The price of incompetence is often broken down to a small set of tell tale signs which if ignored can be fatal to any organization. Of these the following are relevant and key factors to consider.

How much time was wasted on internal conflict rather than addressing more productive issues. Taking selfies and boasting of personal achievements like being connected to Rosmah at fund raisers, self indulgently posting it on social media, attracting the wrong kind of attention is a case in point of time poorly spent. A resource wasted. Potential talent jumped ship to seek better places to work, some going to the Mahathir camp.

The lack of good legal advice and lawyers was all too evident with at least one ‘lawyer’ demonstrating  a total lack of the most basic of skills in legal practice. Rosmah’s sidekick once tried to hand over details of a person who she believed was the source of an article which offended the opposition. The opposition threatened to sue and she caved in demonstrating a complete lack of legal knowledge, skills or ethics expected of a lawyer. That was unfortunately the level of legal expertise prevalent in the Najib camp.

Poor decision-making was a hall mark of Najib’s campaign. Destructive conflicts disrupted and paralyzed the organization’s ability to function effectively. Najib’s campaign was fraught with very poor decisions led by inexperienced unskilled people engaged on the basis of ‘friendship’ and connections rather than competence or skillsets. 

There was no capable management or organizational structure. Rosmah put all her eggs in one basket. That basked leaked like a hole in the roof causing all sorts of unpleasant emotions, anger, fear, defensiveness, negativity, hurt and embarrassment, combined with misunderstanding and distrust, all of which lowered morale and strained relationships. Co-ordination and co-operation did not exist.

Datuk Seri Najib’s man at the helm was no better than the rest of them.  The result of the elections stands testimony to these criticisms.

A case in point; the decision to fund Raja Petra Kamaruddin as a writer in the campaign was an example of the unsophisticated ineffective and unmitigated skills of the Najib team. Raja Petra is after all the man who precipitated the Najib and Rosmah murder theory over the death of Altantuya. To engage him was like putting a fox in charge of the hen house. But engage him at a price is what they did. The price they paid was the failure that could cause Najib and Rosmah their lives.


These were unsophisticated minds at work in a dangerous toxic environment in the Najib camp. The strength and the real threat of the opposition winning was underestimated or ignored by an over confident, unfunded and badly managed campaign.

No one took the enemy seriously enough. No one had real skills to run or manage such a campaign, least of all Rosmah. That’s because the Barisan had never lost a general election in all of its existence. And Rosmah believed first in the supernatural and placed her trust in a poorly educated inexperienced unskilled side kick.


Notably the Barisan campaign lacked a cohesive strategy. They believed like most that they would win perhaps only with a further reduced majority than in 2014 but never really entertained the prospect of losing. Wasted time was all the time the Barisan camp ever had.

They existed in a toxic “yes minister” environment where financial resources were wasted and selectively spent on unnecessary travel and personal indulgences, throwing wads of money at individuals and making very poor decisions in the process. No one could point to an effective manager or skilled media handler in the Najib camp. And they had millions of dollars of Barisan money to spend (wisely) on the campaign if they wanted to. But they did not.

Information analysis was ineffective or absent at best. No one could differentiate between fact, fiction and the enemies “exploits” and “payloads” injected into the Najib system through misinformation. The word predictive analysis was not part of their lexicon.

Datin Rosmah a lightning rod for scandal and rumour ought to have been kept out of the limelight. She wasn’t. If she was her sidekick would have made up for it.


Underestimating the enemy was Najib’s and Rosmah’s greatest flaw. But being as much in love as he is with her he could not bring himself to tell his wife to butt out of the whole campaign and to leave her friends at the door where they belonged. Picking the wrong people was all of their mistakes.  That failure may have deadly consequences which we all hope will never materialize. But there’s no telling with Mahathir Anwar and the Neo Cons.


In this day and age it is inconceivable that the use of metadata, data analytics and other such sophisticated and highly accurate tools of technology were not employed to drive the Najib campaign.

