Mahathir on the Menu with a US Sauce

POLITICS MONEY AND NO POLICY One of the biggest problems facing the raft of opposition parties that now call themselves the Pakatan Harapan and the Pakatan Rakyat is policy, money and liquidity. The DAP has always been flush with funds and in a highly liquid state, courtesy of a prosperous Chinese base some of whomContinue reading “Mahathir on the Menu with a US Sauce”

Hindraf and the Man who Calls them Keling

THE MAN WITH THE REVERSE MIDAS TOUCH Hindraf chief, Waythamurthi Ponnusamy has recently learned that Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has an agenda quite different to that which he disclosed to him when enticing Waythamurthi into the Pakatan Harapan (PH). It is a treacherously deceptive plan in reality that Dr. Mahathir has in store for theContinue reading “Hindraf and the Man who Calls them Keling”


DIVIDING TO RULE Dr. Mahathir Mohammad the wily old hand has split the opposition by galvanizing them under his ‘leadership’ knowing full well the dangers that lurk not only for the Malays but also for him personally should there be an opposition victory at the next general elections. He has hedged his bets carefully amongstContinue reading “GE 14 IS ABOUT THE MALAYS AND THEIR FUTURE AS MALAYS”

Vatican Arrests former Diplomat on Child Pornography Matters

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CHURCHES, THE OPPOSITION AND THEIR BACKERSĀ  The following is an extract from an article by Reuters about paedophiles within the Catholic church again. The number of paedophiles and homosexuals amongst the Catholic clergy has reachedĀ  pandemic proportions, the Vatican now finds it hard to deny or cover up for them. ThisContinue reading “Vatican Arrests former Diplomat on Child Pornography Matters”