A Tamil Tragedy


What Tien Chua a political ally of Hindraf and its rudderless leader alluded to a few days ago, as far as the Indian vote is concerned, is merely the repetition of a truth we had published time and time again to only for it be ignored by a vain and narcissistic Waythamurthi Ponnusamy.

On more than one occasion and to more than one journalist or for that matter to anyone willing to listen to him,  Waythamurthi has slandered and defiled the name Dr. Mahathir in context of the so called ‘Indian problem’.

With the general elections fast approaching there are some critical questions about the ‘Indian vote’ that needs to be analyzed.

The so called “threat” to the Barisan posed by Waythamurthi’s promise to deliver the ‘Indian vote’ to Pakatan Harapan (PH) at the next general election is perplexing?  Firstly, how big and how widely spread is the so called ‘Indian vote’, sufficient for it to be a spoiler at the next general election?

In the 2014 general elections, the so called ‘Indian vote’ was in truth a  generic reference to the swing against the Barisan Nasional (BN).

There were a number of marginal seats in which Indians voted like they always have throughout the history of a divided Indian community in Malaysia. The swinging voters at the 2014 general elections consisted largely of disgruntled Malay and Chinese voters whose impact was felt in the 5 states led by Selangor. That Indian swing which existed for a short while to Hindraf has since largely evaporated.

Each of Selangor and 4 other states which included Perak consist largely of Chinese and Malays with a permanent abode in each of the constituencies to constitute a permanent voter base. There is no single large concentration of Indians in any one of these areas sufficient to make a difference. Even if Indian votes in concentration could make a difference, the demography of Indian voters in most constituencies are so thin that they are negligible.


The GE 14 is being fought on national issues not just parochial state “water rights and Dengu” issues. The vast majority of the Tamils are illiterate or partially educated (like Waythamurthi and his team), and working class. They vote on bread and butter issues guided by emotion rather than logic. They vote along racial lines.

The Chinese and the Malays vote on the basis of economic, social and political issues. They are a more sophisticated voter base to tap into which makes the Pakatan Harapan (PH) / ‘Indian vote‘ ‘threat’ a bit of a non-starter.

The Chinese and Malays have no real skin in the game where Tamil issues are concerned. It is of no interest or benefit to them to support a small troubled population of Tamils whose problems are largely self inflicted.

PH wants the Tamil vote. PH wants the Tamil votes simply to stop them going to the Barisan. The Dog in the Manger syndrome. There’s a difference in the two scenarios. Waythamurthi thinks otherwise.

Dr. Mahathir has a lonely unwanted and desperate Waythamurthi by the ‘balls’. That’s because Waythamurthi has nowhere else to go to.  His promise to PH is an admission of failure on his part. He has no capacity to finance a campaign himself and he has alienated himself from the only friend he has had, the BN. Now painted into a corner Waythamurthi is beholden to PH. A slave of one master begging to be auctioned off to another. Where are his policies that reflect the Indian vote and addresses the Indian need?


Waythamurthi squandered all his opportunities no sooner than his Hindraf lightning had hit its mark in that 2007 march. He fled abroad and is said to have taken with him the bulk of the money (some $700,000) collected from poor hard up Tamils. He promised them great things to come. He built a coterie of ‘feeders and leeches’ around him.

Waytha accused Dr. Mahathir of murdering 400 Tamils at a wedding. He made that accusation to a journalist in Australia in 2011 in a documented telephone conversation between the two. Waythamurthi then did a deal with the Najib government to return to Malaysia to contest a ‘safe seat’ for himself (not Hindraf) in parliament. Hindraf was merely his fig leaf and stalking horse for his personal ambitions. It was always about Waythamurthi and his personal ambition.

Now going back on the issue of Hindraf and Waythamurthi; What have they achieved for the Tamils from that time Waythamurthi returned to Malaysia and embedded himself in parliament under a BN banner? The answer is precious little.

