Arise Tunku Abdul Aziz-The Nation Needs You Now


Professor Clive Kessler of the University of New South Wales  a self proclaimed “Malaysia Expert” delivered more hogwash this morning about Malaysia’s political landscape and how politics works in the south east Asian country. He was of course preaching to a converted audience of white Australians via Radio National.


With Tunku Abdul Aziz’s victory in a recent defamation case brought against him by Mukhriz Mahathir, son of prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the prospect of seminal change in Malay politics seems very real.  

A blow to the autocratic bullying of free speech by Mahathir, Mukhriz did not win the day in court. A swing from the crude rent seeking Jacobins from within UMNO and the Barisan, to one of a more urbane, educated, cultured and noble classes of the Malays seems inevitable.

Tunku Abdul Aziz appears a potential future leader of Malaysia. His ascendancy from the shadows of the Barisan and the DAP is very real. And a welcome reality it is in the afterwash of the recent GE 14 Barisan disaster.

Malaysia it is abundantly clear could do with an articulate and secular Muslim leader with an impeccable international profile reputation as a statesman. His will be a departure from the groaning ignorance and painfully embarrassing inarticulate oration of despots of the past. The Muslim world could do with someone in the mold of the Tunku once again. Malaysia appears ready to redeem it glorious past with him.


The Australian foreign office is now reeling from the miscalculation of its interference in the internal affairs of Malaysia. By backing a corrupted Anwar Ibrahim and Berish against all the evidence they had foreknowledge of, the duplicity of both, Australia may have just cashed in its chips in this south east Asian nation.

Professor Kessler the so called Malaysian expert gave a stunningly ignorant assessment of the current Malaysian situation on radio this morning by speculating without foundation about the Islamization of Malaysia by “Malay Islamist supremacists”.  His description of Malaysian politics and its history could well have been extracted from the works of Carl Gibson Hill, Sir Hugh Clifford or even the Malayan Trilogy. It was full of cliched nonsense that even the remnants of British colonial administration in Malaya  would have blushed at hearing.

The Malays have always been almost to a man Muslim. The Malays have always dominated the racial demographic of Malaysia by numbers. The Malays have always ruled and will always continue to rule in one form or the other. Kessler’s narratives borrowed heavily from non Malay Malaysian themes (read Malaysian Chinese chauvinist lobbyists) was ignorant and provocative to the core.

The Malays (from Kessler’s and Australia’s view at least) it appears, need to apologise for being Malay and in a majority. They must apologise and be monitored for being Malay and Muslim.

On the one hand the west expects Malaysia to be remain a democracy whilst on the other hand as paid by Malaysian Chinese lobbyists, they favour a change to a Chinese minority they call a democracy ( with a sprinkling of Malay libertards) outside the ballot box. Now which model of representative democracy is the west demanding of Malaysia and why?


Anwar Ibrahim the man the ABC and Australian parliament on both sides have championed for over a decade is the man who brought “Islamization” into Malaysia, an otherwise tolerant, modest and secular state of Islam.

It was Anwar who first paid homage to the Shia leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and then told Pulitzer Prize winner VS Naipaul that ‘the Iranian model of the Islamic revolution is what he wanted for Malaysia”. And the west applauded Anwar then.

Paul Wolfowitz the Jewish American Neo Con embraced the Islamist Anwar inspite of Wolfowitz’ rabid anti Islamic credentials. It was Wolfowitz who financed Anwar’s Reformasi and burnished his credentials as a potential (albeit undemocratic) leader for Malaysia lauding his ‘Reformasi’ movement which sought to win government through a coup.

On the other hand, Mahathir and the UMNO princelings whose ‘Oxbridge’ credentials (all bought through the generosity of the NEP), squandered the inheritance of the Malays pawning their crown jewels to support their lifestyles. They created a new Malay middle class at the expense of the rural pious moral Malays. The rest of the Malays had to be contented with the insults from non-Muslim non Malays in what UMNO whilst PKR preached secularism and multiculturalism. What fell off the tables of the Diams, Rafidah’s, Robert Kuoks and Mahathir’s of this world the ordinary Malay had to be content with. Not anymore it seems.


