Australia Britain the US on the Brink

The Hudson is Institute an -offshoot of the extreme right wing Rand Corporation – a think tank for right wing policy studies and research. Their objectives favour a very dominant role for the USA in global politics.

Over the past few days the Hudson Institute (through the Keltopcracy Initiative)  has posted a scathing and negative article of the Australian governments weakness which resulted in the discovery that their ministers in government had been accepting large amounts of money from Chinese businesses connected to China’s intelligence and government apparatus.

What is particularly interesting in the Hudson Institute’s criticisms of the Australian government is, that the Hudson Institute is also the diver behind the Kleptocracy Initiative. Kleptocracy Initiatives has been driving the allegations and inquiries into 1MDB and other allegedly improper financial transactions conducted by government in Malaysia.

One would recall that it was Loretta Lynch the disgraced then attorney general of the USA and her allies in the Democrats who led the slander of Malaysia’s Prime Minister and his government through their interpretation of the ‘Kleptocracy Initiative’ in 2016.

Today their own ally Australia is in the firing line for much the same reasons. And in Australia’s case there is proof of wrong doing, corruption at the highest levels of government and the civil service. In Malaysia 1MDB continues to be the subject of conjecture and rumour but not proof of wrong doing.

Interestingly today the US government is in paralysis. So too are their closest of allies Australia and Britain. None of their governments are able to function freely and there are good reasons for that. Corruption!

Britain with its hung parliament and Brexit can’t do much because of the hung parliament which can make no independent decision.  And like the US, an out of control media who appear to be running the country without a lawful mandate to do so stand in between giving highly distorted opinions about government instead of reporting facts. But thats the downside of their ideas of “democracy”. And they must live with it.

Australia is in crisis because of the recent revelations by its national broadcaster the ABC that the government and parliament (both sides of the House) had accepted millions of dollars in undisclosed “donations” from a Chinese spy ring operating in Australia.

At the core of that spy ring is a former intelligence official of Australia’s top spy agency the Office of National Assessment Roger Uren and his wife Sherri Yan. Roger was secretary of the ONA.

In Australia, the very same ABC who through Linton Besser one of its Bersih supported journalists, made that embarrassing and disrespectful call on the prime minster Najib Razak to explain the $2.6 billion in his account (an unverified allegation). That call was made in a very public place in Sarawak.

Besser was briefly arrested and his foreign minister Julie Bishop apart from having some nasty things to say about the Malaysian government, came to his rescue. There was a reason it seems behind her chivalry.

The same ABC appears to now be implicated in paying what is essentially a bribe to the Chinese government to be allowed to open an office in Beijing. They paid that bribe to Roger Uren’s wife, the same Sherri Yan now in jail in the US for bribing UN officials. Yan is believed to have been the go between Australian politicians and spies and her government in Beijing. So much for a clean Australia condemning Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

At the same time as Sherri Yan was busy worming her way through corrupt Australian government officials, the then Liberal prime minister of Australia Tony Abbot had been receiving up to $700,000 in funds from a Chinese businessman connected with Yan and what is suspected to be a high level Chinese spy ring, compromising both sides of Australian politics.

Abbot distributed that cash to Australia’s very vocal anti Malaysian minister of foreign affairs Julie Bishop. She did not make disclosure of receipt of those funds and the source of the funds but used it to finance her election campaign in her state of Western Australia instead.

There is now the call for Andrew Rob the former minister for international trade to disclose the full extent of his relationship with the same Chinese spy ring who paid him large amounts of money  when as minister for international trade.

The Chinese then gave Andrew Rob a cushy job as an executive at Landbridge for $75,000 a month plus expenses (as far as is disclosed and known).

How much extra Rob, Bishop, Abbot and others have received and continue to receive from the Chineseand how much more of Australia’s security Rob, Bishop, Abbot Rudd and others have compromised we do not know.

That job with Landbridge came when Rob left parliament and took up residence with the same Chinese company that Andrew Rob as minister for international trade leased  the strategic port of Darwin for 99 years against local and American advice from defence advisors and planners.

It appears that the chickens are now coming home to roost in Australia, the operational base for the Plan for the New American Century (PNAC) and Regime Change initiatives in the region.  

Australia through Julie Bishop and various other members of the Australian parliament from both sides of the divide who have been recipients of Chinese money and bribes literally, have been virulent and rabid in their anti Malaysian rhetoric whilst also being supporters of Bersih and Anwar Ibrahim.

The Americans are angry. They are very angry at being sold down the river by an unreliable and leaky ally in Australia. But the US is itself in turmoil with the media running a parallel government without a mandate whilst the president fights for his political life.

A Gay former  FBI chief playing Arthur one day and Martha the next accuses the president of interfering with the execution and processes of justice. The president and his efforts to “drain the swamp” is being aggressively resisted by this unelected coterie of political prostitutes now under attack themselves. The end result is a US -Europe and Australia- in total disarray politically.

The US intelligence apparatus also appears to be in disarray with deep divisions in its ranks courtesy of Hillary Clinton and her allies and private agendas for the USA and the world being driven by factions within. The Russian bogey is nothing more than a convenient scapegoat and distraction for the dysfunction of greed.

The US’s closest ally in Europe, the UK is reeling under the weight of division and indecision. Thats the UK. The pound has fallen drastically, the British are divided, their streets are a bloody battlefield. Their enemy combatants are the refugees seeking refuge from their war torn devastated homes a by product of French, American and British misadventures abroad. Where will it end?

Britain has had over 30 years of civil war experience with the Irish problem. The French had it with the Algerians. The Australians are tinkering with internal guerrilla warfare with displaced Arabs and Somalis in their midst with their media turning the heat up with jingoistic comments and provocations.

Where will it end. where will it end. When will they ever learn. Seems like Datuk Seri Najib is quite a safe bet after all for Malaysia.


2 Responses to “Australia Britain the US on the Brink”
  1. IT.Scheiss says:

    Hee, hee, hee! Let these major and minor imperialist nations stew in their dysfunctional liberal democracies. The Malaysian ringgit has strenghthened against the US dollar and is at RM4.266 to the US dollar when I checked a few hours ago. Well, it’s almost back to RM4.20 to the US dollar the day before Trump was elected. A stronger ringgit could mean cheaper imported items in the stores but not so good news for Malaysian exporters though.

    If the prices of goods,particular food becomes cheaper in the stores, I’m sure that Pakatoons won’t be to pleased, since it benefits the BN as far as votes go.


    • grkumar says:

      But a strong ringgit could also mean the export of foreign exchange reserves when people import. If stability is the purpose of a strong dollar then it ought to be maintained with economic policies within an affordable and predicable band.


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