May 13th and Mahathir-49 years on-


Dr. Mahathir Mohammad must step down immediately to be investigated for his role in the May 13 riots of 1969. That horrible even in Malaysia recent history which occurred 409 years ago today, targeted mainly Chinese Malaysians killing some 5000-20,000  of them in a blood letting after the general elections when Mahathir’s party and his mates were facing defeat at the polls.  Depending on whose statistics and narrative you believe between 2,000 to 5,000 civilian Chinese were murdered in an uncontrolled frenzied killing, raping, arson and assaults against the Chinese mainly in the KL and Kelang area.

There was no real investigation or inquiry into that even in Malaysia’s history now 49 years old. Mahathir instead wormed his way  into the highest office in the land with relative impunity without even a hint of his involvement in Malaysia’s most ugly and bloody event in its history.

Mahathir and his government may arrest and try Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his family on bona fide prima face evidence if available and admissible under Malaysian and International Law. But that has to be done in a properly constituted and independent court. But before that he must adhere to that principle in law which demands “he who comes to equity must come with clean hands”: In short what that means is that if you seek justice you must yourself be a just person.


Today is May 13. There has been no justice, no one has been brought to account, especially not Mahathir and the man Mahathir justified the riots against the Chinese then. He remains unrepentant  for his conduct and his words and is largely seen as the chief instigator behind those bloody riots along with some other Ultra Malays.

The entire Malay nation is not responsible for that event. They were used by Mahathir who sees himself as a Brahmin amongst the Malays. 

The need now is for an independent body to investigate what’s already been investigated against Datuk Seri Najib and his wife  and thats is fine. Even Datuk Seri Najib accepts that. Anyone who breaches the law must account for their deeds and omissions where the law is concerned. It is what the term “rule of law” so often quoted by Mahathir recently to describe his new government means.


Now that Mahathir has admitted to misleading the courts, having of his own admission and material perjured himself, falsely giving testimony that convicted Anwar Ibrahim who he now says is innocent; he must step down immediately and face charges himself for his criminal past much of which he has made admissions to on various forums.

Paul Wolfowitz’s strategy which no doubt  Anwar is aware of is to have Anwar Ibrahim released then to have Anwar and his media team attack Dr. Mahathir and his supporters for his c rimes in office.

Mahathir is on thin ice for admitting to Anwar being innocent. He must now step down till the matter on Anwar’s conviction is cleared up by  a competent court law considering Mahathir’s admission to having committed a criminal offence or offences over Anwar’s conviction. This is because it was Mahathir who had Anwar charged and it was he Mahathir who orchestrated the anti Anwar campaigns that led to Anwars’ jailing/


The Neo Cons and Anwar are no friends of Mahathir or Malaysia. Fair weather friends maybe but dark clouds linger over that near horizon for this man Mahathir.

Elizabeth Wong, Ambiga, Teresa Kok, Sivarasah Rasiah, Maria Chin Abdullah and  their cohorts in opposition now government and people like them  were recipients of Neo Con money. Yet they celebrate this man accused of precipitating the fateful riots that killed thousands of Chinese on 13 May.

How mercenary can some Chinese get? The doctrine of no impunity applies to world leaders as well as political midgets like Mahathir. Mahathir will find it hard to leave Malaysia if Malaysian courts do not investigate him thoroughly. (Pinochette- Milosevic-Johnson etc)

This GE 14 is not over by a long shot yet. Mahathir is the man who precipitated then justified the May 13 Mayhem and murder.

Where were these Gen X and Y who now support Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and Pakatan Harapan then? Is Chinese blood that cheap that the Chinese themselves in PH forget this man’s perfidious and criminal past?

Investigate Najib by all means but don’t let Mahathir go. He must step down till Anwar’s charges are cleared but not without a royal commission to do it.


He Mahathir has to answer for Bank Bumi, Petronas, the Tin Debacle, Eric Cheah, YTL and a host of others including the death of Jalil Ibrahim.

People who stand with him will hang with him.

Mahathir with Ambiga and some lawyers are now trying to draft legislation and amend the constitution to curtail the powers of the sultans and remove the kings role as supreme commander of the armed forces.

This is a prelude to a Malay cultural genocide orchestrated by a madman. He is not full Malay and is supported by mercenary non Malays including Chinese who are prepared to forget May 13 for power and money.

