Regime Change for Singapore- End of the Lees?

THE FEUDING LEES It was more than “Withdraw and explain yourself”. It went much further than that or anything one could imagine. The Lee brothers are out for good. Lee Hsien Yang is headed for Hong Kong and according to a source close to him eventually to the US with his family. That includes hisContinue reading “Regime Change for Singapore- End of the Lees?”

1 MDB-Final Chapter?

What is not understood about the charade conducted by American Department of Justice (DoJ) initiatives against the Malaysian government and its prime minister is that, as Malaysia and its 1MDB board has stated categorically to the US government  in response to their allegations, on more than one occasion, there are “no missing assets” or unaccountedContinue reading “1 MDB-Final Chapter?”

Australia Britain the US on the Brink

The Hudson is Institute an -offshoot of the extreme right wing Rand Corporation – a think tank for right wing policy studies and research. Their objectives favour a very dominant role for the USA in global politics. Over the past few days the Hudson Institute (through the Keltopcracy Initiative)  has posted a scathing and negativeContinue reading “Australia Britain the US on the Brink”

Australia not as “Clean” as TI rates it

HOW THE CHINESE BOUGHT UP AUSTRALIA’S GOVERNMENT Billionaire property developers Huang Xiangmo and Dr.Chau Chak Wing reported to be amongst a large group of Chinese businessmen connected to the Chinese Communist party and its many tentacles abroad are now reported to have ‘taken ownership of government’ in Australia. As Trojans of the Chinese government andContinue reading “Australia not as “Clean” as TI rates it”

Mukhriz Defamed by Tunku Abdul Aziz?

DEFAMATION AS A POLITICAL TOOL  A recent article in the opposition financed online portal Free Malaysia Today suggests that Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and his anointed successor and hopeful contender for the office of Prime Minister of Malaysia were defamed by Tunku Abdul Aziz the former DAP president. Whilst it is abundantly clear there is aContinue reading “Mukhriz Defamed by Tunku Abdul Aziz?”