Jalil Ibrahim- A Death Not in Vain

It is now no longer the subject of conjecture and rumour that Jalil Ibrahim was murdered on the orders of people in Malaysia who remain in government in 2018. Others who are culpable in that murder continue to hold positions of power although not officially in government.

The trials and tribulations and ultimately the death of Lorraine Osman although not murder appears now to have a direct nexus to the same events that caused the death of Jalil Ibrahim.

Lorraine Osman although tight lipped till the end did reveal details of the Bank Bumi Finance matter including the culpability of the main players to one of his lawyers. That lawyer was a man who stood by him, befriended him and became his confidant over the years. That lawyer too is now dead, of natural causes. His family revealed to a close confidant, another lawyer that Lorraine’s lawyer himself had been threatened and had feared for his life. Threats were made directly to the lawyer and others connected to him using the carrot and stick approach.

Lorraine Osman was compromised. He had some degree of culpability in in the Bank Bumi finance scandal but was set up because he had succumbed to some of his human weaknesses which was then used to blackmail him into silence.

Lorraine always believed he would “looked after”. That promise was never kept and he was betrayed.

Events leading to the death of Jalil Ibrahim and the identity of the main players behind the murder of Jalil Ibrahim as it now emerges, was known to then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. It is now said he did not know of the facts leading to the plan to murder Jalil before the event but was only informed after it had occurred. Well thats not necessarily true from whats emerging in evidence.

The links to the whole Bank Bumi scandal stretch from Sarawak, the Triads of Hong Kong, London, Malaysia of course and to prominent government officials and businessmen from Malaysia, Hong Kong and some resident in London.

Jalil being the unconnected Malay he was, was a dispensable commodity in the pursuit of untold greed in pursuit of riches by a coterie of Bumiputeras and Chinese in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Jalil Ibrahim paid the ultimate price anyone could pay in search of  the truth. As facts and documents come to light, it is going to be very hard for those whose hands are tainted with Jalil Ibrahim’s blood to escape justice.

Mak Foon Than (Dax Mak) the man accused of murdering Jalil Ibrahim may have escaped the hangman’s rope, but that of itself is not sufficient to deter those who are on the trail of those responsible for Jalil’s death and the swindle of the century.

We live in different times in a changed world. International law no longer protects dictators and murders who claim immunity under the doctrine of state sovereignty.

The biggest criminals that I have met in life are working for the government. They make mass murderers look like amateurs.” Steven Magee


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