Hindraf and the Man who Calls them Keling


Hindraf chief, Waythamurthi Ponnusamy has recently learned that Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has an agenda quite different to that which he disclosed to him when enticing Waythamurthi into the Pakatan Harapan (PH). It is a treacherously deceptive plan in reality that Dr. Mahathir has in store for the Tamils, blindly led by Waythamurthi into the PH lair. But Waythamurthi inspite of being counselled by allies and friends will not change his mind on the subject or his decision to join Dr. Mahathir in PH.

The tide appears to have turned for the Barisan in the face of a splintered opposition. The Barisan appears now to be propelled by its own momentum catapulting it into another term as government. Research shows that the Barisan is likely to grab a bigger majority this time at GE 14 than it had previously against a hostile backdrop then of the Chinese tsunami, Hindraf turning turkey and the Libertard Malays playing chicken in the middle.

Barring force majeure events, the Barisan will comfortably retake most of the states they lost out to the opposition at the last general elections. Amongst these is the coveted ‘jewel in the crown’, the state of Selangor.


Selangor is no longer that gem in the oppositions collection. It is a faded, jaded, fractious assembly of self serving individuals, joined at the hip by an anti Malay, anti Islamic narrative. The Selangor Exco have disappointed even hard core Pakatan supporters with their lack luster performance.

It is the self-indulgent, self-obsessed executive, spending a disproportionate amounts of time and resources on social and conventional media space, promoting personality cults whilst the basic needs of Selangor residents (and other Pakatan controlled states) have been largely ignored and unmet.

A straw poll taken 3 weeks ago  shows that 2 in 3 Selangor residents do not approve of the performance of the Selangor state executive whilst a whopping 3 out of 4 have indicated they will not be voting for a return of the Pakatan in Selangor.

Analysing the results on a race specific basis, the Chinese remain amongst the most steadfast standing behind the Pakatan. However there is evidence of a stronger component of dissenting PKR Chinese present that is also reflected in the straw poll.

On the Indian front, Hindraf support for Waythamurthi’s plans with Dr. Mahathir has waned considerably and cracks that appeared during his absence from Malaysia more than 5 years ago have opened up once again dividing the once strong and cohesive alternative to the MIC rendering it impotent.


It appears that Datuk Subramaniam’s softly softly low key approach is working. Party membership numbers at the MIC has shown a marked increase by over 20% since the last GE. The majority of these are believed to be disgruntled Hindraf and DAP supporters and some undecided Tamil voters. Either ways the confusion and double speak of the elitist opposition Tamils (Dr. Jayakumar PKR, Professor Ramasamy and Charles Santiago) in a coalition under Dr. Mahathir with Waythamurthi appears to have done more damage than good to Hindraf and the PH.

On the DAP side are Sikhs. A group of Indians who distinguish themselves by religion; and that too an extremist sectarian brand of separatist influenced Sikhism against the state of India. They are too ashamed to identify with what they really are-Indians.

With his autocratic nepotistic style of leadership leading the pack, Waythamurthi appears to have dropped the ball playing into the hands of the MIC and Barisan at a time when his skills as a leader and Hindraf’s position as a viable alternative to the MIC is needed most.


Once more the usual suspects appear to be the culprit. Self obsessed media indulgence and the cult of personality. Absent are those costed alternative policies capable of being independently audited, then implemented for the benefit of Tamils in education, the economy, health care, career and job prospects, family and social and welfare programs. None of these feature in more than two lines in a Hindraf, PH or DAP manifesto.

The sensible Tamils like the Chinese will be voting with their feet at this coming general elections 14. They don’t have the luxury of playing martyr or Regime Changer. They have other important things to concern themselves with. Many especially amongst the Chinese do not support Regime Change apart from using its riots and marches as an occasion to vent their collective spleen against government occassionally.

The tedious and repetitive slogans of Bersih and groups like C4 have produced no result of any significance to supporters of the opposition for them to change their minds or to change their government. Many have indicated they need to move on. Better the devil they know than a bunch of hot air bags in the NGOs and opposition.


A teacher (Chinese) who participated in a recent straw poll who has asked not to be named posed a question about groups like Bersih and C4, a question on everyone’s lips:

Where do these people get the money from to spend so much of their time giving speeches, making videos, attending holding conferences and dinner parties, inviting foreign dignitaries to forums and going overseas to speak to supporters there? I hope it is not from our membership fees”.  

The Chinese teacher’s comments came close on the heels of the Selangor water crisis. That event triggered anger at local government inaction, their lack of and refusal to accept responsibility and their lack of foresight during water crisis. That perhaps could have been the tipping point for many followers of the opposition.

The perception is that the Selangor state Exco was protecting a rich crony and benefactor  to the PKR in the Selangor water monopoly at their expense.

Likewise what a number of Tamils, questioned about opposition’s performance had to say about Hindraf and Waythamurthi coming close on the heels of his decision to join Hindraf to Dr. Mahathir can’t be printed.


