Australia not as “Clean” as TI rates it


Billionaire property developers Huang Xiangmo and Dr.Chau Chak Wing reported to be amongst a large group of Chinese businessmen connected to the Chinese Communist party and its many tentacles abroad are now reported to have ‘taken ownership of government’ in Australia.

As Trojans of the Chinese government and its intelligence apparatus these men are known to have secretly funded the election campaigns of both sides of politics in Australia. Even prior to the joint ABC Fairfax media 4 Corners report which aired on 5 June 2017 it was on everyone’s lips that corruption in Australia was rampant and so deeply embedded in its political and commercial culture that it had permeated every level  of Australia compromising the integrity of government and its bureaucratic structures.

The 4 Corners programme aired on 5 June 2017 focused mainly on China’s infiltration and its influence on the Australian government to an extent that it had reached disturbing proportions, the US have expressed grave concerns for the security of both countries to Australia’s prime minister in Singapore recently.

Chinese businessmen (some call them philanthropists) acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist party have made significantly large political donations, either directly or through third parties in the lead-up to federal and state election campaigns in Australia to funding starved parties holding their hands out for funds.

Dr Chau and Mr Huang’s companies are known to have ‘donated’ $200,000 to the WA Liberal Party, the home branch of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Andrew Rob’s Victorian fundraising efforts received $100,000 from Mr Huang in 2014, during the time Rob as trade minister was putting the finishing touches to the China Free Trade Agreement. There is more.


It appears that no one in government has been spared the lure of Chinese money. Andrew Rob probably the most influential Liberal after John Howard is known to have received ‘favours’ from Dr. Chau Chak Wing whose company Land Bridge won a controversial 90 year lease of the strategic Darwin Harbour in Northern Australia with Rob’s help. Andrew Rob of course denies the charge.

Rob was often seen by the side of Dr. Chau when he was minister of international trade. His connections and the receipt of gifts from Dr. Chau, Huang and other influential Chinese communist party apparatchiks is being investigated by Australia’s intelligence agencies. Rob was given a plum executive position in Chak Wing’s organization for a generous $75,000 a month plus benefits upon leaving government though the deal he received is reported to have been sealed before he quit.


Senator Dyastiary the Iranian born labour senator from Sydney was caught out late last year having received gratuitous payments from Chinese companies associated with the two Billionaire property developers Huang Xiangmo and Dr. Chau Chak Wing. Being an ‘outsider’ and non Anglo politician he was sacrificed on the alter of the white Australia policy and made an example whilst Julie Bishop foreign minister and Andrew Rob appear to have gotten away Scot free.

Dyastiari was later forced to and stepped down from his position as shadow foreign affairs spokesman over the incident over his receipt of undisclosed ‘donations from the Chinese. Other labour party figures are also known to have been bought up with Chinese money who remain relatively unscathed in this scandal. 

According to Fairfax Media the so-called “Queen” of the Australia-China social scene, Sheri Yan, was being probed by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) over allegations that she was involved in foreign interference and influence operations on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

In October 2015, the FBI charged Yan in New York for bribing a top United Nations official, John Ashe with a payment of $200,000. She was jailed last year for 20 months for corruption after pleading guilty to those charges.

Dr Chau another link in the Chinese spy chain is also referred to by the FBI in their case against Ms Yan by the codename CC3. Dr Chau has never been charged or accused of wrongdoing.


What is most disturbing to Australians and to its intelligence community is that Ms Yan, is married to a former top Australian intelligence official Roger Uren.

ASIO raided the flat occupied by the couple and is said to have found incriminating and sensitive classified documents in Ms. Yan’s and Uren’s possession in documents found in their flat.

Australia’s former chief diplomat and former head of Australia’s premier intelligence agency ONA (Office of National Assessment) Peter Varghese is calling for more debate and accountability on attempted Chinese influence. “Where groups are channeling money into political parties or to politicians, they are doing it with a purpose,” Mr Varghese said.

“The Chinese system is such that the dividing line between a state decision and a decision by a company that may be anticipating what is in the interests of the state is rather blurred.

The involvement of  Australian government’s in the destabilization of south east Asian nations is not helped by the revelation that Australia from all the available evidence is perhaps more corrupt than Transparency International could be paid to conceal.

The jailed Yan or Mrs. Roger Uren was once paid to act as a lobbyist by the ABC in China when the ABC made an attempt to secure local broadcasting rights for its overseas television channel Australia Network.

Yan used her high-level connections in Australia and China to act as a go-between. Her office and online business profiles were plastered with photographs with former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and billionaire Frank Lowy. “You can trust her,” reads a glowing endorsement from Greg Rudd, brother of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, which is posted on Ms Yan’s LinkedIn page.


Julie Bishop’s ‘statement’ about concerns of corruption in the Malaysian government was more than one of general concern by a friend. By her statement she was in fact endorsing claims by a tardy sinister foreign funded opposition in Malaysia fed with her government’s money (all $88 -$340 million) unlawfully channelled to the Clinton Global Initiative to destabilize countries in our region and further afar.

Bishop’s information was supplied to her by a  group in Malaysia who call themselves C4. C4 a group who claim to be an NGO fighting corruption in Malaysia is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy ( a shadowy Washington foundation which is behind the worldwide Regime Change Initiatives and the Plan for the New American Century ).

“What is interesting in all of this is that receipt foreign donations by political parties or individuals is not an offence in either Malaysia or Australia. It therefore raises the question as to what motivated someone like Julie Bishop to make the allegations of corruption against the Malaysian government in her thinly veiled comments of concern on the subject to The Australian newspaper in 2016.”


Ms. Bishop is without doubt from the growing number of revelations about her treatment of public finances, reporting of her parliamentary expenses accounts and receipt of funds from foreign figures connected to a foreign government and its intelligence agencies, is a public figure whose hands are far from clean and her mouth even less so.

Of particular interest to countries like Malaysia from this damming expose of institutionalized and deeply entrenched corruption in Australia is Julie Bishop’s (Australia’s very anti Malaysian foreign minister) receipt of a part of a $700,000 Chinese ‘donation’ to Tony Abbot former Prime Minister of Australia.  She somehow though found time to express her “grave concerns” over reports of corruption in the Malaysian government in July 2016 when her own hands appear to have been tainted.





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