections of the media. They continue to run the line  that Donald Trump is a Russian ‘stooge’ or ‘plant’. And Trump is bent on fighting back and destroying the Clinton legacy.

Comey commented at a recent inquiry that the proposition that his comments about Hillary Clinton’s indiscretions caused her to lose the elections made him “mildly nauseous”. Hillary believed she could not lose. So too did those with millions of dollars invested in her tilt at the White House.

The real problem appears to be that Comey found himself, “mildly nauseous” or otherwise, caught up in a big and powerful vice closing in on his indecisiveness and incompetence. He could not and would not pledge loyalty to a new president and was seen as a potential lose cannon in the mold of his hero Edgar J Hoover (the legendary FBI Chief).

One of Comey’s biggest mistakes was not to have arrested Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin and Loretta Lynch for questioning and then charging them with undermining the security of the US.

Their crimes for which he had an overwhelming body of evidence in his possession sufficient for him to prosecute each of them with various offences include many criminal offences against the state. The evidence he was in possession of was damming and compelling.


Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State ran what was essentially a protection racket. From the evidence of even those very close to her then, she (through her aides) threatened foreign governments in unstable parts of the developing world like the middle east, with dire consequences, if they did not contribute to the Clinton Global Initiative(CGI).

The CGI  a Clinton run foundation, solicited large sums of money, disguised as ‘appearance’ fees and ‘donations’ towards charitable causes supported by the Clintons. The money was in fact being diverted to fund her election campaign in and before 2016 and for other personal matters for her own benefit.

The government of Julia Gillard and her successor in office Kevin Rudd contributed a total of $80,000,000 of Australian government money without proper authority or disclosures made to parliament or the people of Australia. There was also Denmark and Ireland two countries with prominent female leaders at one time who were now lobbyists for the Clinton Foundation or the CGI in Europe.

Hillary Clinton and the CGI’s net was cast far and wide to include Morocco where an unsettle King Mohamed VI capitulated for fear of the wrath of Hillary’s “Arab Springs” overthrowing him. He had every reason to fear the Clintons. Every other government and leader around him was either losing their head, their thrones or under siege from the “Arab Springs”.

It was the start of the US orchestrated “Arab Springs” in the middle east and Mohammad VI was a target. The agitation against him and his government ceased when he paid an estimated US$50,000,000 (some say more) to the CGI. The CGI filed to be would up in February this year in New York.

Saudi Arabia fighting an unpopular war against rebels in Yemen were denied the purchases of arms from the US till they agreed to contribute over $300,000,000 to the CGI. Hillary Clinton lobbied Congress. The Saudis subsequently managed to secure over a billion dollars in US made arms as a result of the $300,000,000 donation to the CGI.  More was to follow. Hillary Clinton lobbied Congress to remove the temporary ban on the sale of arms to the Saudis.

India, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Myanmar and Thailand also capitulated using private enterprise fronts to pay their  contributions in an effort to avoid detection of these illicit transaction at home.

The demands to Syria and Malaysia were rejected.  In total the racket netted the CGI organization over US$1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) in ‘donations’.  Travel expenses for Hillary alone exceeded US$50,000,000 by one estimate.


Malaysia’s rejection of Hillary’s (the CGI’s) demands put them squarely in the cross hairs of Mrs. Clinton’s hit squad. Obama it is said tried very subtly press the point to an unwilling Dato Seri Najib Razak enjoying some respite from the murder of Altantuya allegations engineered by Hillary’s surrogates in Malaysia the NGO’s.

It was time to bring Hillary in. But a weak and uncommitted Comey did not have the spine or intestinal fortitude to act against a popular Hillary Clinton likely to be his president in a few months if she won. He sat on the fence and his weakness angered Donald Trump who waited his time out patiently (if also angrily).

Bersih and the DAP brought in Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. The gloves it seems were off in Malaysia.

