Air Asia Crash and Burn

Commercial aviation observers and aircraft experts in Australia are accusing Air Asia of lying and manufacturing reasons over the recent spate of mechanical (engine) problems that has dogged the airline in Australia and elsewhere in recent months.

Similar incidents that have occurred abroad, especially in other Asian countries (failure of the Rolls Royce Trent engines) have been notably omitted from press statements and overlooked by local media in these places for whatever reasons. Rolls Royce has been disturbingly silent on the failure of its Trent 7 engines some say because of the financing links between them, their clients like Air Asia and the aircraft manufacturer Airbus all competing for market share with the American Boeing..

In the most recent incident involving another engine failure on a twin engine aircraft, Air Asia reported that a “bird strike” was the suspected cause of the engine failure on D 7207 “having found bird remains on the runway”.

Air safety experts in Australia claim this is a nonsense. That’s because Air Asia staff and its personnel were not allowed nor are reported to have examined the runway at the Gold Coast airport following the incident with flight D 7202.

So how did Air Asia come up with this excuse of a “bird strike”? As it happens the cause of the engine failure on flight D 7207 was speculated on by a Brisbane tabloid daily. It was the source of that story of “bird strike”.

So whats happening at Air Asia today? Two dangerous engine failures in a week both departing from Australia. Is it sabotage by Australian airlines losing passengers to this cut price airline from Malaysia? or is it plain negligence on the part of Air Asia an airline accused of cutting corners to maintain their low cost dominance of air travel at the cost of passenger safety? It appears that the latter is what evidence points to. Australia is not the only destination Air Asia has experienced a myriad of technical problems with.

In order to be able to carry passengers at such low prices some costs have to be cut according to airline costing experts. It appears as one expert commented, the biggest cost for any airline is in the maintenance of its aircraft and  training of its pilots and engineers to peak levels all of the time.

There have just been one too many incidents of the nature of the engine blow outs and pilots being unable to navigate their courses for the public to ignore with this feel good airline.

Air Asia suffers from lack of quality experienced pilots, poor maintenance and poorer air safety from its record of mechanical failures. Add to that poor pilot performance in the air for at least a 4 year period now.

In short Air Asia is very poorly managed from the top. It is reliant on a new aircraft’s lead up time to major maintenance cycles to work it to the ground with little or superficial (and in most cases none at all) maintenance to reap its investment in the business. If it flies beyond that thats a bonus it appears.


An Air Asia executive has revealed over the past week information about the very poor standards and quality of maintenance and engineering within the organization. Air Asia staff and its personnel have been ordered to maintain a strict silence on internal matters especially those relating to the spate of recent failures.

An accountant who worked on Air Asia’s books has also disclosed that there is a significant amount of ‘creative accounting’ that goes into the airlines accounts to keep its finances looking rosier than it otherwise would. At least one bank who finances Air Asia is said to have expressed concerns at the company’s accounts.

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