UMNO as custodians of the Malays and their heritage have failed and failed dismally. There has not been even a whisper from the outgoing government since its defeat. Nothing about the behind closed door stoushes and lobbying for the spoils of UMNO’s wealth and succession planning  by the princelings. As always as it rains insults on them, the common folk Malays and loyal UMNO supporters have to wait as the enemy continues to pour scorn and heaps insults on them blaming them and their rulers for everything that is perceived to be wrong with Malaysia.

Mahathir is pushing the Malays including the liberal ones into radical Islamization. It seems like Islamization is the only way out for the Malays now. The exaggerated over reach of JAKIM and the reaction of Mahathir against them is the last straw. In the Prime Minister’s office as if to add insult to injury is a proselytizing Evangelical Christian who preaches sermons of Malay and Muslim bashing and Chinese chauvinism. Her name Hannah Yeoh. She is an unrepentant Chinese chauvinist and Muslim basher.


Tunku Abdul Aziz is described by a Muslim cleric and academic as “the bridge the Malays deserve between the avaricious Chinese, the ever complaining Indians and the majority Malays. The rest of them , sold their souls to the devils a long time ago”.

Tunku Abdul Aziz is an unassuming man. An octogenarian with the heart of a Malay. He need not boast his credentials. Kofi Anan and the commonwealth secretariat can do that for him. And they speak volumes and in glowing terms of a Muslim prince from Malaysia. A born statesman, an ambassador for Islam and a natural diplomat.

It is not as if Malaysia’s Muslims do not understand the idea of secularism. In fact if anyone had an even passing interest in the Malaysian political history they would have known that Malaysia was democratic long before either Australia or the US  achieved that status.

Whilst white Americans in the south were lynching African Americans extra juridically in lynch mobs, Indians, Chinese and other non Malays had the free vote in Malaysia. There were no German shepherds or tear gas baton wielding troopers  to stop Indians and Chinese from voting in Malaysia as the whites like Alabama governor George Wallace did to African Americans in the 1960’s.

The Malays did not have a Muslim Malaysia policy as the Australians did for decades with  their white Australia policy. That policy only ended in 1970. Aboriginal Australians were not even classified as humans till then.


Professor Kessler’s examples of the Islamization of Malaysia under the Najib government provided the example of an Indonesian maid being committed to caning for alcohol consumption in Malaysia. That punishment was not carried out. He avoided mention the deliberate October Fest beer drinking by politicians, Chinese and Indian mobs provocatively in the presence of Muslims which the government of Najib did not interfere with. But Kessler the “Malaysia expert” was silent on that part of Malaysia’s Islamization under Najib.

Selectively Kessler also forgot to mention the “cooking” to death of an Aboriginal prisoner in 2014 taken in an unventilated van for 3 days across the northern desert of Australia where he suffocated and died of dehydration and severe burns to his body caused by the overheated metal in the van’s cabin in which he was kept for 3 days. No one, not even the man’s guards suffered any consequences for that deliberate inhumane act of the white Australia policy still rampant in many parts of Australia. It was an act of state.

8 out of 10 Aboriginal deaths are suspicious but rarely does a suspect of offender gets punished or convicted with the full force of the law. That’s a manifestation of the white Australia policy. But it seems the attempts by JAKIM to police Islamic law is a worse offence than killing aborigines.

Aaaah professor Kessler, Malaysia is an Islamic state. Mahathir will go. He is 93 and remains a dictator with a death wish for Malaysian democracy.

Anwar has not been elected to any office and will not become that Malaysian PM who will turn Malaysia into an “Islamic state” whilst his buttons are pressed by the Jewish Wolfowitz or the Chinese DAP.

The Malays are restless. They don’t often make their anger and frustration known to their adversaries. But that does not mean that the volcano will not erupt as it did once before in 13 May 1969. Human endurance has its limits.

Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.



2 Responses to “Arise Tunku Abdul Aziz-The Nation Needs You Now”
  1. TheMalayMale says:

    The ‘professor’, dear Sir, inadvertently or selectively forgot that the word ‘amok’ comes from Bahasa Melayu. Being gentle people; not to be mistaken as soft; the Malays are first and foremost very diplomatic. Conflicts are handled through negotiations until all avenues are exhausted and patience run dry.

    At this point, the situation will only get ugly as the Malays will ‘biar putih mata, jangan putih tulang’ in a clash.

    So, it is advisable not to put the Malays between a rock and a hard place as what the current DAP-led PH government.


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