Whatever the Tamils have achieved in the last 5 years in Malaysia has been courtesy of the BN government and its policies. Hindraf has a wish list but no policies so to speak of. The Tamils say what BN has delivered to them is not enough. By  saying that, they do not deny to having benefited from BN policies. They simply say that what they received  is not enough.


So what exactly has Hindraf and Waythamurthi done for the ‘struggling’ Tamil’s?

The crime rate is up amongst Tamils. Yet there is no identifiable BN policy that effectively encourages crime amongst the Tamils. On the other hand the improvement in Tamil employment and education statistics points to government sector jobs and successful government initiatives. Conversely there is no record of any Hindraf policy that has delivered benefits to the Tamils. Waythamurthi will say that it is because DS Najib failed to agree to his 10 mythical demands in his non existent 10 point plan.

But Waythamurthi is very coy about sharing the details of his 10 point plan or opening it to independent external scrutiny. He fears exposing himself and his empty rhetoric, lest someone smarter and more capable than himself (and there are many) should emerge from the shadows to change the dynamic for the Indian community without isolating them at the same time from the Chinese and Malays.

Looking at the Waythamurthi problem one has to also examine and analyze the MIC and its performance in context there is a nexus between the two who are bound together by the same socio political umbilical cord: the Tamils.


The MIC is largely a Tamil party. The Indian community on the other hand consists of poorly educated working class Tamils  and also wealthy, highly successful, educated and prosperous Keralites, Punjabis, Guajarati, Telegu speakers and persons from Uttar Pradesh.

The majority of non- Tamil Indians have never been attracted nor drawn into the fractious mindset of either the MIC or Hindraf because, the MIC has always been a refuge for under performers amongst Indians, the Tamils. Hindraf on the other hand is a refuge for Tamils fleeing the failures of the other policy vacuum the MIC.

The non Tamil Indians have not received any government assistance or handouts as the Tamils demand is their right. The non Tamil Indians have been subjected to the same partial marginalization from the mainstream as a result of the NEP. However the non Tamils understand the NEP to be a necessity in a new Malaysia. They instead have set their shoulders to the wheel and got ahead in life. The Tamils have continued a search for scapegoats led by a goat in Waythamurthi.


The mantra of the Tamils, both in Hindraf and the MIC, has been to create a hand out mentality and to nurture it with false promises, no policies and pious rhetoric all underpinned by a persecution complex designed to keep them subservient to every other group including the Tamils. There has been no change in direction nor change in policy and no change in leadership styles within the Tamils since independence.


Dr. Mahathir’s record with the Tamils is appalling by Hindraf’s own accounts and Dr. Mahathir’s record in government. So where is the leadership being shown by Hindraf staring down the barrel of the same gun that was their cross all these years? Both parties are tearing themselves apart rushing for the only choice they have which is no choice at all.  

The Tamils are caught up in a vortex of trouble on a downward spiral of their own making. Neither Waythamurthi nor the MIC leadership have any demonstrated capacity to negotiate a solution to their problems. That’s because neither are in a position of strength to negotiate, having squandered their potential over the years. Barring a miracle they will remain weak divided and undecided.  That’s the nature of the beast.


By grovelling behind another master, this time Dr. Mahathir, Waythamurthi and his ‘loyalists’ have sold the Tamils for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver to Dr. Mahathir.  Waythamurthi will go down in history as a corrupted, immoral, unintelligent man whose acts and omissions will live in infamy for generations to come.

Come back Datuk Samy Velu. All is forgiven. There is someone yet worse than you could have ever been in their estimation. 


It would do you well to enlighten yourself by reading this letter from a freed slave to his former slave master Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee written after the civil war had ended.

The slave master one Colonel PH Anderson wanted Jourdan the slave back desperately in much the same way Dr. Mahathir wants you and the Tamils back.

If nothing else this letter from an un educated slave written over a 100 years ago to his slave master in response may enlighten you and give you the intelligence and enlightenment you clearly so clearly are deprived of. Treat it as a gift my friend.


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