Sins of the Shinawatras -the DoJ and Singapore Banking

Thailand’s former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, sister of Thaksin Shinawatra another former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand has fled the country as a court was about to deliver a verdict against her in a two-year trial. She was charged earlier over an agricultural subsidies rort ( a scam engineered by her brother ) and furthered by her in office.

Thai police declined to comment on where Yingluck had gone. Thailand’s top immigration official said there were no records of Yingluck having left Thailand lawfully. Yingluck failed to show up to hear the verdict against her today in a Thai court. Her lawyer said she was ill but the court rejected the explanation and Thailand’s Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for her. Yingluck is believed to have told a friend that she feared she would be killed in she remained in Thailand.

The lawyer, Norawit Larleang,  told the court that he didn’t know of the whereabouts of the former Prime Minister now declared a fugitive. He refused to say when he last saw her but said he had been in telephone contact with her recently. How recently he did not say.

Yingluck was ousted in a military coup in 2014 and was barred from leaving Thailand without court approval since 2015 at the start of her trial. She posted bail of 30 million baht ( US$900,000),  at the start of the trial . Her bail has since been confiscated by the court on her ‘no show’ to hear the verdict against her.

Yingluck who faced up to 10 years in prison for alleged negligence over a rice-buying scheme (Scam), which cost the country over 15 billion dollars is now required to present herself at court for the verdict on the new date of September 27. Today’s hearing was vacated by her non appearance. The court according to a  source vacated the hearing on realizing she would not attend.

Investigations into her rice buying scams extend to the Indian sub continent where she was once feted as special guest of honour at the prestigious and colourful Indian republic military parade.  Yingluck is known to have had met with Indian businessmen who it is believed paid below the floor prices for the Thai rice stocks accumulated in her scam for a commission and banking facilities.

Indian businessmen who were in with her on the scam then sold that rice into the domestic and foreign markets at significant mark ups. It is understood that the  the difference in price was shared with Yingluck and her family companies through foreign accounts in Singapore and Dubai.

Yingluck according to sources travelled by road to Cambodia through the very porous Thai Cambodian border in a convoy of several 4 wheel drives with tinted windows complete with a police escort part of the way. Unmarked police cars and armed guards accompanied her on her journey across the border and past several check points out of the city.

The former Ohio University business graduate is believed to have been tipped off by judicial officials about the nature of the verdict against her a few days in advance of todays hearing. She is said to have been whisked out of the country in an elaborate plan hatched by her brother, former Prime Minister and fugitive from Thai justice Thaksin Shinawatra. Thaksin is currently resident between Dubai and London.

Oddly enough, Thai NGO’s had complained to the US DoJ about the misappropriation of vast sums of money illegally siphoned out of Thailand by the Shinawatras in a fraudulent rice buying scheme funded by state to the tune of over US$15 billion. The Shinawatras were the main beneficiaries of that scheme but the DoJ and the Obama government chose to  ignore the complaint against them.

Inspite of evidence of the money trail left by the Shinawatras and evidence of the use of that money, traceable and converted into US properties being documented and identified to the DoJ, the DoJ under Hillary Clinton and Obama chose to  ignore the complaint in contrast the treatment of the 1MB complaint. The Shinawatras are alleged to have siphoned more than 12 billion dollars out of Thailand’s state treasury. Other sources claim the figure is to conservative and higher by at least 50%.

Thaksin Shinawatra and Yingluck and identified as benefactors of the Clinton Global Foundations to the tune of over US$100,000,000 according to documents now sealed in the wind up of the Clinton Global Foundation.

In sharp contrast to the allegations against the Malaysian Prime Minister in the 1MDB affair, a large amount of the Shinawatra money found its way to Singapore banks first before it was transferred via a round robbin set of false transactions and transfers through various secret banking jurisdictions to several final destinations before being  laundered. They include London, the US and Dubai.

Neither the DoJ nor the Singapore banking authority (the Monetary Authority of Singapore) would comment or respond to questions put to them this week


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