1 MDB-Final Chapter?

What is not understood about the charade conducted by American Department of Justice (DoJ) initiatives against the Malaysian government and its prime minister is that, as Malaysia and its 1MDB board has stated categorically to the US government  in response to their allegations, on more than one occasion, there are “no missing assets” or unaccounted for transactions within 1MDB.

Unfortunately that assertion by the Malaysian government in response to the dramatic announcement by the DoJ at its press conference in July of 2016 did not satisfy an embarrassed Loretta Lynch and her colleagues at the DoJ.

Loretta Lynch’s rhetoric was more than bellicose. Her allegations were defamatory and self righteous, full of feigned indignation and colour. Her DoJ was going to confiscate these “assets plundered from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund 1MDB and return it to the Malaysian people” (now who amongst the Malaysian people would receive these funds on behalf of the Malaysian people she did not say). That misplaced statement gave away the deeper agenda of Regime Change to anyone listening with an analytical mind.

Loretta Lynch was speaking in tongues. The tongues and the language of an overconfident indulgent Democratic National Congress so confident of victory in the forthcoming elections (held in August of 2016) that it believed it could trample on the rights of anyone, sovereign nations included.

Loretta Lynch like a number of other ‘power women’ at Hillary Clinton’ heels were already exercising the totalitarian and absolute extraconstitutional power Hillary would bestow upon them (if she won). They could walk on water. So they thought.


It is true that there is a law that allows government to confiscate property (Assets) of anyone it suspects on a very low threshold of “the preponderance of the evidence”, a standard even below the balance of probabilities in a civil law suit.

Some American jurists call the civil forfeiture act, government sponsored theft.  In no uncertain terms this is what it is. It has repulsed American society for so long, this act based on superstition has now been delegitimized in 11 states in the US with more to come.

With no missing assets proclaimed by 1MDB what is Loretta Lynch (and now her successor) and the DoJ seizing to sue? The origins of the civil forfeiture act need to be considered in this context:

The act is a legal fiction. It arose out of the medieval idea of “deodand,” which superstitiously held that objects acted independently to cause death. Although the Founders of the US didn’t believe in this superstition, they used civil forfeiture as a way to enforce the collection of customs duties, which provided 80 to 90 percent of the federal revenue during that time. The government often could not try owners of smuggling ships themselves (often because they were overseas), and so civil forfeiture let officials seize their ships and cargo as a second-best option.

With minor exceptions during the Civil War and Prohibition, civil forfeiture remained a legal backwater. But as the war on drugs heated up during the early 1980s, so too did civil forfeiture. A key legal change occurred in 1984 when Congress established the Assets Forfeiture Fund. Previously, all federal civil forfeiture revenues were deposited into the government’s general fund. But after the 1984 amendments, federal agencies could retain and spend forfeiture proceeds—subject only to very loose restrictions—giving them a direct financial stake in generating forfeiture funds. Similar amendments now allow law enforcement agencies in 42 states to keep and use some or all of the civil forfeiture proceeds they seize. A legacy of the “Great Ronald Reagan”.

Till now the enforcement or attempt to enforce the act has not had much success when attempting to bind a foreign government. The problem for the DoJ is this.


Loretta Lynch instead of simply grabbing the assets under the act, extended her authority and her powers beyond the forfeiture of assets (which Malaysia continues to uphold are not theirs). She alleged the prime minister of Malaysia and some of his minsters of government were involved in money laundering and other criminal activities. She offered no proof, no evidence, to substantiate her claims other than second hand reports prepared by Cynthia Gabriel, Bersih and its leaders and a few local lawyers from Malaysia.

Her references to the Malaysian prime minister being a criminal was not even subtle or oblique. It was direct. That’s why the DoJ is peddling as fast as they can to retract and retrace their efforts.

This is an exercise in Regime Change. The whole idea being to undermine the authority of Malaysia’s elected government through inciting those foreign travelled and foreign “educated” groupies of the middle classes into rioting and bringing down the government.


Now let’s examine the other bogeys that have been levelled at government and see where its taken the opposition to date.

  1. Murder of Altantuya on orders of the prime minister and his wife.
  2. The Scorpene submarine affair
  3. The murder of the owner of Arab Malaysia Bank
  4. The Murder of Kevin Morais
  5. The 2 billion dollar Saudi Arabian government donation to the prime minister of Malaysia

None of these allegations against the Malaysian prime minister has stuck or been proven anywhere other than in a media circus that now paralyzes the US and any other nation or individual who dares to challenge the Plan for the New American Century- the driver of Regime Change with people like Hillary Clinton.


What the DoJ and in particular Loretta Lynch now have to do is to prove the allegations the prime minister if Malaysia is engaged in money laundering. That is not a civil complaint it is a criminal allegation.

The prime minister awaits the evidence whilst Loretta Lynch waits for her day in court for interfering in a criminal investigation and attempting to pervert the course of justice in the US.

The battle to ‘drain the swamp’-meaning the need to take out the rubbish of previous governments goes on relentlessly although the media in the US does not give the exercise any importance.

The depositions in congress about Russian involvement in interfering in the US elections is a Hillary Clinton staple. “I did everything possible, the devil (Russians) made me fail” excuse does not cut much ice with a nation reeling from paralysis.

Cynthia Gabriel, ‘Woman of Courage’ like Ambiga Srinivasan has a free pass to enter the US embassy anytime they feel threatened.

Unfortunately for them it is a long walk anywhere when one carries as much political baggage as these two traitors carry. Its just a matter of time before the full force of the law closes in on these two and others like them who have sold their country down the drain.

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