Is the Agong About to Sack the Mahathir Government?

Appointing a Christian Indian Male as Attorney General

The blatant provocation of threatening to appoint a male, a Christian and an Indian to the role of Attorney General when the incumbent in that office has neither resigned nor been removed lawfully or constitutionally is to spit on the face of the King and to defile the Constitution. Mahathir and his PH groupies appear to be becomming very good at both.

The King is defender of the faith of the majority. Islam. Thats not a sin. He is custodian protector of the customs, traditions and rights of the majority; the Malays; and by implication that also means he is custodian and defender of their primacy over the land they are custodians of ; Malaysia.


The warped logic of appointing someone on the basis of gender race and religion in the face of the unique principles and character of the Malaysian constitution and the make up of its people is a provocation to communal violence and an insult to the King and to the majority of his subjects the Malays.

The King is within his constitutional powers and rights to remove the Mahathir government and to appoint a caretaker government in its place at any time. He will  in fact not only be within his constitutional powers to remove the Mahathir government  but will also be discharging a constitutional and moral obligation to thwart the growing threat to communalism being instigated and pby the Mahathir government.

Mahahtir’s actions in regards to the threat to appointing a Christian Indian Male as AG appears primarily designed to  make a mockery of the New Economic Policy the NEP- his brainchild and work of affirmative action in support of Malay advancement. In doing so he is seeking to insult the King, the Muslims and the Malays tesitng their powers and their limits. For what reason he is doing what he is doing and has been doing since assuming the office of PM one can only speculate on. 

The King may well be forced to also order the arrest and detention of all members of cabinet of the Mahathir PH government justifiably in the prevention of an outbreak of civil disturbances and for the protection of peace and good order.


Mahathir’s PH is not in a majority on its own. The DAP is not a majority on its own. The PKR is not a majority on its own. All the King has to do is to dismiss the PH government and to liquidate PH as a party or the other way around on the advise of any of his ministers. Anyone sworn to office in parliament is “a minister of the crown.”

The Chief Justice may also advise the King in this regard and there is precedent for such advise in the commonwealth.

He may further ban any association between any of the 3 parties which make up the PH and this will leave the PKR with the only choice they have; that of joining UMNO to form a government of national unity.

A government of national unity will help in restoring the dignity of the Malays, Islam and all of the institutions of state that come under the King and parliament. Paramount to this is the dignity of the King and the Sultans and the office they hold.

As always there will be a fall out and that would start with the Tamils of Hindraf. But whats so unusual about the Tamils shooting themselves in the foot all over again?

PKR really has nothing really against UMNO or the Malays. It was always Mahathir that was at the centre of the divisions within the Malays.

6 Responses to “Is the Agong About to Sack the Mahathir Government?”
  1. Meer Ahmad says:

    FC 40 (2): The Yang di-Pertuan Agong may act in his discretion in
    the performance of the following functions, that is to say:
    (a) the appointment of a Prime Minister;

    and in any other case mentioned in this Constitution. Which means, in the same manner that the YDP Agong can remove the AG, he can remove the PM without any reasons given. The first sign that a country becomes a ‘pariah state’ is when pariah curs, such as Robert Kuok and Tommy Thomas rule, with the help of the rogue-monkey Mahathir riding them!!!


    • grkumar says:

      I could not agree more with you sir. Neither Robert Kuok nor Tommy Thomas are eminently or even remotely qualified for the roles they now hold extra constitutionally in Malaysia. Thomas for his ignorance and bad mouthing Malaysia in Canada where he failed dismally to make it as a lawyer, then returning with his leg between his tails.

      Putting that to one side, Thomas has not once demonstrated any in depth or even surface level knowledge of the constitution considering how he and Ambiga encourage the Malaysian Bar to refer to each of them as constitutional experts.

      Mahathir sacks the AG before his term ends and he sets the precedent for his own demise.


  2. Ranger says:

    Which part of the Federal Constitution (FC) gives the power and authority to the King to dismiss the PM and his Cabinet at his discretion? The King is only a constitutional monarch who acts under the advise of the PM save for the latter’s appointment the criterion for which had also been provided for in the FC. Hence, the Agong is only a figurehead with no absolute powers of his own.


    • grkumar says:

      The King acts on the advise of his ministers although convention makes this a prime ministerial job. His ministers include any member of either side of parliament as the constitution does not expressly recognize political parties. Every member of the House is the Kings appointee and his “minister”. On advise (independent advise) of his ministers which may include the Chief Justice of the Federal Court he may act. The precedent was set in 1939 in Australia in the state of NSW then repeated decades later in Canberra in 1975 with the sacking of the Australian Federal government of Edward Gough Whitlam (prime minister).

      The notion of the “rubber stamp” king is a highly exaggerated uneducated understanding of the role and the power of a constitutional monarch.


  3. Al Faedah says:

    Ok DSAI had an audience last night, and YDPA didnt sack the PM. Now what happens? And what happened?

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