May 13th and Mahathir-49 years on-

NEVER AGAIN Dr. Mahathir Mohammad must step down immediately to be investigated for his role in the May 13 riots of 1969. That horrible even in Malaysia recent history which occurred 409 years ago today, targeted mainly Chinese Malaysians killing some 5000-20,000  of them in a blood letting after the general elections when Mahathir’s partyContinue reading “May 13th and Mahathir-49 years on-“

Najib Rosmah Arrested at KLIA

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansour his wife were both detained at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport according to reports. The couple tried to leave KL for Jakarta on a vacation they had planned and announced just after the elections. The move appears to be a precursor to a planned mass of arrestsContinue reading “Najib Rosmah Arrested at KLIA”

Mahathirism Reborn: Unfinished Business

THE FINAL DAYS OF THE NAJIB HOUSEHOLD- ECHOES OF NICOLAI AND ELENA CEAUSESCU As the mystery builds around the last days of the campaign in both the Mahathir and the Najib camps, some details that have leaked reveal a situation in the Najib camp not too dissimilar to the final days and hours of theContinue reading “Mahathirism Reborn: Unfinished Business”

Not Over Yet. Najib Still Holds Power Lawfully

FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL Now that the final bell has rung and the diners take their place at the table, what lies ahead remains to be seen. A cobbling of a disparate groups that form the Harapan have a bare majority in numbers only not in political philosophy or personal chemistry. If as Dr.Continue reading “Not Over Yet. Najib Still Holds Power Lawfully”