Anger amongst the Tamils appears to be compounded by an opportunistic Dr. Xavier Jayakumar standing next to Dr. Dr. Mahathir clearly and unashamedly cashing in on a photo opportunity reflecting and reinforcing that character of elitism in the opposition’s Tamil ranks. By their reckoning he has done little or nothing for them in Selangor.

The views of the Tamils spoken to in that straw poll were uncomplimentary, bilious, filed with anger and reflective what they see as a monumental betrayal and unnecessary move by Waythamurthi. They say he was acting on his own behalf and not for Hindraf. He went ahead with that decision to join PH without proper consultation with the grass roots to shore up an anti Indian Dr. Mahathir and himself.

Their sense of betrayal is compounded by Waythamurthi and Jayakumar’s insensitivity in joining what they see in Dr. Mahathir as that symbol of all their problems in his repression, marginalisation and hatred for them over 20 years of misrule.

The Indians (Tamils in particular) still (and rightfully some say) blame Dr. Mahathir for destruction of the Tamil community and for his unabashed and unapologetic continued references to them as ‘Keling’.

If the responses of this sample in that straw poll is anything to go by Waythamurthi and the Tamils in the DAP are in deep trouble.

Interesting times we live in.


4 Responses to “Hindraf and the Man who Calls them Keling”
  1. It Scheiss says:

    “elitist DAP Tamils (Dr. Jayakumar, Professor Ramasamy and Charles Santiago)”

    Do you mean Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj as a DAP Tamil? He’s PSM.

    Otherwise, I concur with much of you have written with regards the suffering we Selangor residents had to undergo due to the water crisis, the frequency of water cuts due to burst pipes and a general feeling that conditions on the ground for us residents are not appreciably better after 10 years of Pakatan rule of Selangor state.

    Whilst I am not sure what the reaction amongst Indians, especially Tamils will be in electoral terms towards Mahathir’s use of the word “Keling” in reference to Indians, however you made a very good point about these politicians’ and their respective parties’ of NGOs’ lack comprehensive policies and programmes to help the Indian community in areas of education, the economy, health care, career and job prospects, family and social and welfare.

    I don’t see much evidence state government initiatives in these respect within Selangor or Penang during the past 10 years of Pakatan rule.

    As for Pakatan’s prospects of winning in GE14, Pakatan (Pakatan Harapan) is no longer in the same state today, compared to the state Pakatan (Pakatan Rakyat) was in back in 2008 and 2013, especially after the Kajang move, the fallout between DAP and PAS, the breakup of Pakatan Rakyat and now its alliance with Mahathir & Pribumi.

    And now with PAS on the outside, free to contest in three or more cornered fights and likely to split the Pakatan vote, it looks like Azmin Ali will perhaps come third in a three cornered fight between BN, PAS and PKR in GE14, where PKR was able to win and hold Gombak in 2008 and 2013, thanks PAS votes.

    In a two-cornered fight between BN and PAS in 1999, PAS got 49.28% of the vote just 1.44 percentage points behind BN which won the seat and in 2004, PAS got 40.07% of the votes in Gombak.

    In 2008 Azmin Ali of PKR won Gombak with 54.65% of votes versus the BN and in 2013 he held Gombak with 52.02% of the votes versus the BN.


    Obviously Azmin won with the help of votes of PAS supporters but come a three cornered fight between BN, Pakatan and PAS in GE14, and even though the PAS supporters in 2013 will now be split between PAS and Amanah, and that UNMO supporters in 2013 will now be split between UMNO and Pribumi, the likelihood of Pakatan holding Gombak in GE14 looks rather risky.

    Now, the Star of Friday 13 2018 suggests that Selangor Menteri Besar (now former Menteri Besar) could be contesting for our newley renamed Petaling Jaya (formerly Petaling Jaya Selatan) parliamentary seat in GE14 whilst the incumbent for two terms, YB Hee Loy Sian of PKR will be moved to contest a state seat, possibly Kajang.


    If this is true, it looks like Petaling Jaya could fall back to BN, since based on election results for Petaling Jaya Selatan since 1995, whenever a Chinese candidate from the BN contested against a Malay or Indian candidate from the opposition, the Chinese candidate from BN won.

    However, when a Chinese candidate from Pakatan (Hee Loy Sian) contested against a Chinese candidate from BN, the Chinese candidate from Pakatan won.


    So if Azmin runs for PKR in Petaling Jaya in GE14, he could very likely lose to BN/MCA.

    That’s unless voters in Petaling Jaya have become colour-blind at an accelerated rate since Pakatan’s win in 2008.


    • It Scheiss says:

      BTW. I had e-mailed Hee Loy Sian on The Star’s report and he replied that it’s not true – i.e. that Azmin could be standing in his place in Petaling Jaya.

      That said, I won’t take that for granted until the nominations are officially confirmed.


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