If technology was used it must have been in the hands of amateurs. But who was running this strategy and media campaign anyway? They ought to be unmasked for who they are because they ran what could only be described as the world’s worst election campaign ever. They let down all of the Malays and destroyed what was left of their past independence and history.

The real tragedy is that the Barisan camp had access to highly skilled people who had worked on the media campaign designed to destroy the Soviet Union through Solidarity in Poland in the 1980’s. There was a top ex foreign diplomat. There were a data analysts and social media experts; but the Najib camp chose someone like RPK and an incompetent lawyer instead to run what is a more sophisticated and diverse campaign neither had the expertise or professional integrity to handle.


The Barisan has had the national media and power of legislation, two of the most potent factors and tools at their disposal to ensure a monopoly on the media and their campaign. Instead the wily Mahathir accessed their tools for himself with great skill apart from having moles planted everywhere.

There was not a single articulate soul apart from Datuk Seri Najib in the Barisan who could speak cogently, fluently and effectively. Somehow the idea that people with good diction and elocution were  a liability to be sidelined in favour of the loud, the brash and abrasive. It was a sentiment that won favour and became the flavour at the Najib camp. And the shame of it all is that they had all the money to engage professionals which Mahathir did but they did not. And why not?

There was no intelligence gathering system to mine the enemy and secure their databases or analyse their data. There was no skill base to turn the misinformation campaign run by “Ratu Naga” Mahathir’s paid media woman in London against them. Again why? They Barisan had no strategy, no analytical capacity and a room full of flea brains.

Mahathir availed himself of high grade professional advise from technology advisers. A great investment one might say seeing the results. Datuk Seri Najib had his wife Rosmah and her side kick pitted as an anti dote against the formidable Mahathir mean lean machine.


The Barisan has to rethink the poisoned workplace it helped create with air heads. Poor decision making and low morale must be addressed and turned around.

If the Barisan wants to get ahead and win the war of attrition Mahathir is waging against them it had better act now. Mahathir’s anti Barisan war could see them wiped out altogether with dire consequences to the former PM and his wife and former ministers.

A skilled strategic combatant does not wait for the enemy to bring the war to them. They take the war to the enemy.

With Najib’s and Rosmah’s side-kicks they face an uncertain future with an almost certainty of life in jail or worse.

Adversity is a great teacher. Najib should be asking why it is that those who he knew could contribute and assist with his campaign continue to be absent from his court. It is the kind of inquiry he ought to be making. Instead he is being kept in the dark and fed with bullshit like a mushroom. If he can’t and doesn’t have the spine to act decisively now then he deserves to loose and must face the consequences of his poor actions decisions and omissions.

The Barisan and the Najib household can remedy their situation if they wish to but they must act with haste and swallow their pride. The solutions t their problems lies where they will least likely hope to find it. But search for it they must. The alternative don’t look very good for them.


A visitor to the Najib household recently observed the presence of gadgets that could be soft targets for hacking and exploitation by even a semi-skilled hacker or online intruder. The number of hand phones and the propensity for visitors to use their handphones in the house without any resistance or defence against close range penetration presents a security nightmare. It is a potential treasure trove for an eves dropper. It is evident that the many handphones kept by Rosmah and that of her offsider were hacked.

Handphones being stealthily opened without their knowledge whilst they were in conversation is a reality. The timing and scanning opportunities had to come from recklessness and hubris.  Out of this undoubtedly the Mahathir camp were able to obtain a wealth of information to kill the Najib campaign and to pick up as much information as required to implicate him and his wife in a number of alleged offences.


Let us all hope the Najib’s have a team of capable competent and skilled lawyers capable of resisting Mahathir’s planned assaults against them.

The common law defences and any remaining legislative defences available to them otherwise is about to go out the door.

God be with this unfortunate dysfunctional bunch


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