Mahathir and Anwar Planned to Deport all Stateless Indians


It was a well thought out plan and conceived by two men who were least thought capable of harbouring and conceiving such extreme intentions of actions towards a vulnerable constituency of their own.

Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in a discussion with Anwar Ibrahim in the early 1980’s conspired with Anwar Ibrahim to deport all Indians without Malaysian citizenship at the time as a final solution to the problem of Indians being forced out of the rubber plantations into the cities.

Mahathir worked closely with Pakistani “advisors” from its ISI (Inter Service Intelligence Service) stationed in Malaysia at the time  seeking to provoke another situation that would compel the Indira Gandhi government to reciprocate, thereby opening up another anti Indian front that would occupy it and give the impression India was being surrounded again by hostility of its own making.

Pakistan had not gotten over the decimation of its land mass with the creation of Bangladesh in which the Indian army humiliated the Islamic state on the sub continent. How could it? It was now 35% smaller than it had been before the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

In Dr. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, two budding Muslim  extremists in government, who they encouraged to carry out the deportation of Indians without citizenship they found a convenient geopolitical opportunity in two willing partners.

As an idea and a solution to overcome the problem Mahathir had with collapsing rubber prices and the avarice of his Chinese developer friends too eager to convert unproductive rubber plantation land into large scale property developments, it seemed a very attractive proposition.

The problem of ‘rehabilitating Indians, a large number of who lived as captives in these rubber plantations since the time rubber was introduced into Malaysia by the British, could be solved in a morally and politically acceptable way through deportations and a small  amount  of money in financial compensation.

The British were unofficially in on the plan but said nothing about it. They had a liability in the Indians which could explode in their faces if they joined in precipitating such a move.

The replacement of that void created by the departing Indians would be ably filled with Pakistani nationals who would work as guest workers as they did in the Gulf. Pakistan was desperately in need of foreign currency with its reserves depleted or redirected to their war effort in Afghanistan.

The plot had little attention or priority in India as the Sri Lankan Tamils had just become a problem for the Indians unwillingly drawn into a conflict not of their making.

The policy of encirclement and containment  of India drawn up first by Henry Kissinger after the Bangladeshi war was never withdrawn or diluted by Gerald Ford, Nixon’s successor in office. It was  for a short term relaxed by the Indophile Jimmy Carter  but then later reinforced more aggressively by his successor Ronald Reagan.

The Malaysian Indians, mainly Tamils were never much on the Indian radar historically as many of them had severed their cultural and political ties to India maintaining few economic links for their on benefit. They cared less about themselves than Mahathir did for them.

This was an impeding disaster of such unhumane proportions that it would have dwarfed anything else in its class and tainted Malaysia’s reputation forever for what it was intended to be if it was carried out as planned.

The Indian ministry of foreign affairs  and its intelligence service under Girish “Gary” Saxena though did keep a close watch on the situation knowing full well that Pakistan had a hand in the Mahathir Anwar move.

Nonetheless and inspite of the adversity between Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang at the time, Kit Siang was informed of the plan and was asked if Chinese would support would be forthcoming if such a move was  carried out by Mahathir. Kit Siang did not raise an uproar or an eye lid which speaks volumes of the man and his party the DAP.

In the end it was the late Hussein Onn who although not going on record about his feelings for such an idea, dashed any prospect of Mahathir and Anwar’s plans to deport Indians. He is said to have drawn the comparison between the Mahathir Anwar plan for the Indians with Idi Amin’s (and some other African leaders actions) in this regard in the 1970’s where they got away with relative impunity with such actions but not for long.

Prior to his passing in Seton Medical Center at San Francisco, California, he expressed great sadness and disgust at the fact that Mahathir and Anwar could have even contemplated such a move.

The late Datuk Hussein Onn did privately canvass opposition to this move privately amongst UMNO stalwarts who shared his disgust for the plan. They remained silent and troubled. But because it was a plan in the making and not in its execution, they took no steps which was a reasonable and sound decision for the consequences the country would reap if it were made public.

Anyone within the Indian community believing that there is such a thing as a reformed Mahathir, the DAP or Anwar as friends or allies of the Indians have to have their heads examined. 

The Indians would deserve everything they got under a DAP, PKR coalition with Mahathir anywhere near it. If they continue to support the PKR, PR and DAP coalition with Mahathir at the helm as Hindraf and some members of the Indian community within the DAP and PKR  continue to do in recent times, the consequences and fate of the Indians of Malaysia as self made capital idiots would be sealed forever.

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