Each of them will be documented and marked for punishment. It is an unforgivable sin to be a traitor and treasonous especially to one’s own kind. Those who stand by Mahathir fall into such a category. 

Mahathir must step down if Anwar is innocent as he claims. He set up Anwar. Mahathir must also answer for the deaths of 13 May 1969 and the death of Jalil Ibrahim.

Everyone associated with him  and his misdeeds must also be brought to account.

Those defectors from UMNO and those from without must also face the music. Till then Malaysia will not be able to move forward.


7 Responses to “May 13th and Mahathir-49 years on-”
  1. Suraiya Mohd Ali says:

    This article gives me so much energy and confidence to boost my days ahead as a rakyat of Malaysia, our beautiful beloved country.

    On Sun, 13 May 2018 at 11:56 AM, Gopal Raj Kumar wrote:

    > grkumar posted: “NEVER AGAIN Dr. Mahathir Mohammad must step down > immediately to be investigated for his role in the May 13 riots of 1969 > that targeted mainly Chinese Malaysians killing some 5000-20,000 Chinese > depending on whose statistics you believe. There was no real” >


    • grkumar says:

      “Let him that is without guilt cast the first stone”. The Christian churches throughout the Malaysian Peninsula and in east and west Malaysia have been celebrating what they say is “Gods answer to their prayers.”

      What God harbours and celebrates a bunch of self serving, spineless cowards who hide behind a man with the blood of so many innocents on his hands? Teresa Kok perhaps. She is a Born Again Christian like Hannah Yeoh. Both Chinese both supporters of a man who has their blood on his hands.

      The Malays were blamed for it. These were Javanese who did his dirty work with the late Datuk Harun MB of Selangor.

      The shameless Waythamurthi who now holds a portfolio outside his skills base accused Mahathir of ordering the death of 400 Indians by a group of Madurai Indonesian s he says Mahathir selected for that slaughter.

      Like the Mercenary Chinese Waythamurthi is content to be part of Mahathir’s camp of murderous thieves and traitors.

      Mahathir is without a doubt a man who does not really consider himself Malay. But for politically expedient purposes he makes use of the Malays and preaches Malay nationalism when convenient to divide the nation.

      There should be no let up with this man and the cowards who stand beside him in unison with his ideas of national unity. Chinese and Indians.

      The doctrine of no immunity no impunity (Geoffery Robertson QC ) is available to stop Mahathir trying to leave Malaysia himself. It is not a difficult charge to lay against him and to obtain an international warrant of arrest for him wherever he goes.

      he relies on the antisemite Mathias Chang who has written volumes against Jews to now deny the charge of antisemitism against him. Two madmen peas in a pod.


  2. Ethan Kok says:

    Huh Mahathir now responsible for May 13th? Not Lim Kit Siang? You have the evidence? Where were you on May 13? You just can’t help but to grab something or anything just to whack Mahathir?


    • grkumar says:

      I was right in the middle of it. Just finished high school. My family in the public service had inklings of what were to happen that day. Tunku Abdul Rahman blamed Mahathir. Like him another half Malay mentri besar Harun Idris had a large gathering of angry Malays in his house in Banting Selangor armed who went out in trucks.

      The British High Commission and the Australians had documents much of it. They knew it was about to happen as they issued a warning to their citizens to leave or stay indoors.

      What I saw was what occurred in Chow Kit Road. They were shooting at a Chinese family fleeing their building torched by Malays (or Indonesians).

      Mahahtir continued to make inflammatory remarks and encouraged the attacks blaming it on the Chinese.

      The Tunku attacked him and Harun and cried over the incident. The majority of those bodies were buried in mass graves in Sungei Buloh.
      Ans were your question. Mahathir’s involvement is documented. Yes I did see what went on.


  3. Melayukita says:

    Referenceto the following: Mahathir must step down if Anwar is innocent as he claims. He set up Anwar. Mahathir must also answer for the deaths of 13 May 1969 and the death of Jalil Ibrahim.Everyone associated with him and his misdeeds must also be brought to account.

    I’m wondering is there actually an action plan on this coming from anyone at all?


  4. grkumar says:

    Read the latest about the Public’s right to sue government and the PM. Just published. There is movement yet.

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