Fatally Flawed the Pakatan

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Right from the word go and even prior to the 2013 elections, the opposition either as individual strands of or as a collective of what they call PR or Pakatan Rakyat had no effective strategy. They were like little turds bobbing up and down in a sea of relative tranquillity.

The opposition relied on sensationalism. The politics of the sound bite. The 15 seconds of fame and notoriety and the flash of firecracker politics of explosive allegations of criminality and  misconduct against anyone in their cross hairs. This included government, the judiciary and individuals including their current pin up boy and their one time bette noir former Malaysian prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

They produced no evidence to prove any of their allegations. They failed to prosecute or impeach their targets in government. This in turn led to an erosion of their credibility and a general undermining of their cause in the eyes of a tired public fed up with promises, parties and slogans from a bunch of foreign funded elites. Many of them love the glare of the media more than they did their causes. They provided no substantive results in policy changes or scalps in court after years of throwing allegations left, right and centre.

As the numerous allegations against the opposition’s targets began to morph into a black cloud over the heads of government, hubris in their ranks led to grave miscalculations in their calculus of attack through defamation and illusion.

PNAC is Not a Malaysian Cause

Relying too heavily on manufactured slogans and strategies for their advancement coming out of foreign funded and foreign designed campaigns of “shock and awe,” these strategies failed to achieve any worthwhile political objective.

Their campaigns created in the political labs of OTPUR and other right wing organizations that supported and fostered Regime Change were doomed to failure . They had little local content to make their slogans ring relevant to local causes, the local political environment or the dimensions of the problems that linger within.

The foreign backers of the Pakatan include the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) the Soros foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. All of these had one objective in mind; Advancing The Programme for the New American Century (PNAC).  The PNAC unfortunately is too US and Eurocentric for it to have gained traction or wider acceptance amongst Malaysians apart from that small vocal  western educated coterie of liberals who suffer from a lack of any depth or dimension to American or Malaysian political history.

That black cloud moved over time to rain over the opposition. The patience of the government of Najib Razak has begun to prevail. With a plethora of allegations of criminality and impropriety but no evidence to support or prove them, the government appeared to move into an unassailable position.

A Changing World

As things began to deteriorate for the opposition with the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim the opposition had no icon of any status or political experience to lead them. The DAP and Lim Kit Siang had fallen on their own sword on allegations of race politics of Chinese exclusivity and exceptionalism. Their allegations of against Barisan began to fall apart. Every opportunity Lim had he turned into a disaster.

The G20 this month July 2017 has delivered another hammer on the head blow to Hillary Clinton and the Neocons of Washington. Israel has managed to successfully negotiate a step up in their relations with India the world’s largest democracy. It is a relationship Israel has coveted for 70 years. The histories of Indian independence leaders so deeply intertwined with that of the Jewish state since 1948, intervening events forbade that relationship from ever being consummated.

The world is a Changed place. Israel does not trust the US as a reliable ally anymore than it does the Taleban, the French or the Saudis. As the first Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion once proclaimed, “there are no permanent friends, just situations”. Hillary Clinton did not come to their aid during the recent UN motion declaring Israeli settlements illegal. Obama was not in fact the engineer of that decision.

The Israelis are working with the Russians and others to steady the Trump ship and that means ensuring Hillary and everything she supported like Regime Change and stood for is finally crushed. The signs came at the G20 when Putin and Trump met. It is official there was no Russian interference in the US elections.

A House Divided

The US government and its agencies were so deeply divided, James Comey tried playing both sides of the coin to advance his own career and political ambitions. He failed. He is likely to be charged for misleading Congress.

Loretta Lynch, now that James Comey’s testimony and other evidence about Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton has been retrieved, it has revealed more than what the FBI and others wanted to know existed about her and her links to Regime Change.

Loretta Lynch is likely also to be charged.  So too will Hillary Clinton and James Comey. What the Russians have revealed at the G20 in private to Trump and his government is that the information they obtained about the Trio (Comey, Clinton and Lynch) in their involvement in third countries which includes the Ukraine and Russia. Russia has drawn closer to Trump’s USA and it is no longer their bogey.

Going for the Kill

Ambiga Srinivasan, Maria Chin Abdullah, Tony Phua are all suddenly beginning to notice that their support from the west has dried up if it is not already drying up fast. Their rights to travel has been lawfully restricted. There is a more intelligent and impartial judge in Justice Idris Harun. Cynthia Gabriel and Sivarasah Rasiah, Surendran and Latifah Koya are all in the firing line and can be expected to be called up before long and have their wings clipped too.

They too will feel the heat of the government’s blowtorch before the next general elections and in due course. Malaysia’s cyber security sleuths have identified beyond Virtual Private Networks and Onion routers the IP and terra firm a addresses and locations of computers running rogue information centres.

Singapore has no more stomach for being Regime Change’s peon in the region. The Regime Change chickens have hatched there recently with the feuding Lee siblings. It is about to become nastier and a bigger problem the island state could have anticipated. Their cooperation with the US on the 1MDB matter has cost them significantly in run on deposits from abroad. Lee Hsien Loong’s government is not longer focused on the 1MDB matter.

Digging up the Past- An Old Port of Call

The former board of the Port Kelang Free Zone is about to get back into the spotlight. A court very generously on Dr. Mahathir’s testimony allowed some of them to walk free a few years ago.  There is another investigation into the Port Kelang Free Zone Project scandal brewing. Only this time no half baked attempt by any one including the Big 4 Accounting firms will be able scuttle or whitewash the facts through selective investigative reports. Nothing will withstand the heat of intense scrutiny armed with the benefit of evidence gathered over recent years.

There won’t be any sympathetic judges friendly to the causes of ‘self made billionaires’ overseeing the investigations this time . It will all come out in the wash.


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