Easter- The Death of Christianity at the Hands of Christians

PREDICTIONS BY A SOVIET DEFECTOR AND ATHEIST COMMUNIST When Soviet defector and KGB disinformation expert Yuri Bezmenov delivered one of his rare lectures in the US in 1983 to a gathering of ‘intellectuals’ , leftists and feminists, he was clear about one thing; The destruction of the US would not be in a hot warContinue reading “Easter- The Death of Christianity at the Hands of Christians”

A Choice of Chalk and Cheese

IGNORE HIM AT YOUR PERIL Tun Dr. Mahathir may be the nemesis of the current Prime Minister Najib Razak and his government. Mahathir is vilified by many for his failures as Prime Minister for over 2 decades. His detractors hang him out as the proverbial bogeyman if the Barisan fails to retain government. Many moreContinue reading “A Choice of Chalk and Cheese”