The PM’s department in Malaysia has denied any such demand was ever made to Malaysia by the CGI or any agent of the CGI. But so too have the Saudis and Morocco both nations who actually paid the money. The evidence from Washington also indicates otherwise.


In the final stages of the presidential campaign in 2016 when demands for the Hillary Clinton computer and access to her private server reached fever pitch, Huma Abidin her closest aide and friend was cornered by the FBI.

Huma the Muslim Indian woman, Hillary’s closest confidant once married to Congressman Anthony Wiener was now ensnared by the evidenced she told the FBI under oath was lost, destroyed or did not exist.

The FBI knew Huma was a patsy in Clinton’s grand designs to lie to the FBI and to mislead them.  The FBI tailed her closely, intimately, picking up conversations between her and Hillary and other links to the Hillary camp in the heat of the affair. The FBI had Wiener also under equally close surveillance.

Huma had become estranged from her husband Anthony Wiener over a texting scandal involving a barely 16 High school student an admirer of Wiener. Wiener’s former explicit txt message partner turned writer and porn star, Sydney Leathers, contacted Wiener in July about his alleged online relationship with the 15-year-old in North Carolina.

Sydney also offered the 15 year old an opportunity to monetize her experience with Wiener. Wiener and the young 15 year old had been set up. Wiener’s phone had been hacked and a “man in the middle attack” was used to further discredit him and put pressure on his marriage to Huma.

The truth is that Huma was told of the interdiction and interception of Wiener’s phone by someone in the Hillary Clinton camp who planted the pictures her husband Wiener’s privates through Sydney Leathers. She was not happy. But she had already been compromised by her association with Hillary and the choices she had were few.

Hillary wanted Huma all to herself and saw Anthony Wiener as a distraction to Huma. It caused Huma’s short  marriage to Wiener to fall apart. The FBI wanted Huma and knew that Wiener held the key to her secrets and to her heart. They too wanted something from all three of them. Hillary especially.


Huma was also  confronted by the knowledge the FBI now had her computer she claimed was lost and all the data she told them in a deposition did not exist. Of course Huma was channelling Hillary Clinton.

Huma did not have a Hillary to fall back on suddenly and found herself very vulnerable and very alone. The Indian Muslim girl in her came out. She led the FBI to the information, admitted to lying whilst the FBI reminded Huma what the consequences to her were whether she cooperated or not. She cried her eyes out and admitted to the truth about Hillary’s missing  emails, its destruction and admitted and testified in private about the CGI initiatives.

The presidential campaign moved in earnest to its most critical phase in the state of Florida in late August 2016. Huma could not go with Hillary as she was “exhausted and sick”. She had the flu. In fact she was singing like a canary to the FBI at the time.


Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton were being implicated in a large scale criminal enterprise which included conspiracy and breaches of national security, money laundering and according to one source ‘blackmail’. The two women could have been pulled out of the race altogether but Comey decided to sit on the fence instead and hedge his bets each way. Hillary could well be president in a few days.

The FBI knew what had been going on between the Hillary Clinton camp and Wiener. Wiener when fed with the information about how he was set up and betrayed was only too keen to reciprocate and cooperate with the FBI.

He admitted to the FBI his wife had placed a large amount of incriminating evidence about Hillary and her activities with him for safekeeping. He gladly handed that material over to the FBI. Hillary was done.

Huma was in deep shit and she now knew it. She was fiercely loyal to Hillary till then although Hillary was not so loyal to her in return.  

Donald Trump had his own machinery at work amongst the divided FBI and NSA (National Security Agency). After all these agencies have a score to settle with Hillary Clinton over the death of Ambassador Stevens in Libya and his 4 colleagues. All of them were CIA operatives who met a fiery death in Benghazi courtesy of Hillary Clinton’s criminal negligence and her private empire building within the structure of the US government.

This matter is not over by a long shot yet. The Billion dollar Hillary campaign money is buying up as much press as is possible and she is having to now fend off what she helped create in Malaysia  and other smaller nations who did not pay.


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