Mahathir on the Menu with a US Sauce


One of the biggest problems facing the raft of opposition parties that now call themselves the Pakatan Harapan and the Pakatan Rakyat is policy, money and liquidity.

The DAP has always been flush with funds and in a highly liquid state, courtesy of a prosperous Chinese base some of whom also contribute to the MCA to hedge their bets. Just in case.

In the case of Bersih, C4, the Churches, the Malaysian Bar and other 100 or so individuals and so called NGO groups fighting government, the more than $250,000,000 provided to them by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and “civil societies” for over a decade has largely evaporated.

Much of the money earmarked for policy and purpose has been gouged by lawyers engaged in an orgy of speculative unnecessary litigation whilst others have spent it on lavish, ambitious personality cult driven projects, ineffective media and social events. Out of all of these social events has not come a single costed policy that can be described as an alternative to the Barisan’s formula of economic prosperity.

Lawyers who have defended Anwar Ibrahim have had their snouts in that trough of the NED and others sucking it dry producing no tangible, productive result for their causes of ‘Reformasi’, legislative reform or their cause celebre himself Anwar Ibrahim.


As for Dr. Mahathir himself his fortunes are tied to the clap trap of the covert defence arrangement euphemistically and cryptically referred to as the Bilateral Training and Consultation Agreement (BITAC) he entered into in 1984 with the US defence establishment.

BITAC was essentially an intelligence gathering, sharing, logistics support and general security arrangement favouring the US of course but written to make the vain Mahathir believe he had drawn the longer straw in the deal.

BITAC was in fact the incubator for Anwar Ibrahim’s Reformasi which had earlier ear marked the blue blood western educated Tunku Razaleigh to spear head a new government in Malaysia, outside the ballot box if necessary.

Mahathir had in fact, according to retired former Air attaché in KL William E. Berry, been marked for removal as he had become a thorn in the side of the British, the Americans and the Australians all of who were jointly signatories to the 5 power pact.

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew had grave concerns over the ‘Maverick’ and thought Mahathir to be fanatical and dangerous nationalist in the mould of Sukarno in the region.

Had it not been for the stain and suspicion of the Bank Bumiputra and Tin scandals attaching to Tunku Razaleigh the man would have been prime minister of Malaysia in the late 1990’s (instead of the presumptuous and egotistical Anwar Ibrahim being ear marked for the position). Both men had the support of the US as alternative leaders to Mahathir.


Back to Dr. Mahathir: his desperate push to create what some say is a family dynasty (more of an ambition of the Ismail side of his family) suffers from a number of insurmountable obstacles. Anwar’s personal ambitions not being the least of these. The very wide and disparate policy differences between the members of his Pakatan Harapan many of whom he would not share an umbrella with in a storm unless he had a gun pointed to his head appears irreconcilable.

The US under Donald Trump has been too distracted to lend any credibility of the Clinton/ Obama/ Lynch disaster of 1MDB in what a Washington insider described as essentially a legal political farce which could have never ever succeeded in a 1000 years. This he says is because Regime Change was designed for less democratic less sophisticated societies in Africa and the middle east.

The release of the yacht Equanimity believed by the previous US administration to have been acquired with ‘illegal funds’ stolen from 1MDB, was an embarrassment to the US overreach in Malaysia’s affairs.

The US today is more concerned about the lack of cooperation and willingness of their ‘partners’ in south east Asia to accommodate their desperate need to contain China in the South China sea. China appears to be growing and expanding economically and militarily in the region as US influence wanes thanks to Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros’s Regime Change initiatives.

The only effective advantage the US has in the region that is strategically and suitably located to offer them bases (air and naval) to counter China’s ‘threat’ to international shipping in the South China sea, is peninsula Malaysia and its eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak.

Singapore is growing isolated and feels the heat from China, it being the only nation with a formidable US naval presence in the region.


Mahathir appears to be the only candidate in the field who is willing and capable of honouring (and economically exploiting) an enlarged US treaty to meet their desire for  Carte Blanche military access to counter the China threat. The quid pro quo would be the US turning a blind eye to Mahathir’s excesses if he does rise again. He will be expected to come down harder than ever on dissent than he did in his previous incarnation paving the way for his dynastic ambitions.

Many opposition candidates today are already on the hustings holding their hands out for anything they can get from anyone. Not a very good sign for an opposition who have spent all the goodwill and money on everything but good strong candidates and attractive alternative policies which are the main ingredient for a successful campaign to win government.

It appears that there is nothing much in the opposition menu than a potent spiced up Mahathir served as a very hot meal in a very heated political environment.








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